Onda - Voile d'Extrait

Voile Extrait

by Vero Profumo

Onda - Voile d'Extrait Sizes Available:
50ml $250
0.7ml sample $8
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Here's what other people are saying about Onda - Voile d'Extrait...
This is me! What a fragrance...I've tried the Extrait, and the edp...the VdE has the lift! The dry down, which is very important to me, is fabulous. Bless Vero...I love everything she has done.
By   - Physicist  from North Carolina on 8/5/2016
Onda is one of the most stark beauties of modern perfumery. A vetiver-leather existing on the axis between smoke, earth, animalic honey, and bitter, mossy chypres. A fragrance that takes some time to live in and understand. Unlike some others in the line, the VdE/parfum and the EDP are entirely different fragrances. You may enjoy one and not the other, so try both. Recommended for: lovers of leather chypres, animalic fragrances, vetivers, retro fragrances. Not recommended for: people who like light, transparent scents, or those who blanche at smoky or animalic notes.
By   - Dilettante from Vancouver on 8/10/2014
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