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Eau de Parfum

50ml $240
4 x .25oz Travel Spray $195
50ml Refill $195
0.7ml sample $5
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I so love this!!! After sampling it, I added it to my collection immediately. It reminds me of a pleasant bubble gum or some kind of exclusive expensive candy. Definitely recommended for a summer night of fun and romance with a girly girl vibe.
By   - Investor from Miami on 2/7/2019
T.his is the scent of a marshmallow, but it is a rich, decadent, and somewhat musky and mysterious marshmallow. It is not a linear or boring scent, but sweet and mysterious in its dry down. Of course it goes without saying that you must like sweet gourmand scents to appreciate it. I however love these scents and this one is now among my favorite new bottles. I would add that when I originally got my sample that the juice was red and I hesitated thinking that it might stain my clothing. I forged ahead and bought a bottle and have had no issues with the color. Delightful addition for the gourmand lover. I think this scent would be lovely on a man as well who appreciates these sweet mysterious scents.
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 5/21/2018
Smells like Neroli Parfum from La' Occitane! exactly like it. La' Occitane has less sugar which i like a whole lot better plus its cheaper!
By   - Admin from Washington on 8/4/2017
I don't like very sweet scents so I probably should have stayed away from this one, but I love Hanae Mori Butterfly so I tried it based on one reviewer's comments. The sweetness was not gourmand on my skin, it was just cloying and unpleasant and had a mothball undercurrent (citrus often does this on my skin, unfortunately). This is the kind of perfume that, if I smelled it on someone, I would avoid her. I don't agree that it smells like Butterfly- this one lacks the creaminess and freshness.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/24/2016
I LOVE this scent!! It is my favorite out of all the perfumes I've tried. I love sweet smelling scents and this one is the best! It doesn't have any kind of synthetic smell like other perfumes and it lasts so much longer too! I can still smell this on me at the end of the day. I can't really afford it so I have to buy the samples but it's definitely worth the price since it's made with oils and doesn't have alcohol like all other perfumes. I'd love to own a full bottle someday!
By   - Daycare assistant  from Springfield on 3/1/2016
Creamy, sweet orange blossom, sunny jasmine, a hint of red rose, and a good dose of vanilla marshmallow sweetness. This is one of the happiest fragrances that I own. It's a lovely, sweet, gourmand floral, and the orange, gold and red feel of it makes me think of sunshine.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/8/2015
This smells exactly like Hanae Mori Butterfly.
By   - from Middleville on 2/26/2015
Oooh, this one is interesting and complicated! When I first applied it at night, I was taken aback. WAY too sweet. I was drowning in the marshmallow-caramel sugar of it. I almost washed it off. Over the next few hours into dry down, it was still too sweet for me, but no longer cloying. Definitely marshmallow, lots of sugar. I shrugged and thought, "next"! But then... I woke up this morning, and I am left with only the most haunting, magical remnants of a perfect blend of spice, jasmine and neroli. It's heavenly. I want to bathe in it. So the question here is: can I live with the first few overbearing hours of sugar to get to this gorgeous finish? I am undecided as yet, and going to work through this sample and decide....
By   - writer from los angeles on 2/22/2015
This one develops beautifully. For me, it is an evening scent. Sweet and mysterious, I don't get any marshmallow from it. It develops over time, leaves a wonderful scent painting over time, and lasts for 12 hours. Test first. I get better effects from wearing it sprayed 8-12 inches from my clothes or wrist.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/28/2014
You can't go wrong with scents by Kilian, unusual and beautiful and so alluring to wear. But "Love" is without a doubt the best one on me, and the sillage is insane. I put in on around 8 am and by 8pm it is still going strong and true to scent… worth every penny.
By   - from Graham, NC on 11/7/2014
By far my favorite Kilian, and I think I've tried them all. I wear perfumes to amuse myself and not for others, that being said, my husband loves this. I can understand the connection to marshmallows; subsequently, when I smell this, I also get a sweet orange blossom. Love is sweet on an ethereal level. I find it quite subtle and not cloying. I also only spray it once or twice. If you like light, sweet gourmands that are reminiscent of Peeps marshmallow treats, you'll really need to try Love. I know when you hear the words "marshmallow" and "Peeps" you're thinking cheap...Love does not smell cheap at all. It is very well put together and I would highly recommend this to any lover of sweet perfumes. I just purchased a full bottle and it is certainly worthy of the price. Get a sample!
By   - from New England on 9/14/2014
A long list of luscious notes that just ended up being a sort of unremarkable sweet muddle, with the neroli taking charge. Faded to almost undetectable- save for a whisper of the neroli- in less than fifteen minutes.
By   - artist from San Francisco on 11/24/2013
love not. was really looking forward trying by Kilian fragrances. can't say I hate it but nothing special either. Spicy, yes, but without depth and mystery, a bit sweet. reminded of some synthetic commercial fragrance. Kilian's Love is anything but love.
By   - administrative from san francisco on 10/18/2013
This insanely delicious scent was a gift from my love. I found it in at COS BAR in Santa Barbara and fell in love. The price was a bit daunting for me, a student, so I admired from afar. A few weeks later, while waiting for a flight to depart to NYC with my sweetheart, he surprised me with a beautifully wrapped pressie! Inside was my coveted bottle of LOVE. I wear it religiously. It spans seasons and emotions unlike my other perfumes. This one reminds me of romantic love with the promise of forever.
By   - Grad Sudent from Los Angeles on 3/19/2013
This scent is so beautiful. It is light and very feminine. The dry down was not powdery on me at all. The scene has a good mix of sweet and sexy.
By   - Teacher from Lexington on 3/16/2013
Not impressed by this perfume, just sweet and boring, not in love with love.
By   - from New Zealand on 2/13/2013
My all time favorite!! Sexiest on earth! No way to give less than 5 stars, those may not just be enough sexy who did, sorry :) Best ever feminine fragrance made on earth!!!
By   - doctor to be in a few months from Pécs- Padova right now on 11/26/2012
This is so good there is no other gourmand to even come up to it's bar. No words describe the feeling and richness of this. I flipping love it! Give it a try!
By   - Karate Kid from City of Brotherly Love on 9/29/2012
I can absolutely see where the inspiration is marshmallow, but very sexy marshmallow. This stuff is soooo good. I can't believe how long it lasts on me. I sampled it almost 6 hours ago and it still smells great! I am guessin' I will own this one soon. SOOO GOOD!!!
By   - Mom from Minneapolis on 7/13/2012
I really like this fragrance, for me it smells just like orange sherbet and I get just a hint of the jasmine and rose in there too. It is quite a sweet perfume, but not sickly or plasticky. It doesn't seem to last long on my skin though. Nice one for spring/summer as it is quite light.
By   - from Australia on 12/9/2011
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