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Amyris Pour Femme

Eau de Parfum

Amyris Pour Femme Sizes Available:
70ml $225
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Amyris Pour Femme...
This really is a nice, elegant, sophisticated but easy to wear scent. I don't really smell any of the other notes listed besides iris and the amyris scent, which to me smells a bit like sandalwood (I'd like to smell it on it's own but it seems a bit difficult to come by). Iris is a bit of a cold, austere scent, and the amyris warms it up a little. I would describe this as perfect office perfume.
By   - SAHM from Brooklyn on 12/19/2016
My very favorite. The ONE. I usually wear sweet ambery orientals, and I was taken by surprise by how much I love this fragrance. Like I have been waiting my whole life for this, whole bottle here I come!
By   - receptionist from Des Moines on 1/5/2016
This scent reminds me of Le Parfum by Elie Saab. Both perfumes have a similar sharp note that I really dislike. I should love this one reading the notes, but I don't. The sharpness softens a bit in the dry down but I wouldn't be able to wear this one.
By  on 12/5/2014
A very pretty, feminine fragrance. But to my nose, not very distinctive. I would spring for a full bottle based on the quality and longetivity alone (lasts 8+ hours), but at this point in my fragrance collection it is too similar to others I already have. I would highly recommend this over many others in its genre to anyone looking for a lovely, longlasting feminine floral.
By  on 11/14/2012
This perfume isn't at all offensive, it's pretty. It's light, feminine but it's not very special. Once it dried down, it smells exactly like Chanel ALLURE (which I wore for years) but that could just be what it does on my skin.....
By   - from San Francisco, CA on 10/31/2012
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