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This is going to sound very odd but.. to me this smelled like dirty socks and dark chocolate. Thankfully I ordered a sample instead of splurging on the bottle.
By   - Market from Edgewater on 7/18/2021
Oh my my! This is heaven as long as you have at least some days when you like things sweet. Years ago I fell deeply, darkly in love with Long Courrier by our friend Pierre here. I had hoped to someday find a scent from this line that I liked just as well, and this is it. It won't be a regular scent for me because I have to be in a certain mood for all that chocolate and vanilla and resin. But especially for a night home, with a drink and a book... it's a treat, and you won't even have to sneak your wrist-sniffs.
By   - writer from Chicago on 1/22/2021
I have learned to not judge Pierre Guillaume fragrances by the first 5-10 minutes and this one is no exception. When I first sprayed it on I was underwhelmed. I sprayed it on my boyfriend and was also underwhelmed. But then I'd pay attention to the dry down or catch a whiff as I moved around and this fragrance is incredibly true to it's name. I don't understand why but it does make you smile. It's comforting but without the usual sweetness that comes with a lot of "comforting" scents. It's wonderfully unisex. This is absolutely the sort of fragrance I'll reach for when I'm just not quite sure what to wear or I need a pick me up on a dark day. Lovely and FB worthy.
By   - Chef from Surrey on 1/21/2021
Marvelous, marvelous. Rich and unusual. And happy and not too sweet.
By   - writer from Chicago on 1/9/2021
This is gorgeous. The notes aren't super distinct (as in it's easy to pick each individual one out) and I thought it was somewhat linear but it's definitely an amazing blend of sweet gourmand and smoky woods. This is supposedly a men's scent but I've tried it on myself (female) and my male partner and it smells fantastic on both of us, so I think because of the sweetness it can lean unisex. But this is still a very tobacco and woods forward fragrance so it definitely doesn't scream *girly* either. This is absolutely a comforting cold weather and dark days scent, something you'd definitely wear to bring a smile to your face if you experience as many grey, wet days as I do in the PNW. Since I can share this with my guy this is 100% FBW.
By   - Chef from Surrey on 12/31/2020
Amazing comforting scent, it bring a big smile on my face.
By   - Comforting  from Berkeley on 7/18/2020
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