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Isra & Miraj

Eau de Parfum

50ml $290
100ml $425
.7ml sample $6

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The opening has a hint of a very subtle, softened "Ani" although lighter, more textured and refined. The fragrance opens step by step, layer by layer. At first i didn't care for a note that appeared after about 5 minutes, i found it cloying, until it settled down into an effervescent warm cloud that kept on delivering wafts of different aromas...sometimes sweet with a hint of "What we do in Paris is secret" and sometimes a very lucid clear clean musk. It grew and grew and grew on me, until now i surrender, it is me! Once again, Steve's video is right on!
By   - astrologer from Hollywood, FL on 1/10/2021
This is so good. It smells like a traditional candy counter with myriad glass jars and barrels full of various modern and vintage candies. This is also the kind of smell that compliments the body's natural, non-deodorant-wearing musk. I have been testing out several samples during this quarantine period and this may well be the winner of the impending full bottle purchase. While it's hard to say with just the sample vial applications, this seems to be the most potent of my batch of samples. It also seems to last quite a while. Despite its oomph, I would feel confident wearing this in a professional setting because it's not a sneezy, shrill type of scent that would annoy others (in my view at least).
By   - Interpreter from Washington, DC on 6/5/2020
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