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I can't say I like this one...... I smell coconut, but there's a sharpness to this that makes it all seem less than pleasant.
By   - retired from mount aukum on 1/23/2021
This is the best coconut fragrance I've come across yet. The green, salt and vanilla notes combine really well with the coconut so that it's not like suntan lotion. It's a really delicious blend that smells good all the way thru and lasts a long time.
By   - writer from saratoga springs on 11/4/2020
Heavy pina colada/sunscreen notes in the opening that eventually pave the way for a white floral. Good palm leaf in the breeze after a good hour after the coconut notes simmering down. The vanilla smells very alcoholic, a bit like the vanilla bean paste used to cooking. Eventually Coccobello does a 180 turn and it goes from a very floral/fruity beverage scent to a very green, waxy one with a wooden aged deck chair thrown in. I prefer the later part of the wear rather than the first as it's coconut overload in the beginning. Perhaps on a sunny day at the beach or near the pool Coccobello would be more appropriate, but not for the office use or in closed meeting spaces.
By   - Office Manager from Williamsburg on 1/1/2020
I finally found a winner. It's tropical, but not literal like coconut lotion. Its floral, but not like granny's potpourri. Its beachy without smelling like Coppertone and its sexy, but I can wear it during the day. Although it's bold, I do not get the masculine qualities the other reviewers mention--if anything the gardenia note on dry down is a tad too strong and to me, gardenias on dudes is a never not no way situation. I wish the young green coconut scent stuck around a little longer before the white flower gardenia blooms, but I'll take it as it comes. Think I'll be investing in a full bottle. LOVE!
By   - Manager from LA on 8/19/2016
I really like this fragrance. I think it's unisex. It's thankfully not your usual beach type perfume and yet it does remind me of a tropical vacation. Oh, and I received several compliments while testing my sample.
By   - managerial from Manchester on 5/25/2016
I totally agree that the fact that this is listed on the femme side of the spectrum is completely baffling. This smells like straight up men's cologne. Not that it's a bad scent--it isn't at all. It's a lovely scent. For a dude.
By   - writer from Austin on 5/22/2015
I have no idea how anyone could think of this as a femme fragrance. Utterly perplexed by that. The opening is ALL MAN on me. In fact, from start to finish, it feels like I have nuzzled hard and at quite great length with a man who has EXCELLENT taste in scentwear. He's the guy with the jetski, boat, and beachfront house. And I am the lucky one to call him, uh-hum, "friend." I get the "palm leaves," the sandalwood, and the hint of gardenia. On the drydown I get the delicious vanilla that in no way, shape or form speaks "woman." I love this stuff. And I can barely wait until the temps climb into the 90s so this baby can shine. The humidity, body oils, and perspiration of summer can only makes this better. Very very happy to have.
By   - Vagabond from Otto on 3/13/2015
Fig, fig and more fig! I don't see it listed in the notes, but it's all I can seem. It reminds me very much of Premier Figuier by L`Artisan. If you like a tropical fig scent you'd probably love this. Personally I find fig to have an annoying "dusty" quality I dislike. I like my tropical scents to be based around coconut and tropical flowers. I notice fig being snuck in to tropical scents lately and it just doesn't translate into a tropical scent note to me. Perhaps it's because a huge fig tree grows in my yard and bares bushels of figs every year. I associate fig with my backyard and not a tropical paradise!
By   - SAHM from San Diego on 12/26/2014
I agree with the previous review that it is sweet, but the green and wood notes add a sharpness that undercuts the coconut and keeps it from being cloying. On my skin it had many qualities that lime does- sweet, a little sour, fresh, and tropical. I think the fragrance is much more modern than the palm tree silhouette would indicate. In the dry down the creamier notes prevail and the sharper green notes give way to fruit and light florals that gain complexity on the skin. On me there even emerged warm boozy notes and lime. Overall a lovely interpretation of the tropics.
By   - designer from providence on 8/21/2014
This is beautiful, an unusual take on a beach-y pefume. The coconut isn't a sugary one - it's coconut water, not a pina colada - and it blends perfectly with the ozonic zing of the salt and the barely-there creaminess of the gardenia. If this perfume is a beach, it's sipping water from freshly opened coconuts on a desert island, not sipping iced cocktails by the resort's beach bar. 5 stars. It's amazing. I can't stop huffing my wrist, and I just ordered a bottle.
By   - field engineer from Boston on 1/26/2014
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