Verveine d'Eugene

Eau de Parfum

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Full disclosure: I had sample only not fb. I love the scent of verbena and especially lemon verbena but this does not smell like that to me at all. It smells a lot like candy and fir trees. I was disappointed because I expected it to be more sophisticated or fresh and soapy from the description and from people’s reviews. I recommend trying a sample first for sure.
By   - Attorney  from Lancaster on 8/7/2021
Light, cheerful, and refreshing. Great to spritz on gloomy winter days in order to cheer up, looking forward to spring. Similar green citrus vibe as Hesperides from Dyptique, which is one of my favorites. It faded to a mere wisp on my wrist in an hour.
By   - Curator from Los Angeles on 2/19/2018
The overall aura of this fragrance has a heavier fresh shampoo quality about it. The top is heavy with lemon with some tartness from the rhubarb and the beautiful freshness of verbena. It is also a touch salty in the top as well. As the scent dries down more of the sweetness from the rhubarb comes out and I love it at this point. There is also a funky characteristic going on in the top, I think must be the black currant. When this fragrance finally dries down it's gets slightly creamy with a gentle jasmine with white musk. The jasmine is not dominant, if it were I would hate it. I think of this fragrance as unisex but have a feeling ladies would love this more than men.
By  on 11/17/2012
This smells like Mountain Dew lemon soda at first sniff then green herbs take over for a green herbal garden fragrance. Kind of innocent and care free if feeling. The basenotes mix in dry woods fragrance that reminds me slightly of Live Jazz by YSL. A very light green herbal wood fragrance without many contradictions or challenges.
By  on 2/9/2008
Pretty much just lemon. Refreshing, unisex. Transparent is a good word for it. I wore it to a work meeting.
By   - non-profit org. from Atlanta, GA on 12/8/2007
Lovely, lovely, lovely! This is a beautiful, soft, fresh fragrance. The lemon element is light, and subtly interwoven with an intoxicating floral. ("Anonymous" from Chicago should stop sniffing fish tanks and get out into the fresh air!)
By   - from NYC on 8/24/2007
Gross. Clean and dirty at the same time...which I normally love, but this was bad. It reminded me of walking through the fish tank section of a pet store.....or something so dirty that even a enormous amount of lemon scented lysol could not even completely rid the unfavorable aroma......making it even worse yet.
By   - from chicago on 6/1/2007
Soft and fresh at the same time. A bit to herbal first, but then just lovable! A green smell, but very female, a bit "silky". But it faded too quickly...
By   - art director from Stockholm on 8/24/2006
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