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I love Tacit and Marrakesh and I'm a big fan of rose fragrances generally; this one is too aggro. Like masculine but then some on top of that.
By   - Business from Boston on 11/10/2020
I also found this fairly masculine; not that appealing. The rose note came on strong at first but didn't linger. I am also not a fan of Rose 31 (Le Labo) and Rose Noir (Byredo) so maybe this is neatly in that category.
By   - Business from Boston on 10/19/2020
Aesop Skincare has once again collaborated with perfumer Barnabé Fillion to create Rozu, their fourth fragrance. This EdP fits squarely in the rose and patchouli family of scents that have flooded the market in years past (most notably, Rose 31 by Le Labo). Like the other scents from Aesop, Rozu is unquestionably unisex with an equal amount of green, floral, spicy, woody, smoky, and peppery characters. And it's crafted so well. Having said all this, Rozu leans more to the masculine side of the spectrum for me. It's fresh, hip, unapologetic, and a fragrance that is undoubtedly one of my favorites in the Aesop lineup.
By   - Travel from Austin on 9/30/2020
This is one of the loveliest fragrances I have ever used. It is subtle and complex... not too sweet... makes me happy... please make a lotion or body oil with this scent
By   - Musician from Los Angeles on 9/13/2020
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