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After applying my sample to my arm, I can't stop myself from bringing it to my nose. That is the good news, or perhaps bad if you like your scent to project, this one stays very close on me. I like my frags like my martinis, bone dry w/out any hint of sweetness, Alchemico hits the mark! Vetiver keeps the cypress in check while the peppery accord keeps it interesting. The warm incense seems to fuse it all together just making the whole thing work. Before the drydown, I'd ordered a full bottle and after 6 hours, my review; yes, still got my nose on my arm, it's that good. Well done Mazzolari!
By   - Freelance artist from SF on 2/14/2020
Love cypress and looking for a scent that doesn’t shy away from its more astringent aspects? Here you go. Alchemico opens with our hero accompanied by an equally dry, equally bold black-peppercorn note. The two morph fairly quickly into, respectively, a cedary incense and a geranium that embraces that flower’s own peppery nature. Drydown modulates into a burnished-wood glow that makes use of vetiver’s happy-clean-green aspects without changing the original premise of the scent. An elegant, polished affair.
By   - editor from Seattle on 2/17/2018
A blast of dry, pencil-shaving-ish cypress, softened with a tiny hint of incense and thinned out with a little transparent vetiver. I like it, although I was hoping for a little bit of rose, which I was never able to detect.
By   - Programmer from Portland, OR on 6/26/2017
I love this fragrance. On me it smells like the cold stone walls of a cathedral. If you are looking for sweet and/or warm look elsewhere. On me it starts out with cypress then a moment later I get a dark smokey incense. After another 10 mins or so the other notes very slowly start to show up adding complexity and just a tad bit of warmth. The rose is the only other identifiable note on me which is 30 mins in, very late and very soft. The amber is probably the ever so small amount of warmth which is also very late. This is now on my to-buy list.
By   - IT from Georgia on 1/9/2017
A good one! Clean, astringent, dry incense and woods are what I get for most of the day. Warm, clean floral comes out a bit with the heart, but it remains dry. If you are looking for sweetness in a fragrance, this is not for you. If you love incense, do try!
By   - Nonprofit administration from Saint Paul on 9/22/2015
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