Vetiver Veritas

Eau de Parfum

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really clean and cold in a bitter way, the grapefruit makes it feel fresh. it feels very masculine to me.
By   - Nurse from Philly on 7/1/2021
There are initial notes of mint and some citrus, but this is primarily a raw, musky vetiver scent. The first day I wore it, I felt ambivalent about it as it smells muddy and earthy and not like most perfume. After several days, I began to really like it-the smell grows on you and I am not sure why. Don't buy this if you love complexity and different notes popping up and down during the dry down. It also sticks close to you with little projection. Given its raw earth smell, the latter may not be a bad thing.
By   - Finance from St. Petersburg, Florida on 6/13/2018
The first thing I smell is a huge rush of mint— definitely alcohol too, because, well, it’s perfume, but it makes me think of a mojito. Then the scent of fresh cut grass takes over. This reminds me of drinking in a backyard after the sun sets in early summer, when it’s still a little chilly out. Maybe someone mowed the lawn earlier and the sprinkler just turned off. A lot of the outdoor smells that are trendy lately are a bit wild and animalic, but this is a very human outdoor smell: manufactured, suburban, well-off, cozy product of the American dream. Super nice and brings up very vivid, specific imagery, but fades instantly, so that's kind of a buzzkill for me.
By   - Human from New York on 10/3/2017
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