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Eau de Cologne

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I may be the outlier but this scent disappoints me. It's simply gone after two minutes. Gone, gone, six feet under dead. The opening blast is fantastic and I fell to its allure but when I got it home and wore it again, I wondered where the craft went. Why doesn't this have a dry down? Why is this so commercial, full of trickery? Sorry Andy, but this lets me down.
By   - Man about Town from Washington, DC on 6/20/2021
Lives up to its name as a cologne. It's refreshingly citrusy, peppery, woody, and full of hay. Very light, airy. It's something you've definitely smelled before. That is, until the dry-down, when Tauer lets a honeyed cistus labdanum shine through beautifully.
By   - Crayon Namer from Nowhere on 9/21/2015
Such a beauty, soft and lovely orange blossom with spices and woods, a skin scent that you want to smell forever. I was surprised to see Andy Tauer design something so gentle. Give this one a try even if you do not like any other Tauer scents.
By   - lawyer from North Florida on 8/4/2014
Andy Tauer can do no wrong in my eyes. I love everything I have ever tried, and wear four of his perfumes on a regular basis. This one however is my "staying at home" spritz. very fresh, crisp and like a burst of citrus. it reminds me of a gin and tonic, just delightful. No staying power, but who cares, just put some more on. Lovely lovely.
By   - Canine Behaviourist from Nr. Portland , Oregon on 7/9/2014
The first of Tauer's frangrances I have fallen deeply in love with. Many of his fragrances have a creosote note in them, which I recognized because I live in the desert and creosote bushes give off the smell before rain. Great for a preview of rain, not great for fragrance. But this one doesn't have that creosote base. It is a perfect summer splash for hot summers. The blending is lovely, I get lime peel and then the herbaceous, cooling, dry (but not scratchy), refreshing scent. Not long lasting on me, but priced well enough to refresh during the day, which I like doing. Perfect if you work closely with people, it's no sillage monster, or even aggressive. Lovely.
By   - Artist from Phoenix on 5/17/2014
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