XJ Irisss

Eau de Parfum

XJ Irisss Sizes Available:
100ml $650
50ml $450
0.7ml sample $12
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Here's what other people are saying about XJ Irisss...
I have never in my life, and I'm 54 years old, experienced such an enchanting fragrance. It is impeccable and beautiful. I am in love. Exquisite, well done and I honestly wish I was part of the 1% so that I could buy this without worrying about rent.
By   - Nurse from NYC on 6/18/2016
I really admire perfumes that make me love them though they may be in a genre I don't typically go for. I do not have much experience with iris as a focus of perfume tending toward amber/leather/musk/rose love. I do have a few samples of actual orris butter though. This is a floral-carroty-orris delight. It opens with the exact note of lipstick from the olden days. A warm waxy floralcy with rich vegetal butteriness. It's both high class and warm and friendly. There is a near nuttiness in the mix as well. Average staying power on me. I guess it makes of orris, the real thing.
By  on 5/5/2014
This is achingly beautiful! It begins cool with that charming carrot seed scent, then warms and blooms on the skin. Dewy Irises at night, and the scent of earth and soil. I find this very similar to Serge Lutens Iris Silver Mist (which I also love) but Irisss feels a bit softer, a touch sweeter and with a few more head-spinning layers- I don't think I could live without this one!
By   - Chocolatier from Edmonton on 5/10/2012
Please disregard my "SIDE NOTE" below. It is a carryover from another review that I submitted to another website for this perfume.
By  on 12/31/2010
As an iris perfume connoisseur (as much as a non-perfumist can be), I have sampled/enjoyed (and look forward to continuing to sample/enjoy) numerous iris perfumes. So far, the two standouts for me have been Le Labo’s Iris 39 (“39”) and Serge Lutens’ Iris Silver Mist (“ISM”). (See my reviews for both on MUA.) At least for now, ISM has an edge on 39 for me. That means that before sampling Xerjoff’s Irisss (“Irisss”), ISM was my favorite iris perfume (or any kind of perfume, for that matter). Now that I have sampled Irisss, ISM is STILL MY FAVORITE! Although I like Irisss and find it strikingly similar to ISM, there are a few differences that for me are detractors. Namely, Irisss is more floral, powdery, and “perfumy” than ISM. In other words, whereas ISM is more traditionally masculine, Irisss is more traditionally feminine. Please understand that I generally dislike gender designations for fragrances, but I am using them here only to convey a point effectively, which is difficult to do in writing about perfume. BOTTOM LINE: If you like iris perfumes even a bit, particularly those that are more floral, powdery, perfumy, and feminine, then I recommend that you sample Irisss. SIDE NOTE: Per xerjoff.com (and basenotes.com, luckyscent.com, fragrantica.com, and several others), Xerjoff is not a British perfumery, as implied in the below review; it is an Italian company. Further, (and again per the foregoing websites) Xerjoff's Irisss, in particular, does not contain lime, again as implied below.
By  on 12/31/2010
This is indeed gorgeous but the price is absolutely obscene -- so much so, that I find it insulting. I mean, it is a beautiful perfume and all, but what's in it that justifies such an exhorbitant price? Fairy dust? The recipe for world peace? Demerits for the fee.
By   - from DC on 12/28/2010
An unbelievably gorgeous Iris fragrance that conjures fields of Tuscan irises baking in the heat of the late summer sun. I adore Serge's beloved masterpiece Iris Silver Mist, but I have to say, though this is definitely a "splurge", it is worth every scent. Serge's lasts a decent 3 hours or so but this one I can smell in the morning the next day. Xerjoff's also "feels" a bit smoother and I believe contains more true orris butter. Iris lovers, do what you have to do to get some of this, you won't be disappointed.
By   - Grad student from Kansas City on 12/15/2010
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