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I am not one for many words so I'll be brief and to the point. This is an awesomely beautiful and rich scent. I would wear this if I were the only person on earth who could smell it. It is so much more than allure and the longevity on me is just as awesome. I will own a bottle of this as long as I am wearing perfumes. My only regret is that I can't find it in 100 mls to save a little money.
By   - Technology from Houston on 5/24/2018
It took me a little while to come around to this one. When I first tried it, I was underwhelmed, but had to admit it was a very pleasant scent. Definitely very unique and complex. The rum did not hit me hard like I thought it would. I guess I was expecting Bacardi White, straight from the bottle. But this one was different (thankfully). It's not sharp, more muted, and kind of hides among the creamy citruses and the coffee. Overall, this is one fascinating concoction. Not sure if I'll get a full bottle one day, but it might just happen. I need to wear it a little more and continue to "study" it. One thing I know for sure -- this is blended beautifully. The creator(s) deserve a medal for being able to pull this off!!
By   - Photographer from Canada on 6/15/2017
I am no expert nor do I speak Perfumese. WOW!! What a beautiful scent!!! Scents like this are the reason I keep trying them! I love when I come across a phenomenal fragrance like this. I wish I could come across something like this in some obscure shanty for 20 bucks a bottle. Rebottle it, make a lot of money. But that's a fantasy.
By   - Retired from Canon City on 3/22/2017
This is a very nice rum fragrance. Has almost a breezy oceanic feel in the background, with a delicious boozy opening. As it dries down, more of the sweetness develops. I really like this one, as it seems more versatile than some other rum fragrances like Idole, which smell like rum, but remind me of the 80's. Hard to explain. Uden is more timeless, and should appeal to a broad range. A crowd pleaser, and the only down side is the price.
By   - from Tucson AZ on 5/31/2013
Somewhere in the middle east, where I live basically, and in the local Souk, there is a shop that sells a fragrance called sheik, that is basically the same as Uden: Rum absolute and nothing else, not only that, but it is charged at $20 only. Scam in my opinion.
By  on 8/13/2012
I am seriously falling in love with this brand, and not for it's kingly prices or exclusivity. Each one I have tried so far (and I did get the sample pack) has been sumptuous, finely crafted, and very unique. It goes without saying that not all will be as appealing to me as this one, but the tobacco in the drydown of Uden is *almost* enough to make my credit card do somersaults. Wonderful longevity and great sillage, together with the obvious skill encountered here make me feel as if I were a king. And that is some stretch.
By   - from the South on 7/9/2010
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