Maurice Roucel

Country: France

While many industry perfumers complete significant chemistry training as part of their studies, Maurice Roucel was hired entirely for his technical expertise, spending years with Chanel in the ‘70s as the head chromatography chemist before a deep interest in the artistic side of the business led him to begin training as a perfumer with Chanel’s in-house perfumer. Over the intervening decades, Roucel’s legendary career and unique skill set have been instrumental in shaping the industry, bringing about significant innovation in both technical composition and aesthetic style; his Musc Ravageur for Frederic Malle in 2000 is often credited with jump-starting the wave of orientals that defined the decade. For his contributions to the industry and art form, Roucel has been honored with many of the industry’s top awards, including the Prix Francois Coty in 2002.

Maurice Roucel perfumer image
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