Route Du Vetiver
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120ml $185
0.7ml sample $5
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As usual, this was better before the reformulation(s?) few years ago. It used to be a VERY aggressive--in, to me, a good way--fragrance, and has sheathed its claws quite a bit. The good news is that it is still an unusually earthy take on vetiver, and the dry down eventually comes very close to the original. My husband still likes wearing it. Of the reviews below, note that the 2006 refers to an earlier version.
By   - Professor from Athens, OH on 8/11/2017
I survived the burnt rubber , slept on crushed stems . Now nothing can stop me , I obey the law of the soil, the surface subtracted.
By   - Pastry Chef from San Diego on 10/9/2014
An out-of-control riot of vetiver, at least at first. Could be off putting, but if you stick with it, it smoothes out and calms down. Then it is much better. Interesting and exotic, earthy, and yes, still a little nuts! You either love it or hate it, not in between with this one. I love it (I think).
By   - Atty. from NYC on 12/25/2006
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