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Eau de Parfum

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Straightforward rose. My go-to is Byredo's Rose of No Man's land which has just a tiny gentle honey/musk haze that reminds me of my grandmother. This is a similar rose underneath it all, soft, simple.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
This is just what I've been looking for. A rose perfume... that smells just like a rose without a bunch of other fragrances mixed in. It is subtle and exactly what I imagine an actual rose to smell like when I close my eyes. It's perfect.
By   - mama from Dallas on 3/21/2019
This is a grown up, restrained and polished rose. Very natural and pleasing rose with a little richness to back it up. I absolutely love this during the summer. On my skin it does dry down a bit powdery, but still has a sparkle. If you enjoy roses and want a perfect "office-wear" rose, this is the one. This is by far my most complimented day time rose scent. The wear is very well about 6 hours for me and sillage is about a 7/10 - again, that's what this is, not about making an entrance. I have no problem reapplying this scent mid-day if needed.
By   - Banking from TX on 12/10/2018
This is a very pleasant, true rose scent. I agree with its description; it is not loud. It will appeal best to those who like their rose somewhat sweet. Because of its sweetness, I would not wear it in the hot weather.
By  on 6/23/2015
Whata GORGEOUS and I mean GORGEOUS rose, the perfect rose, the rose i have always wanted.
By  on 5/12/2015
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