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nice fragrance
By   - isp from Dubai on 10/23/2017
(singing) Whiskey River take my minnnnd… (stops) Wait, what? Sorry. That opening note is a boozy doozy (sorry again). It’s modulated, sort of, by a lovely papery-dry-leaves wood effect and an idea of warm baked pastries -- the description would like me to get baked fruits there, but I landed on chestnuts and walnuts with just a bit of red-fruit juiciness. Sillage is pretty robust, at least for the first 30-60 minutes. Delightful.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/7/2017
reminds me a little of Bulgari's Omnia, with the intense wood and spice, but this one feel slightly more refined with better blending and an interesting nutty burst when first applied. dry down not that robust or nuanced on my skin as when first applied. if it could maintain when it does in the first 30 min with its intense nutty woody spicy complexity , it would be 5 stars.
By   - researcher from philadelphia on 11/9/2016
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