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So many beach scents were meant to remind you of a specific place. I was looking for something that reminded me of the experience. I didn''t want an overly flowery or fruity fragrance because that doesn''t really describe my day at the beach. When I put this on at the office, I''m zapped back to my vacation days. I can smell the fresh lime I squeezed into a savory pork street taco. I remember ocean kayaking, and cool, salty ocean splashing in my face while seals play nearby. I''m reminded of sharing local food with my wife, and brushing dried ocean salt out of my eyebrows after a day of fun. Sillage won''t show-stop a room. For me, this scent is about taking me back to my priceless experiences for free. Definitely worth five stars.
By   - CPA from Oklahoma on 10/22/2018
Sharp green melon with an aquatic bite. Fresh and crisp in all the right ways. Just look at the reviews! Highly recommend
By   - Student from Sacramento on 7/21/2018
Smells more like the actual ocean than any other perfume I''ve tried. Not overbearing at all. A really nice summer scent. Can totally be worn by either a man or a woman. Definitely one of my favs I''ve tried on here.
By   - musician from New York on 6/18/2018
I’ve tried these three similar valuable beachy fragrances, Sel Marin by Heeley Parfums, Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks and Acqua di Sale by Profumum. What do theses fragrances evoke? Heeley Sel Marin: joyful couple and children playing at the beach. Pacific Rock Moss: young adult surfing or playing volleyball. Acqua di Sale: a woman sunbathing under hot sun after a good swim. To me, Sel Marin or Pacific Rock Moss are unisex. And Profumum Acqua di Sale for women because this scent is too girlysexy for men in my opinion.
By   - Public servant from Canada on 5/19/2018
All these years, all the world of “marine” scents, and this is the first one that’s really giving me what I want from that category -- brine, clean air, a marine undertone, and a bit of dry cedary driftwood. This isn’t a beach vacation so much as life on the water, and I just adore it.
By   - editor from Seattle on 6/24/2017
I first bought this as a sample and decided it was well worth a bottle. There is no let down if you like this kind of scent. It actually and truly smells as if you''ve been at the beach in the sun on a salty sea vacation. Its not perfumery, its not cloying, it doesn''t reek of coconut, or like tan spray. It smells like the sea. Could last longer, but so could our vacations.
By   - Community Relations from Janesville on 4/8/2017
I love this scent it evokes everything one loves about the ocean: the salt, the raw power, the allure of brine - but all combined to translate that into deliciousness on the skin. While it''s easy to call it a "summer" scent, I like to wear this off season a both a reminder and a surprise.
By   - Hostage negotiator 4 creative minds around world from NYC and travel on 8/9/2016
Great opening notes -- smells exactly like an ocean wave. Briny and a touch seaweed-y, with a hint of wood and citrus. I do agree that the complexity flattens out very quickly, and it isn''t particularly long-lasting.
By   - layabout (not really) from Tokyo on 7/30/2016
I love Sel Marin, the best of its genre bar none and I''ve tried just about all of them. It''s the dark salt sea, with hints of wood and a beautiful vetiver. The perfect summer scent, but I also spray it on my wrists before I go to bed in the winter so that I can have a little reminder of what summer will bring.
By   - Writer and teacher from Cambridge on 5/23/2016
Good start, but turns into a very common commercial scent in an hour. Perhaps it has something to do with the sample. I wasn''t impressed at all.
By   - Operations Director from Bethesda, MD on 3/5/2016
Gorgeous,clean, mildly citrusy marine scent. Perfect to wear for a day at the beach.
By   - Merman and actor from La La land on 2/25/2016
Another inoffensive and clean scent from Heeley, like Menthe Fraiche. Living on the ocean on the east coast, this does remind me of salty air, beach hair, and cool clean sea breezes. Simple and consistent for me from application to dry down.
By   - Manages things from Halifax on 10/10/2015
Opening is a bit strident but not too bad the mid notes are great, just what I hoped for from this. The drydown was a bit disappointing, very nice but a bit ordinary, nice but nothing that stands out. People often recommend this as one of the best marine scents, doesn''t quite make it for me. I still find Acqua di Sale to be better.
By   - lawyer from New Orleans on 8/2/2015
Sweet & Light, summery smells "thin"
By  on 6/2/2015
Une delicate odeur d''ocean...Ce dernier est donc dans ma wish list, a court ou long terme. Je ne suis pas necessairement fan des sorties de HEELEY, mais c''est vraiment une maison que je prends plaisir a suivre et qui ne me decoit pas.
By   - novelist on 1/14/2015
Very nice! It really does remind me of the beach at Montauk after a beautiful day of swimming and sunning. Goes on clean with the lemon predominating, then the dry down moves into the salt and seaweed notes with a lemon lining.Going on the "to buy list"
By   - teacher from New York on 8/5/2014
yikes. this smells EXACTLY like the late 90''s Demeter Rain fragrance, which I wore obsessively. this is a slightly , very slightly more refined version with a bit more staying power. but, if you love this, and can''t get past the price, try Rain. I can''t stop smelling my wrist.
By   - designer from NYC on 12/29/2013
Fresh and beachy, not sweet, not powdery. The citrus is perfectly tamed by the saltiness. This is a great daytime fragrance for men! I love it and bought a bottle.
By   - Musician from Hollywood on 12/2/2012
I am torn between this and DSH''s La Plage. Both are beautiful renditions of the sea air. La Plage is more realistic, whereas Sel Marin is closer to a subjective interpretation. There are days when the lemon in Sel Marin is a little bit more than desired, and I don''t get enough of the sea, but other days the combination of the lemon and cedar drydown is just so lovely, and hits the spot. This is such a well done and beautiful fragrance. I wish I can give this 6 stars.
By   - mother from austin on 8/27/2011
This to me would smell lovely on a man. Truly a unisex scent...salty lemony sea breeze. 4 Stars because I wouldn''t be inclined to wear it but would like it on another.
By   - therapist from NYC on 8/17/2011
Being one of the few salty fragrances I''ve ever smelled, I''ve gotta say I''m really into this. It''s the middle of winter here in Canada, but after taking my initial whiff of the sample, I was brought to the warm and sandy cove in the description. I''m going to snoop around for other salty fragrances to see which catches my attention most, but this is at the top of the list for now.
By   - Sound Engineer from Toronto on 1/10/2011
i really, really love this one. worn it on hot day and i felt like i was just going home from the beach tried on a humid rainy day and it blended well with the smell of wet lands as well. just love at the first sniff.
By   - web developer from melbourne on 12/8/2010
Love the SaltSeaweed Notes!! Very Sexy & Beachy!
By   - from NJ on 11/22/2010
Wanted to like this, some people have such evocative descriptions in their reviews, but to me it is just synthetic vetiver and hurts my nose. Yes, thank god for samples.
By   - from NYC on 10/19/2010
After drying off from a swim in a pool, if you lick your skin you’ll get a refreshed whiff of chlorine. This is like that, except instead of chlorine it’s a salty ocean baked into hot skin from a hot sun salt smell. A close to skin scent. After applying my regular perfume elsewhere, I put a dab of this on my hand for surreptitious sniffs during the day. Unadulterated pleasure.
By  on 7/22/2010
Wow, I''m usually a gourmand girl but this is fantastic. Perhaps it''s the salt I''m drawn too whether it''s in something nearing caramel or the salt note in something like this. I''m not sure I''ve smelled anything with seaweed in it before, and frankly will it be possible to like any of the others more than Sel Marin? And I''m generally not too crazy about vetiver but I''ve got a serious case of nose to wrist. Bottleworthy after a purchase of Note Vanillee, of course.
By  on 7/20/2010
I had tried a sample of Heely''s Figuier, so when I was at the counter, decided to try the other varieties of Heely. This one grabbed my attention, as I''m a fan of C.B. I Hate Perfume''s Mr. Hulot''s Holiday (which is a longer lasting CB scent, but still too brief for me), and I am also in love with Profumum''s Acqui di Sale, but can''t quite make the $240 commitment. I put the scent on my arm, then walked around for 2 hours smelling it, and the drydown just got better and better for me, so I went back before closing and got a full bottle. I just woke up, its been 12 hours since applying, and it still lingers and hovers on my skin nicely.I can''t argue with certain people who react to this scent such that it has a chemicalartificial smell to them, but I will say my chemistry has no such effect on this cologne. On me it is complex, natural and effusive, but not overpowering, and DOES stand out among maritime scents as one of the better ones, so if you are a fan of this genre, I highly recommend sampling this to see how it works on your body.
By   - writer from chicago on 5/27/2009
Not a bad marine fragrance, as they go. Has points in common with Quasar Adventure for men (J. Del Pozo). less strident than New West for her (not sure if that''s still around), less chemical than Aqua Motu. Pleasant fresh spiciness about it resembling spearmint. Recommended.
By   - from UK on 3/24/2009
Though the notes don''t appear in the composition, to my nose, it unexpectedly and strangely starts with a blast of cilantro and lime. Then, it turns into an unremarkable aquatic not unlike the many others on the market. Bottom line: It''s nothing special.
By   - Teacher from Northern California on 2/15/2009
To be avoided if you dislike synthetic aquatic notes. I wanted to like but I really just do not. Thank goodness for samples...
By  on 10/4/2008
Great fume. Not the "sweet" beach. It is a real beach ocean scent that reminds me of salt, wind and the smell of the ocean. Very fresh and breezy. I can envision standing on the beach and the wild waves rolling in. Very unique and addicting. Love itGood lasting power too
By   - from Germany on 8/30/2008
I am not a perfume-y person, so I expected this to smell like an aquatic soap. NO! It DOES smell like a beach or ocean. This is THE scent to get if you love the water.
By  on 8/1/2008
This opens by whisking me to a sea shore--how lemon and freshness do this I don’t know. Then I’m slow drawn into a cool, damp bamboo grove behind my grandmother’s house. Bamboo is not mentioned in the list but it’s a distinct smell to me and I don’t know any where else it’s used. Or composed from other scents.
By   - Pastor from New Jersey on 8/1/2008
This is a gorgeous fragrance. I got a sample and became completely obsessed---I had to get the full size. It really is beach-y, but without the Coppertone thing(which, I am ashamed to say, I kind-of like, but there are plenty of those around). Sel Marin is subtle, evocative and refined. It''s one of my new favorites, I''m absolutely crazy about it! Exceptional.
By   - Writer from Santa Barbara on 5/23/2008
I really enjoyed this scent as to order me the full bottle. At first, it took me a couple of hours trying to figure out what other scent that I experienced this resembled. Alas, its somewhat similar to, CB I Hate Perfume''s - Black March. An earthy, wet branch-like scent, after a thunderstorm. The only difference though, Sel Marin lasts much longer, as opposed to CB''s water-based fragrances.
By   - Bon Vivant from California on 5/1/2008
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