Eau de Parfum - L’Oeuvre Noire Collection

by By Kilian

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50ml $295
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0.7ml sample $4
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T.his is the scent of a marshmallow, but it is a rich, decadent, and somewhat musky and mysterious marshmallow. It is not a linear or boring scent, but sweet and mysterious in its dry down. Of course it goes without saying that you must like sweet gourmand scents to appreciate it. I however love these scents and this one is now among my favorite new bottles. I would add that when I originally got my sample that the juice was red and I hesitated thinking that it might stain my clothing. I forged ahead and bought a bottle and have had no issues with the color. Delightful addition for the gourmand lover. I think this scent would be lovely on a man as well who appreciates these sweet mysterious scents.
By   - Attorney from Augusta on 5/21/2018
Smells like Neroli Parfum from La'' Occitane! exactly like it. La'' Occitane has less sugar which i like a whole lot better plus its cheaper!
By   - Admin from Washington on 8/4/2017
I don''t like very sweet scents so I probably should have stayed away from this one, but I love Hanae Mori Butterfly so I tried it based on one reviewer''s comments. The sweetness was not gourmand on my skin, it was just cloying and unpleasant and had a mothball undercurrent (citrus often does this on my skin, unfortunately). This is the kind of perfume that, if I smelled it on someone, I would avoid her. I don''t agree that it smells like Butterfly- this one lacks the creaminess and freshness.
By   - Audiologist from Orlando on 3/24/2016
I LOVE this scent!! It is my favorite out of all the perfumes I''ve tried. I love sweet smelling scents and this one is the best! It doesn''t have any kind of synthetic smell like other perfumes and it lasts so much longer too! I can still smell this on me at the end of the day. I can''t really afford it so I have to buy the samples but it''s definitely worth the price since it''s made with oils and doesn''t have alcohol like all other perfumes. I''d love to own a full bottle someday!
By   - Daycare assistant  from Springfield on 3/1/2016
Creamy, sweet orange blossom, sunny jasmine, a hint of red rose, and a good dose of vanilla marshmallow sweetness. This is one of the happiest fragrances that I own. It''s a lovely, sweet, gourmand floral, and the orange, gold and red feel of it makes me think of sunshine.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/8/2015
This smells exactly like Hanae Mori Butterfly.
By   - from Middleville on 2/26/2015
Oooh, this one is interesting and complicated! When I first applied it at night, I was taken aback. WAY too sweet. I was drowning in the marshmallow-caramel sugar of it. I almost washed it off. Over the next few hours into dry down, it was still too sweet for me, but no longer cloying. Definitely marshmallow, lots of sugar. I shrugged and thought, "next"! But then... I woke up this morning, and I am left with only the most haunting, magical remnants of a perfect blend of spice, jasmine and neroli. It''s heavenly. I want to bathe in it. So the question here is: can I live with the first few overbearing hours of sugar to get to this gorgeous finish? I am undecided as yet, and going to work through this sample and decide....
By   - writer from los angeles on 2/22/2015
This one develops beautifully. For me, it is an evening scent. Sweet and mysterious, I don''t get any marshmallow from it. It develops over time, leaves a wonderful scent painting over time, and lasts for 12 hours. Test first. I get better effects from wearing it sprayed 8-12 inches from my clothes or wrist.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/28/2014
You can''t go wrong with scents by Kilian, unusual and beautiful and so alluring to wear. But "Love" is without a doubt the best one on me, and the sillage is insane. I put in on around 8 am and by 8pm it is still going strong and true to scent… worth every penny.
By   - from Graham, NC on 11/7/2014
By far my favorite Kilian, and I think I''ve tried them all. I wear perfumes to amuse myself and not for others, that being said, my husband loves this. I can understand the connection to marshmallows subsequently, when I smell this, I also get a sweet orange blossom. Love is sweet on an ethereal level. I find it quite subtle and not cloying. I also only spray it once or twice. If you like light, sweet gourmands that are reminiscent of Peeps marshmallow treats, you''ll really need to try Love. I know when you hear the words "marshmallow" and "Peeps" you''re thinking cheap...Love does not smell cheap at all. It is very well put together and I would highly recommend this to any lover of sweet perfumes. I just purchased a full bottle and it is certainly worthy of the price. Get a sample!
By   - from New England on 9/14/2014
A long list of luscious notes that just ended up being a sort of unremarkable sweet muddle, with the neroli taking charge. Faded to almost undetectable- save for a whisper of the neroli- in less than fifteen minutes.
By   - artist from San Francisco on 11/24/2013
love not. was really looking forward trying by Kilian fragrances. can''t say I hate it but nothing special either. Spicy, yes, but without depth and mystery, a bit sweet. reminded of some synthetic commercial fragrance. Kilian''s Love is anything but love.
By   - administrative from san francisco on 10/18/2013
This insanely delicious scent was a gift from my love. I found it in at COS BAR in Santa Barbara and fell in love. The price was a bit daunting for me, a student, so I admired from afar. A few weeks later, while waiting for a flight to depart to NYC with my sweetheart, he surprised me with a beautifully wrapped pressie! Inside was my coveted bottle of LOVE. I wear it religiously. It spans seasons and emotions unlike my other perfumes. This one reminds me of romantic love with the promise of forever.
By   - Grad Sudent from Los Angeles on 3/19/2013
This scent is so beautiful. It is light and very feminine. The dry down was not powdery on me at all. The scene has a good mix of sweet and sexy.
By   - Teacher from Lexington on 3/16/2013
Not impressed by this perfume, just sweet and boring, not in love with love.
By   - from New Zealand on 2/13/2013
My all time favorite!! Sexiest on earth! No way to give less than 5 stars, those may not just be enough sexy who did, sorry :) Best ever feminine fragrance made on earth!!!
By   - doctor to be in a few months from Pécs- Padova right now on 11/26/2012
This is so good there is no other gourmand to even come up to it''s bar. No words describe the feeling and richness of this. I flipping love it! Give it a try!
By   - Karate Kid from City of Brotherly Love on 9/29/2012
I can absolutely see where the inspiration is marshmallow, but very sexy marshmallow. This stuff is soooo good. I can''t believe how long it lasts on me. I sampled it almost 6 hours ago and it still smells great! I am guessin'' I will own this one soon. SOOO GOOD!!!
By   - Mom from Minneapolis on 7/13/2012
I really like this fragrance, for me it smells just like orange sherbet and I get just a hint of the jasmine and rose in there too. It is quite a sweet perfume, but not sickly or plasticky. It doesn''t seem to last long on my skin though. Nice one for springsummer as it is quite light.
By   - from Australia on 12/9/2011
I thought I liked this when I first smelled it, but after wearing it for a few hours, I think it smells exactly like Aquolina Pink Sugar. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend asked if that was what I was wearing, so I''ll save myself $175 and just get Pink Sugar if I want to smell like sugar and cotton candy. It''s not offensive, just very, very sugary.
By   - Student from Houston on 12/6/2011
Love everything about Love. Complex but soft, sweet & feminine, Longest lasting, could still it smell as strong the next morning. Will certainly be splurging on a bottle.
By   - from Sydney Australia on 3/10/2011
I found this to agree completely with my chemistry and it had better than average sillage. Yes, it''s a little sweet but I tend to like sweet scents. I can''t wait for next FallWinter to get a bottle again for myself. It is more of a FallWinter scent, in my opnion but a worthy investment...Kilian''s fragrances last forever! A worthy buy
By   - Student from Berkeley on 2/2/2011
Let me just say that I love sweet fragrances so I thought I would love this. This did not smell good on me. It was so syrupy sweet it actually made me feel sick. Sorry don''t like it.
By  on 1/28/2011
It starts out very fruity, but dries down to a lovely sweet gourmand scent on me. Very nice.
By   - Volunteer from Rheinland Pfalz, Germany on 1/11/2011
SWEET. Sweeter than sweet. Think: coconut bubblegum dipped in a vat of boiling liquid sugar. Might be ok for a day at the beach? Or for very young teenspreteens. Not offensive, but where''s the bergamot, orange, neroli, jasmine, etc...? Save your $ and buy M.Micaleff for quality.
By   - Homemaker from Seattle on 11/6/2010
I do like this. I LOVE orange blossom and that is what this seems to be all about on my skin. No candy or bubblegum, just sugared orange blossom. This isn''t FBW, but I like it and I can see someone wanting it. If you love sweet scents and orange blossom, try it!
By  on 9/18/2010
I do like this. I LOVE orange blossom and that is what this seems to be all about on my skin. No candy or bubblegum, just sugared orange blossom. This isn''t FBW, but I like it and I can see someone wanting it. If you love sweet scents and orange blossom, try it!
By  on 9/18/2010
Unfortunately, this DOES smell like pink bubblegum. I didn''t want to believe it when I read the reviews, but it really is true! In fact, my fiance told me I smelled exactly like Bazooka Bubblegum, which is a perfect comparison. Too bad, I was hoping to like it!
By   - from Honolulu, HI on 3/19/2010
Damn this is good! (By Kilian! Why must you produce such tempting elixirs?! Why must you force me to whip out my credit card?!)I didn''t know I was such a sweet gourmandy type until I met these....Not a false note here - just perfect!
By   - from Montreal on 11/28/2009
I love this perfume. It IS sweet, but in a way that seems mischievous and a little bit sneaky, and yet somehow tender and vulnerable at the same time. It feels luxurious to wear it, and I swear it makes me feel like my eyes are twinkling. This is a gorgeous scent for women who love sweet, sparkly, tender scents.
By   - Designer from San Francisco on 9/24/2009
I managed to put off smelling this for more than a year, because I just knew I would love it and I didn''t have the money for it. Or didn''t want to save the money for it... but now I''ve got a sample and my jaw is on the ground! What I love about it is I totally get a retro vibe from it, if a beautiful pin-up from the 40''s and 50''s was scratch-n-sniff this is what she''d smell like:-) It is divine. It smells like love, unpredictable and sweet! Must order!!
By   - from Tampa, Fl on 8/8/2009
bubblegum and baby oil. cotton candy and marshmallows. sugary vanilla. maybe the faintest hints of raspberry and jasmine. my 15 year old niece and her 15 year old boyfriend love it. i only wear dark tuberosey florals so find this overly sweet and cloying (but yes, beautifully done).
By   - artist from new york on 7/17/2009
Not your daughter''s perfume. I think this is quite an adult fragrance. I''m not getting the marshmallow scent. Instead, I think it has a bare hint of seduction and ever so slightly naughty.
By   - retired from long island on 6/18/2009
I can''t quite wrap my olfactory nerves around this one. I don''t hate it, it has some appeal, but I am not sure its me. I''m not that sweet, but in the right company, at the right time, if I wanted to come off as Edible...this might be the one. I bet Men Love it.
By   - nurse from nashville on 2/22/2009
As a pal put it--this is what I imagine Ashley Dupre smells like. Expensive sugar with fruity sparkle. A very rich girls Angel.
By   - Editor from New York on 2/17/2009
On my skin this turned into jasmine meringue pie :( Not precisely the effect for which I was hoping, but I still give the fragrance two stars because it''s clearly made from high-quality materials and I certainly could imagine it smelling nice on someone.
By   - from San Francisco on 2/14/2009
A nice blend, that smells of meringue, as well for the "yumi" side, and screachy side, with a chore of flowers sparkles that fizz around while the perfume is settling on the skin.
By   - student from France on 2/10/2009
A beautiful subtle vanilla. I ordered a sample and love it, but there is no way that I will be buying this - too expensive.
By   - from New Jersey on 2/8/2009
I used to have 30-40 perfumes that I rotated through. Since I purchased this, I have not worn anything else. On me, this is incredibly sexy...sweet without being cloying. And it''s the first perfume my husband has ever loved on me. I may never need to buy another scent.
By   - Event Planner from Merced on 2/6/2009
definately gourmond. Smells exactly (I mean, EXACTLY) like Double Bubble bubblegum, which in turn, smells a lot like Ferragamo Fascinating. Smells much like a cheap single note Demeter scent. Yes, it does smell yummy, but in a juvenile way. I can''t get over the Double Bubble scent to it. I''d rather chew the gum than smell like it. Its rather overrated and expensive for the lack of complexity in it.
By   - Fragrance sales from Chicagoland on 1/6/2009
On me I got straight sugar, marshmallow, it does smell like candy although I couldn''t pinpoint which one.. necco wafers came to mind though. Definitely girly girl but not for this one.
By   - Teacher from Hawaii on 12/26/2008
This one is absolutely delicious! I don''t get a lot of marshmallow but I am getting nuances of orange blossoms and jasmine all wrapped up in a cozy vanilla and musk blanket. It''s going to come off very sweet so be warned! Actually, this reminds me a lot of Hanae Mori Butterfly, but this one being more interesting, refined and gentle. It''s girly-girl at its finest!
By   - from Dallas on 11/7/2008
Without refeshing my memory about the notes, I dumped this sample on this morning on my way out the door. My first impression was "marshmallow!" Upon drydown and closer inspection, I could pick out sweetly fresh, delicate blossoms - orange blossom, jasmine, and a hint of dewy rose. The floral notes really are beautiful, but the carmelized sugarmarshmallow note is just a bit out of my range when it comes to perfume. It''s enjoyable and fun, but it kind of cheapens the overall experience - it''s just too sweet of a note for me, I think. Nice, just not bottle-worthy for me.
By   - Biotech from Providence, RI on 10/30/2008
I first tried this in Paris and it lasted all day and left pleasant memories.So I ordered a bottle and it leaked in the box, Luckyscent replaced it with a new one.I wear this over orange soap and lotion and it lasts all day.Vanilla,orange candy reminds me of that orange powdered fizzy candy.Yet this is still adult very unique!
By   - RN from Tampa on 10/14/2008
This smells exactly like the Jasmine Vanilla tea that I have from Golden Moon tea. Exactly. I love it. It lasts and lasts -I''ve worn it all day and love it when I catch a whiff of myself. Too bad the price is prohibitive for me
By  on 9/7/2008
At first I thought this might be a little to candy-ish going by it''s top notes by it''s dry down is beautiful on me. Definitely smell the marshmallow by there''s an amberymusk in there that makes this scent unmistakably classy and truly romantic. Definitely looking for the BIG bottle on my next go around!
By   - Hair Colourist from Berkeley, CA on 8/28/2008
I forgot to mention below that even though Love smells like Perfect Kiss, it smells better because it doesn''t have the same sharp plastic smell. (I also accidentally bumped something and left the one directly below! oops!)
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 8/27/2008
By  on 8/27/2008
This smells almost exactly like Perfect Kiss! Maybe the honeysuckle and carmalized sugar smells similar to the honey suckle and chocolate in perfect kiss. I cant ever like chocolate-ty scents, but if i did, this one is a sophisticated chocolate. Even though it''s not for me, I rate it highly because any scent that smells good even though I dont like it is probably a great perfume!
By   - stay home mommy from dewey, ok on 8/27/2008
Very interesting. Initially fruity, not my favorite, but after a few minutes, develops into a feminine, flirty and sophisticated scent, without being neither childish, nor mature.
By  on 7/28/2008
The top notes are slightly citrusy, but not overly. It is also quite sweet and reminds me alot of candy floss. The neroli is most prominent to me in its dry down, and I find I resist smelling it each time I sample it. Sillage is quite good and longevity is excellent, like Beyond Love. I like it enough to put it at the top of my purchase list.
By   - from England on 7/22/2008
welch''s fruit juice, i think
By  on 7/21/2008
Smells like fruity Kool Aid with orange blossoms mixed in. No thanks.
By   - bar tender from D.C. on 7/18/2008
Something about this reminds me of Indult Tihota, another overpriced vanilla scent. Sorry, but it comes across to me as much less complex and less interesting than that list of notes led me to expect. Not worth the price! If it was $50 for a 1.7 oz, then, yes, maybe I''d buy it, but not at this price tag. It''s an orange blossom-vanilla-fruity scent, close to cotton candy-- I find Pink Sugar more interesting if we''re going in that gourmand direction. Pass.
By  on 7/18/2008
It starts out smelling like a very lemony fragrance (Orange Blossom) and I can sense a little bit of Jasmine there mingling in the background... To me it just feels like it needs a little more pink pepper to burst through at this point. It''s quite interesting to sit and take big whiffs from my wrist and see where it''s headed but this is not me. I think if you are in love with orange blossom essential oil, you should sample this. It''s beautiful in a way that I can appreciate without being a big fan of citrusy scents.
By  on 7/6/2008
By   - from Monterey on 6/24/2008 no. marshmallow no, there is a sweetness to this ambery and vanillic but not foody but it is also animalic and probally one of the best in the series
By   - journalist from nyc on 5/29/2008
This is as delightful as a sweet, delicious lemon meringue pie! It''s a very pretty scent that feels perfect as framing when sitting on the balcony drinking my morning coffee, smelling the bird cherry below, in the pale early summer sun..
By   - student from Stockholm on 5/12/2008
It is said that this one was inspired by a marshmellow, so it makes sense that it went on a little too sweet for my taste. I don''t care much for marshmellows , except when they''re hanging off the end of a stick, slightly burnt. This scent would be endearing on a twenty-year-old, but I''ve been around the block too many times to to smell like this. I was patient enough to wait for the drydown in the hopes that something more would be revealed, but in the end all I could think of was cotton candy. If you''re looking for something pretty and light for summer, this one could work for you
By   - Fortunteller in D.C. from Washington, DC on 5/10/2008
A beautiful soft, creamyvanillacaramel.
By   - healthcare professional on 5/8/2008
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