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this is quite lovely. I catch most of the notes described. Especially agree with the dry, not too sweet assessment. My only complaint is that it is not long lasting on me. I think the sample will be used up in a couple days, from reapplying. At least I'm enjoying it!
By   - writer from chicago on 5/21/2018
Oh, this is heavenly. I see the notes and am confused with my nose. I could swear the top notes are dominated with pineapple and something akin to, but not quite banana. It reminds me of hot summer nights on vacation in a tropical paradise. A scent to bring back memories that never happened. If this makes sense it's light and intense at the same time, truly ethereal, and yes, a dry-sweet, like the introduction above says. I love this one and have decided to give myself this for Christmas this year. It's a bit on the unique side, I suggest everyone give this a sample run, it may turn out to be just the ticket for you.
By   - StayAtHome/part time Librarian from Knoxville, TN on 12/1/2017
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