Vero Kern

Country: Switzerland

Vero Kern is truly a throwback: a Swiss-born, French-trained independent perfumer with a reverence for the huge, ultra-complex haute perfumes of years past. Originally a trained aromatherapist, Vero took her extraordinary olfactory gifts to the next level when she moved to Paris to train with Monique Schlienger, herself the progeny of famed creator Jean Carles. This uninterrupted legacy has blessed Vero with an aesthetic that’s never swept away in the latest trend, owing more to 70-year-old classic fragrances than to any flavor of the month. Her dedication to the old ways of perfumery have resulted in an unconventional line: fewer, more complex fragrances, made with an abundance of natural essences, sold in several strengths for a variety of application methods.

Vero Kern perfumer image
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