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Eau de Parfum

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This one is easy, instead of dia man, should be diaper man. Joking aside it does remind me of baby powder, it’s the main scent through out it’s span. Not bad initially, but not that great as a whole.
By   - Cinco enterprises from Los Angeles on 9/28/2020
I've never gotten compliments on how good I smelled till I started using this, thanks Amouage!
By   - Brewer  from Oakland on 6/4/2020
A favorite of my latest four samples. It's starts off "all business" with spice, but eases into a balanced blend with flirtations of a woodsy sweetness and a refined sexiness, that, when wafting across the table between sips of a rich red wine, or scotch, would certainly give the impression of a man who knows his way around this crazy world. Lovely.
By   - from Seattle on 9/6/2012
An incredible scent. Very classy and as some reviewers have said, regal. Too bad it lasts maybe 10 minutes on me.
By   - Analyst from Hollister on 3/7/2012
Amouage Dia smells like pure luxury. It`s sophisticated and refined. Longevity is very good, and the sillage is just perfectly elegant discreet. Amouage Dia smells very expencive, and you will feel like a rich serious person when you wear it. Amouage describes it as a luxury day wear fragrance. That is a correct description, but it`s even as good as an evening fragrance for more formal occasions. Can be used in all seasons. In my oppinion this is the most sophisticated of all the Amouage scents. Highly recommended!
By   - artist from Oslo on 6/13/2011
Dia is elegant, poised, and regal. It is scent that gently presents the wearer as one who appreciates Luxury.
By   - Keller Williams Realty from Torrance Ca. on 3/12/2010
This cologne matches my skin perfectly, like magic! It brings friendly feelings to those who smell it on you, more of a formal smell. Amouage Gold soap matches it perfectly.
By  on 8/26/2009
reading these reviews, I wonder if they are of the last formulation of this scent, which was available in 50 ml only. the reforumlated version in this bottle might have been created with the hesitations of these reviewers in mind! personally I prefer the last version that was sweeter and had a "gingerale"ish quality although it doens't smell like ginger ale (ya know what I mean?). Amouage has definitely shifted into a slightly more masculine gear with this version. The new version has better longevity, due probably to the introduction of this manly element which is a basenote, sandalwood I believe.
By   - diverses from LA on 7/14/2009
Too much on the feminine side .
By   - from wartown on 5/20/2009
Sexy and warm and equally gorgeous on a woman. This is a perfect UNISEX fragrance, eventhough there is one for women also. Love this one. 10*
By  on 2/28/2009
I've never smelled a lovelier men's fragrance. Warm, spice, really gets my motor running ;-) Just perfection.
By  on 2/3/2009
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