Le Vainqueur

Eau de Parfum

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I liked this quite a bit out of the starting gate. It remained very nice while it lasted, but I am degrading it for the lack of staying power--on me at least.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/18/2019
An absolute gem; the Rance story is a bit affected but that does not take away from the product here. Masculine but graceful to the extreme.
By  on 5/1/2015
Thus is a great fragrance everyone, I was on the fence as to whether I should leave a comment about it as I would rather no one else smell like this haha. But you Creed fans looking to expand your niche collection without spending monster bucks. This is your next step, smells sexy, gets compliments, cheap price...in my opinion this is for the younger niche crowd, however, I doubt this will catch the attention of those people. Which is okay for me because this is my FAVORITE all around fragrance . AMAZING!!!!!!!! Hype train yoooooo!
By   - Investment banker from Granite Bay on 6/13/2014
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