Pour un Homme

Eau de Toilette

Pour un Homme Sizes Available:
75ml $70
0.7ml sample $3
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big whack of lavender on the open, which dies down very quickly and gives way to a vanilla-inflected baby powder scent. not really my jam, but I appreciate the chance to take it for a test drive.
By   - Admin Guy from Issy on 2/4/2020
Not the biggest fan of Lavender scents, so that opening is a bit too much for me, but once and if you can get pass that and wait for that dry down...that vanilla with a touch of floral is amazing. I can see why this has been around for as long as it has.
By   - Radiologist  from Los Angeles on 5/6/2018
nice fragrance
By   - isp from Dubai on 10/23/2017
I tried this on a whim in the Roja Dove boutique in Harrods 7 or 8 years ago, I've never looked back. I'm on my 4th or 5th bottle (I have dozens of fragrances and rarely repurchase). Using 'classic' as a descriptor seems so boring, but when you're talking about a scent this old that is exactly what it is. It is comfortable, stylish and very unique. When I get comments - its never 'what are you wearing' but 'wow you smell wonderful'. I love the herbal 'blast' in the beginning that mellows quickly and considerably. I would compare it to a cashmere sweater or jacket - always right, comfortable, luxurious and timeless. A modern, minimal masterpiece.
By   - Communications from Los Angeles on 10/11/2017
No reviews yet for this stalwart? From what I read, some people don't like the smell of lavender. If that's you, stop -- move on. For the rest of us, Pour un Homme melds the fragrance that draws me towards the lavender stand at the local farmers' market with vanilla as well as a few other notes that provide depth and complexity. I wouldn't say this fragrance "whispers" exactly, but it certainly doesn't "shout." Like all of the Caron masculines, it assumes a bit of maturity on the part of the wearer (and can be worn convincingly by women, too). While it may not be a "statement" sort of perfume, it does a pretty good job of saying "easy elegance."
By   - Guy from San Francisco on 10/23/2016
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