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Escentric 03

Eau de Toilette

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Here's what other people are saying about Escentric 03...
Definitely preferable to the M03 in my opinion. Well blended to hide that synth-y aspect of the vetiveryl acetate, it's got some freshness and woodfulness for days when you just want to smell nice without thinking more about it.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/9/2020
Love Love Love. I love E01 E02 E03. it smells so fresh and modern on my skin
By  on 6/6/2012
My favourite from this range of perfumes, and the only one from the range that I've had compliments about! It's a wonderful vetiver fragrance, less heady than Molecule 03 and perfect for day and night.
By   - Pharmacist from London on 2/9/2011
After comparing M03 with E03 I'm going with Escentric. It's the first vetiver I've found that actually had personality and not just the rough vetiver note. As with all vetiver scents - sample first.
By   - from SE USA on 11/7/2010
I LOVE the 01 and 02 series. 03 smells like bug spary on me. Hated it.
By   - from Baltimore on 11/5/2010
I have both esc 03 and mol 3. I think that esc 03 is a great scent.. a classic vetiver with a twist.. mol 3 is heavier and very strong
By   - journalist  from NYC on 11/4/2010
E03 is very similar to G02 only more subtle. G02 is not a skin scent, E03 is. Nothing special about E03. The new 03 line is dissapointing overall. E01 is the best of all of them. Maybe its just my skin chemistry. Sample first.
By  on 11/2/2010
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