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TBH I hesitated to review this because I wanted to keep it to myself, then realized how selfish that is!!! WOW I am stunned, in love. Crisp, fresh, then ever so soft on the dry-down. You don't find this combo very often. Definitely bottle worthy and will try the others from the Brand fig/grass then sun dried powder if that is possible... LOVE
By   - Retail from Los Angeles on 2/23/2021
Dear Profumum, I love you but please stop putting myrtle in things. This scent reminds me so much of the other myrtle forward Profumum scent "Acqua di Sale", not because they are at all alike, but because each scent is gorgeous...except for the myrtle. I get why it's there, each of these scents needs that crisp, clean, air like effect that myrtle has. Yet somehow the myrtle manages to ruin it instead. I do enjoy the dry down of this a lot though, so it still manages 3 stars.
By   - Chef from Vancouver on 11/28/2019
I can’t live without ichnusa !! Is the best fig fragrance ever ! Love it
By   - Manager assistant  from Miami on 11/9/2019
Initially, Ichnusa is green and pretty but not super-compelling or unique. It becomes really beautiful with that creaminess that everyone loves. BUT...that transition is so similar to a far-less-expensive Burberry perfume. The Burberry one is black currents instead fig and has some sandalwood and vanilla, I think. SO, for the money, I'd go for something different.
By   - potter from Philly on 1/12/2019
By far, the best fig I've come across. It smells green, green, green... absolutely beautiful scent, but definitely season-specific. On the dry-down, the sharp green scent mellows out into a warm and milky fig. I loved this!
By   - Perfume Addict from Denver, CO on 4/27/2016
I think the folks at Profumum are keeping the whole formulation of this to themselves. Because Ichnusa goes beyond the notes listed. The drydown on this scent is unearthly to me. It takes me to creamy heaven. So smooth and mouthwatering. This one had me dreaming of wild nights on the dance floor and that imaginary man who keeps asking, "What ARE you wearing?" The only answer I could give is Yearning aka Ichnusa. Yes , Ichnusa makes me yearn. It's "greeness" transitions so smoothly into the perfect unisex aroma. A couple would do well to make this purchase and delight in how the fragrance accustoms itself to the individual. Forget matching outfits, try this on for size!
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 3/24/2015
I've always been indifferent to fig fragrances, but I was looking for something green for summer and tried a sample. I bought a bottle. I find the layers of Ichnusa really interesting. the initial impression upon first spray is freshly cut green grass with a touch of fig, hay and some earthiness. As it dries down, the grass tampers down and the fig becomes much more prominent. As it continues to dry, Ichnusa also has a curious oscillating effect between fig, hay, and vanilla (or maybe coconut?). Its a fascinating scent. I have a big citrus collection which I rely on in the summer. But if you want to switch it up, Ichnusa is perfect. Like all Profumum fragrances, they use a very high concentration of oils. It has has an oily feel to it when you spray it on. Allow time for the oils to soak into your skin before getting dressed.
By   - from NYC on 6/22/2014
I read the reviews and I think I may have gotten a very myrtle-y batch. I don't catch any fig goodness in mine, it's as if I doused myself with some pine smelling cleaning solution. Very disappointed.
By   - SAHM from NY on 2/27/2011
I heard this brand is much cheaper in Italy. Does anyone know if it's true?
By   - from nyc on 2/9/2011
Ichnusa, I love you, why are you so expensive?
By   - from chi on 2/9/2011
I tried to fight it.....but every time I caught a wiff of myself, $240 just didn't seem like a big deal anymore. I used to love anything with fig in it now I LOVE anything fig and Ichnusa is my #1 crush. My new HG
By   - from Chicago on 2/11/2009
I am so, so sorry to have to do this; I have deferred writing an additional review for Ichnusa since reviewing it (below) and buying a full bottle. However, it turns out that it's absolutely true that this perfume changes batch by batch. While my sample was warm and lovely, the perfume from my bottle smells much heavier on the myrtle -- much greener/dryer, and altogether inappropriate for cold, winter weather. I am devastated. (And, yes, I HAVE tried to put it in a roll-on bottle and use it that way ... still the same dryness.) I loved the sample so much. No matter how long I wait it out, though, this perfume NEVER really "opens up," as they say. I am sorely disappointed.
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 12/11/2008
While it pained me to shell out $240 for a bottle of perfume, this was a fragrance I HAD to have. This perfume is very earthy. A magical forest on your skin.
By  on 12/7/2008
Wow ... this company is going to be the death of my wallet, I think. I love the smell of fig, and I have been on a mission lately to find the perfect rendition. This scent transcends every other -- and I really have sampled them all (Diptyque, L'artisan, Perfumerie Generale, etc). Though it starts off quite dry and green, it quickly melts into a very warm, dry fig -- not at all powdery. It lingers for hours and never becomes powdery or overly sweet. This is the perfect scent if you are looking for something that is mature and elegant, yet also warm and sweet. Most important to me, it smells very natural and earthy (unlike warm/sweet frags with vanilla, amber, or sugar undertones). I think it is enhanced tremendously by the fact that this scent is designed to be unisex. I can't wait for my other samples of Il Profumum to arrive, though, if the other scents are as impeccable as this one, I will soon be broke!
By   - teacher from Syracuse, NY on 8/11/2008
This is an unbelievably GORGEOUS scent that truly transforms itself over time on your skin. It starts off very figgy...not the creamy fig of l'Artisan's Premier Figuer Extreme, but intensely green fig, very bright and sharp, with a slightly medicinal overlay from the myrtle. Later, it dries down into something deep, creamy-figgy, and woodsy. I am determined to have a bottle, even at $195. I like my Jo Malone, I love my L'Artisan, but this one tops them both.
By   - from bristow, va. on 7/29/2007
Not sure I like the myrtle touch in this scent, but it is a nice grassy fig for those who like fig scents. I was hoping for moire grass and less fig, but this was not that. Sweet and somewhat crisp at the same time, this is a definate maybe for the green in it - as it is the type of scent that might grow on you.
By   - Caregiver from Bethlehem, PA on 12/14/2006
Dear King of England, I tried Jo Malone's Wild Fig/Cassis based on your critique and love it. I also really like Diptyque. Have you tried it?
By   - Floral Designer from Colorado on 12/5/2006
Alright, I've just found my favorite fig. Better than Diptyque, Better than L'Artisan, and better than Heeley. It is worth the price! Long lasting & simply an elegant fig frag.
By   - Furniture/Interior Design from Chicago on 10/27/2006
Sorry Mr Fig, I almost forgot about the Heeley version. For a true-to-nature fig tree, it is hard to beat. Ichnusa is more like an elegant masculine cologne. They are all very good, running neck and neck I would say, apart from L'artisan's offering, which is a bit coconutty and more of an also-ran
By  on 10/23/2006
Mr King of England - Saw your review of this one at Heeley in Men - Which is the better one? Eau de Figuier Eau de Parfum by HEELEY
By  on 10/19/2006
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