Anne Pliska - Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum

by Anne Pliska

Anne Pliska - Eau de Parfum Sizes Available:
50ml $80
0.7ml sample $4
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Give it up for the late 1980s! Back then Anne Pliska’s pretty vanilla-orange-amber warmth would have been downright reticient these days, it’s remarkably tactile and cushiony, if a bit on the gourmand side fro me personally. Still pretty, though, especially when the subtle pepperiness of geranium kicks in.
By   - editor from Seattle on 5/17/2018
Dark and organic. Incense and resin but sweet enough to be magnetic. Makes you want to come closer.
By   - musician from chicago on 2/11/2017
A beautiful vanilla-tinged amber of excellent quality. A sensual and feminine scent with just the right sweetness. Smells rich but not over-the-top. I have the parfum. I have not tried the EDP.
By   - Broker from San Francisco on 7/19/2016
I''ve worn this scent for over 19 years and its become my signature scent. I have noticed a change in the new bottle, it''s just off a little and the compliments aren''t as often, also I can''t seem to find it anywhere lately and I''m almost out! It''s a softer scent and not overpowering. Others love it when I''m wearing it which is every day so let''s get it back and hopefully in the glass bottle again.
By   - Retired from East Wenatchee on 4/11/2016
Foolishly I bought this online without trying a sample first. It is so unbearably sweet, I can''t stand the smell of myself with it on. I can''t even give it away. I don''t think I could stand to smell it on someone else anyway.
By  on 1/5/2015
Double thanks to the Paralegal from Cincinnati and from the original poster Sarah for the following statement regarding Anne Pliska, "Exotic dancer turned gold-digging wife of an oil baron, shows up late and slightly drunk to a luncheon at the country club. This is the perfume she wears." Love it!! My simplistic interpretation of the original post is that AP smells like a really expensive perfume...for a stripper. And I love that! Lol. Both posts made me buy a sample and I''m glad I did. If I had to quickly describe AP, I would say that it is an orange vanilla frag with orange being dominant up front and then settling down into a citrusvanilla. It''s more complex depending on your skin but it is quite lovely. I find that AP has a similar quality to Profumum''s Dulces in Fundo, which is straight up citrus and vanilla. Both are great perfumes if you like the combination of orange and vanilla. Both perfumes make me think of orange flavored creme brûlée. Def get a sample, especially if you like the idea of smelling like a sexy, slightly trashy billionaire. Lol.
By   - from New England on 8/6/2014
Love this juice. It''s a classic oriental, with a definite vintage vibe but it''s modern at the same time. It''s sexy and sultry but in a very grown-up way. This is a perfume for a real woman!
By   - lawyer from North Florida on 8/4/2014
This is my "Chanel#5" like my mother used to wear for her20+ years. I wear Anne Pliska the same...
By   - Hotel mgmnt. from McCall on 12/15/2013
I have worn this since 1976 when I asked another woman "what is the scent you have on". It has been my go-to scent for all of these years, and have answered many a question to others when asked what is the scent you have on. But, I must say, with the new bottling, I have also noticed a change in the scent. It''s not as clean as it used to be, and I miss the old bottle. I still wear it, but not as often, which is like not seeing your best friend as often as you''d like.
By   - Retired from Folsom CA on 9/15/2013
delicious, unique, special. been wearing this since 1989 and still love it. thank you lucky scent for carrying it.
By   - from south sf bay area, ca on 5/23/2013
Floor wax. But gorgeous floor wax in an old old large building where light streams in through beautiful stained glass windows. Maybe a cathedral. Frankenscence and myhrrh waft upward in etheral smoky plumes. You can catch a whiff now and again and it sends you to heaven. I love this scent. Middle notes are incense-y and gentle spice. It dries down to a lovely soft gentle powdery spice and lasts all day. Definitely FBW
By   - artist from whitefish on 1/27/2013
I remember this name from, I think, the 80''s. I can''t wear this scent because it is way too ambery-powdery and quite frankly unfresh old-lady smelling to me. I don''t hate it. It is a well structured scent and it is a bit unique but quite certainly does not fit my personality.
By   - Massage Therapist from Chicago on 12/15/2012
Not too happy with the new bottling, and the fragrance does not last as long, but can''t change after 40 years!!!!!!!
By   - Retired from Sonoma, ca on 8/15/2012
I''ve been wearing Anne Pliska for 20 yrs (5 Stars) & I''m sorry but I am let down by the scent coming from the new bottle. I don''t know what it is but I can really tell the difference in a negative way(3 Stars). I use up my samples before I even use my spray.
By   - Domestic Goddess from Huntington Beach on 4/26/2012
I have worn this fragrance for 15 years. Complete strangers stop me on the street or in elevators and ask me what I am wearing. This is one of those scents that becomes your signature forever and when people smell it, they think of you. It is absolutely feminine and fabulous! I also love the staying power - it lasts for hours.
By   - Commercial Real Estate from Dallas on 4/25/2012
Thank you to the person who gave this 1 star with the description, "Exotic dancer turned gold-digging wife of an oil baron shows up late and slightly drunk to a luncheon at the country club." I love it. I''ve renamed it when ppl ask me what I''m wearing.
By   - Paralegal from Cincinnati on 1/17/2012
On my skin, Anne Pliska stands for comfort and elegance! Not cheap, overly sweet or linear at all! I would say a vanilla fragrance for grown ups. I give it 4 stars because it reminds me a little of my all time favorite: Organza indescence, which I give 5 :)
By   - from Bergen, Norway on 9/8/2011
Beautiful! This amazing juice lasted forever on me, ordered a big bottle straight away.. you wont be disappointed!
By   - from australia on 9/5/2011
Oh! They have redesigned the bottle, how great! This was one of my faves from a big batch of samples last year. It is probably next on my list of buys.
By   - Artist from Portland on 8/21/2011
Just that...
By   - therapist from NYC on 4/30/2011
i got a sample of this i really wanted to like this, unfortunately it smells like incense . the cheap stuff from the 70s. sorry.
By   - technician from dallas on 3/26/2011
Reminds me of hi school... Smells like a modern CK Obsession. Gets better the longer you wear it. Love it for the evenings.
By   - from Seattle on 3/5/2011
I was pleasantly surprised by this perfume. The opening is very bright and warm. Once it settled I was left happily with a mild, spicy cream combination. Don''t know if I''d wear in very warm weather, but beautful for the colder months.
By   - homemaker from Florida on 2/17/2011
Exotic dancer turned gold-digging wife of an oil baron shows up late and slightly drunk to a luncheon at the country club. This is the perfume she wears.
By   - Student, 23 on 2/11/2011
I tire of most fragrances after one bottle. I have been wearing Anne Pliska for 25 years, and I still love it. Whenever I wear it, I am complimented by someone...usually many people. It is such a lovely fragrance, and men particularly like it!!
By   - Real Estate Broker from Granbury, TX on 11/24/2010
Yes, it smells like Obsession (with a little Lolita Lempicka), but the new and improved variety. Lasting power and sillage are awesome, almost incredible. I see this as more of an evening perfume.My better half likes it very much - and he is beyond picky.
By   - Homemaker from Seattle on 11/6/2010
Ooh, this is good! There''s sweet orange & vanilla in the opening, but also something deep & smokey in there, cool & yet warm. There''s a hint of spice & then a salty sweetness, & it does remind me of Shalimar. The heart is creamy & smooth, with a raw, resinous amber weaving in & out, & the drydown is a powdery, cookie-like vanilla. Sillage & longevity are good. l think this is one of the few ambers that would work well at any time of the day or year & in any situation. lt''s gorgeous, comforting & sexy, but never in-your-face, & it''s the one l''d turn to when l want to smell good without being too obvious.
By   - from southampton uk on 10/14/2010
This does smell like a mix of Obsession and Shalimar. And the drydown is pure creamsicle. But it''s not bad at does seem elegant, an evening type of perfume. The lasting power and sillage are incredible. A couple of light sprays of the EDP and you''re done for the day...and on into the night! I can''t even imagine the strength of the perfume extrait.
By   - Homemaker from Seattle on 10/11/2010
Didn''t work for me, but I can appreciate this fragrance. Gave it to my Sis and it is divine on her!
By   - from Prague, CZ on 3/7/2010
Ever wanted to smell of a Dreamsicle but found that particular desire a little adolescent for general use? Well, here you have it, an orange and cream confection, all grown-up (with a hint or two of spice) and ready to wear. While there’s little mystery to this fragrance, it is so delightfully cheerful and pretty, you can’t help but want to wear it. Another plus (especially considering its price) is its sillage, which sits comfortably at middle distance – and, what’s more, though you know people can smell it, you also know that something this nostalgic and beautiful couldn’t offend a single person around you, even the austere. This is a great example of what all of those creamy, fruity, citrusy, candyfloss florals could be (and should be like!) – taking an adolescent desire and theme, and dressing it up and making it inedible enough so that it is not only fit for wear, but can and should be worn liberally.
By   - Legal Assistant from Louisville, KY on 3/3/2010
This reminds me of Shalimar more than Obsession, FYI. I like it but I already own Shalimar (and the light version) so probably don''t need it. I love the price point. Luckyscent needs to continue to offer under $100 fragrances (then we can buy more!).
By   - Marketing from Kansas City on 1/14/2010
I have mixed feelings about this one because of how strong it is when I put it on AND a somewhat sharp note that can be too much. BUT when it dries down it is so sexy! A light, powdery, sexy amber.I bought it as the ultimate "seduction" elixer. Would be great if it could be "lightened" a little. I don''t think this is an everday scent, at least for me. Reminds me of an old scent-Emeraude (sp) by Coty.
By   - from NY on 1/9/2010
Sharp and nauseating. Instant headache.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 9/7/2009
As a flight attendant I''m very aware of smells as we work in a very tight environment. I have used it for the past 17 years and every trip I get a complement on the way I smell.
By   - Flight Attendant from Philadelphia on 8/23/2009
I love this perfume--it makes me feel threatening and dangerous, but in the most demure way possible. Wonderful to wear and savor even in day (though I''m guilty of amber-heavy everyday wear).It''s a steal, yes--so you get a sad, obviously plastic lid to top an otherwise lovely brushed glass bottle. Lid is awful. I don''t think it could look tackier. I''ve thrown the lid away and will display without.Fragrance: 4.5 stars5Packaging: 2 stars5
By   - from Boston on 8/14/2009
This is just orange and amber on my skin. Strong and heady, but I usually like my perfumes that way. This one however, did not sit well with me. More sweet than I''d like and not spicy at all (at least on me). Will pass this one.
By   - computer programmer from Athens on 7/29/2009
this is amazing..i love the drydown and it lasts forever..if you love amber, try this...give it time to settle and i guarantee you will love it
By   - college professor from lincoln on 6/7/2009
20 years ago I was handed a sample. The first time I tried it I loved and have never worn another fragrance since that day!
By  on 5/15/2009
this perfume is like seeing a very dearold friend. you go right back to whyyou loved that person. i needed a warm cozy one right now so i bought it again!! this will always be a go to scent for me.
By   - agent from st pete on 5/10/2009
Chemistry is key! When I first put this one it has a pencil lead smell to it that I found at first really discouraging. But it''s been about an hour and not only is this lovely scent not budging on my skin, it has warmed into something truly wonderful. BF loves this one too. Anne wins in every way.
By  on 5/9/2009
Oh, it''s an amber one for sure. These ambers take time to develop with your body heat. Plastic notes at first and they are so unpleasant to me, but after 15, 20 minutes it changes to something nice smelling. Wouldn''t want a bottle. There''s too many other ones I like .
By   - grade school teacher from The Pacific Northwest on 3/8/2009
Wow. This is one chemistry-dependent scent. Luckily for me, I can wear it. This has been one of my absolute favorites for several years now. Yes, it''s sweet, but on me, it''s ambery, resiny, and almost cold-incensey (kinda like the Etro MdM cold-incensey). I don''t get any sort of creamsicle or powdery thing going on. Obviously, if you haven''t tried it, & are interested, you need to sample it.
By   - RPh from the backwoods of PA on 11/13/2008
After reading the comments about the scent, I thought I would love it I don''t. The orange beginning reminded me of those powerful room fresheners that feature citrus notes, then the scent gave way to a rum and cola drydown that left me feeling vaguely nauseated.
By   - Acting Teacher from Yakima on 10/31/2008
I don''t feel it comes on that strong at first. I would call the first notes sparkly and bright and crisp and then it quickly melts into a lightly sweet softness and a sexiness and a sophisticated air. It has a lot of different aspects of a woman''s personality in one. I do get a faint sweet orange candy scent, but very soft, not at all the domineering note. I do get the amber coming through, which smooth, warms and rounds the fragrance. I like it.
By   - from Meford on 10/30/2008
The citrus makes a very brief appearance, along with some of the other notes. Then amber, amber, amber, amber and guess what. Not much else on my skin. This is probably lovely for someone who loves that kind of smell, but for me, just a little one-dimensional. Kind of smells like a festival, which is not a smell I dislike, but not something I want to smell like (but just you watch, I bet this will be the one that drives my SO crazy).
By  on 10/3/2008
The first time I sampled this I didn''t really love it. It reminded me so much of Obsession, only not as sharp. The second time I sampled it something happened and now I absolutely adore it! The price is also very good for a niche fragrance, I''ll definitely be buying a bottle (the creme is fabulous too!).
By  on 8/6/2008
I agree this parfum is on the sweet side, that''s why I love it. It''s alluring and sexy. I have never failed to receive a lovely comment while wearing it, from men and women alike. Once while in an elevator a dashing gentleman said "You smell like cookies" by the smile on his face... trust me this was a good thing.
By   - from Columbus, Ohio on 7/1/2008
This is a beautiful scent. It does start out rather strong, but has a nice drydown scent. This parfum is definitely for orientalspice lovers. Personally, I think this is a winter scent, maybe a little strong for summer. Give it a try though..........!
By   - from Raleigh, NC on 4/10/2008
wanted to like it, but it''s just too stinking sweet :(
By  on 3/31/2008
At first when you put it on it pretty much slams you in the nose with a strong unpleasant spicy scent, then after a while, the dry down is actually not bad and becomes much softer, but I still don''t think it''s for me. It''s just a very strong scent in general and certainly not a Spring or Summer scent.
By  on 3/18/2008
Dead ringer for the old chewable St. Joseph''s baby aspirin. Reminds me of being sick and kept home from school in the second grade. Not exactly what I look for in a perfume.
By   - film editor from NYC on 1/9/2008
I''ve used Anna Pliska since the 80''s and still love it. I turned my whole family on to it. I love the way it comes back with your body heat. It''s warm and inviting. Men have commented on it and then buying it for their lady. Hopefully, their chemistry mixes with AP as well as mine did. I have many nice frangrances but AP is my Chanel!
By   - system admin from Irvine on 12/28/2007
Disappointing. My body chemistry just does not work with this perfume. It smells unique out of the bottle, not like orange aspirin at all, but a little like citrusy spice. After about half an hour it smells like patchouli under dirty socks. I''m jealous of all those who have the body chemistry to wear it. I would definitely recommend sampling first - I''m glad I did.
By   - from Larchmont, NY on 12/7/2007
I decided to try this perfume on account of my being a huge fan of amber.Anne Pliska took me a bit to warm up to. When I first applied the fragrance, I wasn''t impressed. It smelled a bit woody from the patchouli, a scent I don''t love. But it also reminded me of someone or something, so I was intrigued enough not to get rid of my sample.Over the next few days, I took to sniffing the vial at random points throughout the day, and finally I put some on again. The scent has definitely grown on me. It'' unique and also oddly reminiscent of something at the same time. It feels familiar and safe, but also rather confident and sexy.It does have a bit of a powdery drydown from the amber, but the scent isn''t old lady. The more I wear this the more I like it. I''m still more in love with my everyday, signature scent, but I will be breaking this out for a nice change of pace.
By   - graphic designer from austin on 12/2/2007
This perfume is great. My boyfriend loves it. It smells like Cotton Candy. I recommend it.
By   - from Newport Beach on 10/17/2007
Reading these reviews I''m reminded again how widely human chemistry and olfactory tastes can differ... I was so excited to try this since everyone raves about it. I dabbed some on and was immediately assaulted by sharp, boozy, sickeningly sweet fruit. This was reminiscent of ersatz orange-cream soda or canned mandarin oranges in cheap whisky. After drydown I got citrus air freshener, sharp, somewhat bitter. After an hour or two, not much better: rotting orange rind... artificial orange candy. People say it''s "for a woman who knows who she is." For me it seems for a loud, insecure woman clamoring for attention: "I''M HERE! The can of orange-cream soda is HERE! The creamsicle-wrapped-in-cotton-candy-dipped-in-sugar-cane-rum is HERE for all of you to fawn over!" For me this perfume conjures up not elegance or confidence, but excess, corpulence, pushiness, insecurity, abrasion, American confection... How disappointing! I just know there are some lovely, lovely women whose chemistry suits this perfectly and who smell delicious in it. Not for me.
By   - Graphic Designer from Baltimore on 9/21/2007
Hmmm... if this is the penultimate amber, I''m wondering what the ultimate amber is. IMO, it''s Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan. Still, Anné Pliska is a keeper. Nothing else dries down like it. Delicious, resiny, sweet but not gourmand... addictive. A must-have in any amber lover''s collection.
By   - systems analyst from chicago on 9/19/2007
I wore this religiously in my early 20s. kind of forgot about it and rediscovered it last year. I am still in love. It is my holy grail fragrance.
By   - from CA on 8/22/2007
Over-rated! I agree with it being like a Creamsicle or just simply syrup and powder. Nothing to write home about!
By   - from Palm Harbor on 6/14/2007
Anne Pliska is one of my favorite scents. It''s like a creamsicle for adults! You must check out some of the wonderful online reviews...just google and type in Anne Pliska perfume review! I also love Fifi Chachnel! I''ve suggested this great fragrance to many people and most have loved it.
By   - writer, dog walker from San Francisco on 6/8/2007
Bleh! I''d read so many good comments on this fragrance that I was enormously excited to receive my sample. Ugh! I can''t stand it. It smells like syrup & powder.
By   - from New York City on 6/7/2007
I wish I could get what the other commenters are getting. I''ve now tried this several times, but all I get is orange baby aspirin (remember that stuff)? Chemistry is an odd thing.
By   - lawyer from Minnesota, USA on 6/2/2007
This is extraordinary. It''s understated and exceptionally elegant. I''ve received more compliments on this perfume than any other.
By   - Bullfighter from NJ on 5/25/2007
rich, warm, intoxicatingly lovely
By   - radiographer from cambridge on 5/2/2007
This is an extraordinary fragrance. Where has it been hiding?
By   - Designer from Phoenix on 4/23/2007
The penultimate amber fragrance. My favorite amber fragrance of all time. I''m a skeptic, so even if I loved Anne Pliska upon first sniff, I had to go off trying other ambers that all turned out to be dupes trying to be Anne Pliska. But after coming to my senses I have circled back to Anne. This hothouse scent oozes sensuality, and does for amber what Habanita does to tobacco and Fifi Chachnil does for coriander. Luckyscent is right: this is a classic, and a full-bottle-worthy must-have.
By   - journalist from Manila on 4/22/2007
well... i just read MY review and ORDEREDthe perfume. ha!!!
By   - agent from st pete on 4/16/2007
love it instantly. warm cozy creamycomfort. sexy. not for everyone!this is for a woman who is verysure of herself and wants thatattention when she walks into a room!
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 4/16/2007
Smooth and comforting with a sensual edge. A "form fitting cashmere sweater" of a fragrance.
By   - from Seattle on 4/14/2007
I adore this scent. It is warm, cozy, sensual. It''s a bit sweet -- but it''s a sexy sweet.
By   - from Scentopia on 4/10/2007
rich, wonderful, warm and luxuriant. Many of the same notes as Calvin Klein''s orginal Obsession, but more refined, and creamier. Also a bit heavy, but I love "heavy" scents that others may only want to wear in winter. However, I wonder if it evaporates early on me - or if i just can''t get enough of it.
By   - Haflacrat from Gleann Abhann on 3/28/2007
Very powdery drydown.
By  on 3/28/2007
Gourgeous when just applied! I thougt I would make a hole in my arm, so much I was sniffing it. I have never run into such effect when each of the components are distinguishly detectable and though form one consistent beautiful fragrance. It was really like I had applied all the components one by one to create this smell. I thought I found the perfume of my life... But the drydown! Uhh! It is so cloying, so sweet and so simple. Such a pitty. Sample first!
By   - from TA on 3/28/2007
If you love soft orientals, this is a must try. A beautiful amber scent that really gets the compliments! Wow! Men and women love it. I have had strangers come up to me and ask what I am wearing. The sillage is great it has presence. Very sophisticated and sexy. I have lots of others, but if I had to give them all up but one, I would choose Anné Pliska.
By   - from Southern California on 3/19/2007
Anne Pliska is a rich, sensual, deep amber fragrance that exudes mystery and depth. Once you smell it, you''ll never forget it. It''s one of a kind, and utterly gorgeous.
By   - from Orange County, CA on 2/16/2007
Very nice fragrance - soft, a little spicy, and very sophisticated... but it made my skin turn a little pink on application. I think I''m a little sensitive to it...oh well!
By   - sales from rochester, ny on 2/14/2007
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