Jeanne Sandra Rance

Country: France

Even by the standards of the great houses of European perfumery, the name Rancé carries uncommon prestige and continuity. From the early 1600s onwards, the family has specialized in outfitting the nobility of France, initially via the perfumed gloves and clothing in fashion at the time, and by the late 1700s, exclusively in the field of highly-refined fragrance. In the late 1800s, Alexandre Rancé modernized the family business by moving it to Italy, and today his granddaughter Jeanne Sandra Rancé sits at the head of the esteemed family. Amongst Jeanne’s major contributions to the world of perfume has been the act of lovingly modernizing the formulae of her ancestors, bringing fragrances of true historic import such as Le Vainqueur (originally formulated by François Rancé for Napoleon himself) into the modern era.

Jeanne Sandra Rance perfumer image
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