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nice procducts
By   - 97206 from Portland on 7/7/2021
On me, this fragrance was generically 'soapy', one dimensional, headache inducing. I did not get any of the notes listed - so it clearly did not agree with my chemistry.
By   - HR from Denver on 8/9/2019
This is a fantastic perfume, at a reasonable price. A nicely warm scent with a little sweetness, reminiscent to me of whiskey and sugar! After a few hours I am left with a woodsy and slightly sweet (sandalwood and jasmine?) scent on my skin, lovely. My imagination goes to a moonlit beach, sitting by the bonfire; enjoying wind, sand and stars. "Beachwood" has a better orchestration than many of the more expensive perfumes; a real keeper.
By   - Biologist from Dublin on 11/4/2018
This fragrance is a great find, especially for the price. It was very lemony in the opening to me, and then became sweet but still a little tart. I do wish it lasted longer, but still, a really nice summer scent, in a category that I keep failing to find something lovable--I really want citrus but it's hard to fall in love... I do find it similar to Soleil Blanc too, so good matching by Luckyscent.
By   - writer from chicago on 6/16/2018
Color: Translucent warm golden smokey topaz. Imagine yourserlf alone in Spring by a glowing fire in a deep forest with flowers blooming and mountains all around you. Then, take a deep breath of all that is around you and become one with your experience if only briefly. This is the essence of beachwood. This fragrance transports me with the endurance of 6-7 hours. Definately a beautifully balanced Autumn or Winter Fragrance. Absolute perfection!
By   - Art Therapist from St. Louis on 7/31/2012
Smells like something from Victoria's Secret. I've never been a fan of aquatic scents and all I get from this is whatever that aquatic note is that hits you in the back of the throat. It's not scrubber bad but it's nothing special and I know there are very similar mass market scents out there that cost much less. I don't mind paying more for a truly fantastic fragrance but I resent being bilked for no good reason.
By  on 2/17/2011
I prefer Woody Orientals and Gourmands, but somehow a sample ended up in an order and I used it all up. I kept thinking about it for almost a year before ordering a full bottle (it just isn't me!) but I now wear it constantly. It's Beautiful, not too sweet, a little salty with a touch of wood. Thanks!
By   - from Idaho on 10/1/2010
I've tried all 4 Costamor scents and this is my least favorite. First impression is not bad-mostly woods, but it has no "direction"....jumbled notes that don't seem as if they belong together. I've noticed Costamor scents are best once they have matured-drydown is the jewel of the scent. Unfortunately, the drydown from Beachwood smells like the aftermath of a nasty brush fire, scorched wood, acrid smoke and burned weeds. It was unpleasant to say the least. I'll stick with Sugarwood and Dulcess.
By   - from Denver, CO on 8/15/2010
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