Ramon Monegal

Mon Patchouly

Eau de Parfum

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I usually dislike patchouli, but this is by far the best-- rich, spicy, orange scented honey. Not one off, chemical, or sour note.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 5/28/2021
you are the best where i buy my fragances...now my point of view will be this fragance, whoever buys it will not regret spending what its price is worth, it s just wonderful i recommend it
By   - manager in constructon work from Freeport on 3/7/2018
Warm, sensual, long lasting with a luxurious sillage. One of the sexiest fragrances I've worn. I have to remind myself to gently spritz because it can certainly attract notice and fill the room. The nicest compliment that I received was from a European Taxi driver, saying "you smell like Paris".
By   - Registered Nurse Medical Aesthetics/Beauty from Los Angeles on 11/10/2017
Love love love this perfume I'm giving out samples in Christmas stockings
By   - Accounting from miami gardens on 12/15/2016
Dear LuckyScent, please don't ever stop carrying this one. I found this scent first when I happened upon the Ramon Monegal shop in Barcelona and cursed myself for not buying it then. When it appeared here, it was, at last, mine. And it's one I'll buy again and again. It conjures the color green---vibrant jungle green. It lasts all day, and the dry-down is at once soft and wild. I've been told it makes people want to touch me. I'll never be without a bottle again.
By   - from DC on 12/15/2014
I get it that a bit of animalic and indolic can make florals sing, but I found the "stanky" notes in this one to be too much. Gorgeous jasmine and patchouli were there for me right out of my sample vial, but within minutes those florals were overwhelmed by an acrid, almost rotten egg scent. As it dried down some more, it started to smell like laundry forgotten in the washer long enough to sour, with only the tiniest bit of floral and amber getting through. It took just over three hours for this to settle into a wearable amber, and that is just too long for me to wait. I tend to be either thrilled or disappointed with Monegal fragrances, which makes me think the line is intended to offer something for a wide variety of tastes. I would not discourage anyone from sampling, especially if you are someone who wears animalic sents well. Just don't go wild and buy a whole bottle based solely on the description.
By   - from Saint Paul on 8/1/2014
OK, I'm just going to take credit for Luckyscent carrying this whole line. I found a little Ramon Monegal shop in the neighborhood in Barcelona where I stayed last time I was there, and stupidly did not buy this scent. So I emailed Luckyscent, and, lo and behold, about 6 months later, they had it! But this patchouli is like no other patchouli. I have a TON of perfume and this is really and truly my favorite. Full and beautiful, and sexy but also fresh. Lasts all dang day. Love. Beyond love.
By   - from DC on 10/12/2013
Patchouli pairs so wonderfully with jasmine, I thought it would be good and it is. The fragrance is a three way balance of equal strength of the notes of: patchouli, jasmine and then amber. After sniffing these three you get a wonderful combination of these that is warm, wild and leathery. There is some animalic tones, but the amber really balances this out. The jasmine adds an exotic swirling coupled with patchouli that is kind of wild. The base warms down into an amber leather that is soft and delicious but it never loses its patchouli edge. Interesting!
By   - from Oklahoma City on 2/11/2013
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