Eau de Parfum

by Andrea Maack Parfums

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50ml $135
0.7ml sample $4
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The opening spike of black pepper is an invitation for the easily frightened *not* to join the circle. Once the riffraff are cleared away, this one goes green, not woody, with a sharp dry note that reminds me of poplar leaves more than mown grass. There’s a terrific wet-earth forest-floor note, too, which segues into an interesting drydown by becoming a drier, sunshine-warmed patch of ground (thanks, whiskey). A nice bit of olfactory storytelling and very wearable.
By   - editor from Seattle on 10/18/2018
I wanted to really like this one.The smell is gorgeous, unique, obscure and a sexy type of "green" smell.I was excited due to the other comments about staying power.Maybe I did something wrong in application, maybe it was an "off" sample, but this did NOT stay at all.Two hours later and nothing.Most perfumes last quite well on me, but this one was too quickly gone and not enough enjoyment.When it''s there, it''s great, just wish it would last longer.
By   - Controller from Manheim on 6/14/2018
Coven is very sharp on the onset, with the most intense green imaginable. The whole thing is like a spectrum of green with bright electric green all the way to almost pitch black green. It''s totally unique and really cool. It softens pretty quickly into something spicy, herbaceous, and green that lasts all day. I love it. Totally wearable, but very distinct. It could be a signature scent for the confident non-conformist. The spay nozzle is awesome. Very nice bottle design.
By   - Student from Nashville on 1/14/2018
Coven lives up to it''s name, evoking the mystery and decay of something kept hidden, deep in the woods. With a just above average sillage, and lingering notes of wet, fallen leaves and dirt, the scent embodies what I love about fall.
By   - Medical Professional  from Chicago on 1/14/2017
Instantly reminded me of Sienne L''Hiver. That figgy, leafy smell that''s reminiscent of colder months is very present here. Unfortunately, it''s a little too avante garde for my sensibilities.
By   - Musician from Toronto on 1/2/2017
Definitely a fallwinter scent. I brought a full bottle last year, based on name and description alone. I''ve gotten more "why are you wearing guy cologne ?" comments than I can count, but I don''t care. It wraps me in an earthy, leafy, peppery, incense-y cocoon and takes me for a spin. Reminiscent slightly of Avignon, but less churchy.....darker and naughtier. Someone should send this to Stevie Nicks.
By   - Town Fool from NYC on 10/14/2016
One of my immediate favorite scents! It IS very strange, but really, what did you expect? The name is "Coven"! Of course it''s going to smell like rotting wood and damp earth, potently mixed with spices! Of course it''s going to open with a knife-like stab of pepper! Of course it''s going to dry down to smoke and cloves! This is one of the best earthy and dark scents I''ve ever tried, perfect for autumnal witchery. And also, with the warm spicyamber undertones, it can play as an alluring, sexy fragrance that''s still mysterious and has an edge to it. I think this is going to be my first full bottle purchase from Luckyscent.
By   - Photographer from Ann Arbor, MI on 9/22/2016
I think I have been searching in vain (until now) my whole life for this scent. Coven is the perfect blend of sweetness and spice that I have sought. The components are beautifully balanced, and nothing emerges on its own. Rather, everything dries down to an unusual and notable scent. Picture being wrapped in a cashmere blanket in Fall at dusk on the edge of the woods. Perfection.
By   - Investments from New York on 9/13/2016
Strange scent. Opens powerful grass & dirt, stays in the fresh-cut-grass for a while, eventually moves into a fairly flat clove. Nothing boozy that I can detect. Pretty one-dimensional after the giant grass-mow of the first few minutes. Teenagers will love it.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 8/15/2016
Love this perfume. Grassy, boozy, mildly sweet. I don''t get a whole lot of straight-up dirt. I''d call it more of a boozy amber with grassy, peppery, green facets. If anything, the wet soil note cools it down a little. It does evoke something witchy going down in the forest. I find it utterly addictive. It''s thoroughly unisex in my book.
By   - RN from Brooklyn on 7/8/2016
This is a woody, granite scent with luscious, cannibalistic undertones. It makes me feel cold as ice, like I''m wearing the embodiment of vampirism. I can see wearing this scent on an emotionally and temperately harsh day when I need to shut everything out and become immortal. This is fills its purpose with excellence, though it may not be for those with love still in their hearts.
By   - Programmer from Atlanta on 6/21/2016
This is a challenging scent that I''d best describe as sharp. The initial impression is a nose full of pepper. After a few minutes the knife like effect of that pepper gives way to the green grass and dirt notes which help open the fragrance on the body. Eventually woody notes are discernible through the dry down. As a woman who likes to wear unisex and masculine scents I''d say this definitely errs on the masculine side. Unfortunately I got none of the warm body that whisky can impart and found it too herbaceous and edgy to purchase a bottle. But it is a dark and interesting scent- aggressive and not for the faint of heart. Not for me but an intriguing sample purchase.
By   - designer from providence on 8/21/2014
A rich, blend of darkness and dirt. This fragrance would be completely off putting if not for the obvious quality of it''s composition. The composer clearly intended to project an alternative to the "good. clean, fresh" of most fragrances and she is skillful enough to have created this weird scent that seems to embody decaying wood and a hint of evil. I don''t like it. But like an auto accident from which you cannot look away, I keep curiously sniffing my wrist to see where this will go.
By   - semi retired from Baltimore on 3/8/2014
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