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Wow, this was STINKS on my skin. It started as a sweet version of that 1990's teenage-grade 90210 scent spray, and within two minutes was in the "musky underside of a mouse's cage'. I like musky perfumes, but this is seriously too much. .
By   - writer from Denver on 11/27/2018
A summer floral structured around a scent that’s almost familiar but not quite (that would be the tiaré), this one is incredibly juicy, even more than I might have expected from mandarin and bergamot. I suspect that’s the in/famous hedione at work, and it gives the composition a sense of great abundance without ostentation or overkill. The handoff to the cashmeran is seamless, and the action relaxes into a satisfying, slightly woody drydown.
By   - editor from Seattle on 4/19/2018
I do think that this is unisex even though it's labeled for women. It's a gorgeous woody floral and citrusy musk that lasts a lot longer than most summery and spring fragrances. Geza Schoen is one of my favorite perfumers and never ceases to amaze me with his minimalistic and mysterious fragrances. This bottle is gorgeous as well!
By   - Police Officer  from NY on 5/9/2014
I'm a big fan of Escentric 02 but this one...not so much. It's just too perfume-y for me, not a subtle skin scent like E02.
By  on 11/10/2013
An interesting fragrance with very good lasting power. I think this is better as a daytime fragrance.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 1/22/2011
A juicy citrus floral with warm, woodsy undertones. Gorgeous in hot summer weather, and terrifically unisex. It comes across as too faint and distant if you're hesitant with the spray nozzle, but douse yourself in the stuff and it really shines.
By   - from Auckland on 12/18/2010
ok, but not great. i was told wearing it i smelled like a "library". floral, and not in a unisex way, more feminine. fresh but not really memorable.
By   - from Midwest on 7/3/2010
This one smelled like Escentric 02 to me, it is very interesting...but not a fave, but very good!
By   - Therapist from NYC on 6/23/2010
Another masterpiece. Well done, Mr. Schoen!
By   - from Pittsburgh on 6/10/2010
Absolutely beautiful, but it doesn't last long.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 2/7/2010
Update to my review below: My husband really likes this perfume on me. I was kind of surprised but I'm glad he likes it. He doesn't say things like that very often about my perfumes. And, LS customer service is great!
By   - from L.N., CA on 2/3/2010
I agree with the reviewer below.... Pretty and wearable scent, but not special or unique enough for the price. I was also a bit disappointed with the bottle. The face is just a hologram sticker stuck onto the bottle. The red plastic case is alright, except mine was messed up because the perfume leaked in transit and the residue left random chalky/opaque smudges inside the case. I still think the concept is neat but disappointed overall.
By   - from L.N., CA on 1/31/2010
This is a generic green floral. Not big on sillage, definitely not unique enough for the price.
By   - from SouthWest on 1/30/2010
It is a very pretty,wearable scent,BUT not special, or unique enough for that price!
By   - perfume lover from cincinnati on 1/23/2010
A very sophisticated green floral scent. Top note is pine, fresh and green. Dries to a beautiful floral blend that stays with me all day. Smells like lemon grass mixed with a bouquet of marigolds and pansies.
By   - from Denver on 1/15/2010
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