Matin Calin

Eau de Toilette

by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

Matin Calin Sizes Available:
30ml $38
100ml Eau de Toilette $85
0.7ml sample $3
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Pleasant enough, but not crazy about the buttery note..
By   - Stylist from Montreal on 3/16/2010
This one smell totally luscious. Unfortunately very faint and fades very quickly. It would be perfect if it was stronger and lasted longer.
By   - from Eyota on 11/24/2009
I love this scent. I layer it with almost everything I wear and it makes every other perfume that much prettier and sweeter. Of course chemistry will tell on you, but I''m glad I tried it. Hey, that''s what samples are for.
By   - HR Specialist from Virginia on 11/9/2009
It smells to me of a scalding mug of sugared milk with a pat of butter dunked in and disappearing inside. I was quite fond of this when I wore it years ago but it may not be for everyone. Hot milk can also smell kinda spoiled, you know?
By   - from Memphis on 1/10/2009
all of these seem to dry down to just a buttery vanilla the best one is the lemon scented one though
By  on 10/21/2008
I smelled Matin Calin for the first time years ago and never could get it out of my mind. It''s truly unforgetable.It is the ultimate comfort scent creamy, sweet and soothing. I''m not sure how one would wear this scent, but I suspect it would be the perfect Winter scent for gourmand lovers. I haven''t been brave enough to try it. But, considering it''s friendly price tag I may give it a whirl this holiday season.
By  on 10/17/2008
This is exactly milk with sugar! Very close to skin but has almost no staying power :(
By   - from ISTANBUL on 9/29/2008
I have posted before a long while back however I need to update. I was in the hospital and on meds for terribly back pain. Well, either due to meds or pain i could not tolerate any of my precious perfumes. I felt naked without them. The only one i could wear without feeling ill was my Matin Calin! It brought me comfort on my long road back to myself. I am finally able to wear a couple of my other scents now but will always keep my Matin Calin around. It is comfort in a bottle and I hope they make it along with Vanille Citrus forever!
By  on 6/17/2008
This perfume is JUST AWFUL, I hate that I cannot exchange it and have NO idea what to do with it. I have enjoyed many other fragrances from this line, but this smells like old suntan lotion. VERY disappointing.
By   - Business owner from Kissimmee on 2/12/2008
I fell in love when I sampled. It was rich and creamy sweet, also lasted long. I then ordered one but it was like a water. A person who post in the past commented that the scent dissapeared as soon as she sprayed on her and it happened to me, too. very dissapointed but loved the scent.
By   - non from Sumter on 12/5/2007
When I wear this, my southern husband thinks I smell like hot buttered biscuits (this is a good thing -- for him at least)
By   - from DC on 8/31/2007
The first time I smelled this scent, I wanted to drink it. How they could reproduce the smell of hot sweet milk is beyond me. I wouldn''t wear this (I''m not too keen on smelling like fod yummy as it may be too baby-ish). But I''d like to have the bottle near me on a cold winter afternoon, with the fire burning in the hearth, a good book, and take occasional sniffs of this. Very comforting.
By  on 7/16/2007
I have bought this over and over again. It is the most comforting fragrance I own. I wear other perfumes but, always return to this one...great for just before bed but, good for all other occasions as well. Never overpowering...sure, it doesn''t last as long as some scents but, I just spray some more on! LOVE this sweet milky vanilla carmel goodness!
By  on 4/22/2007
I hate Matin Calin. It smells foul like baby puke and sickly sick baby formula mixed together. Unless you want people to think a baby just spit up on you, skip it.
By   - from houston on 3/21/2007
This one is subtle, delicious.
By  on 1/19/2007
My favorite gourmand scent!!!I''d give it a five if it wasn''t so fleeting only a half hour on me, a pity.
By   - from NJ on 10/23/2006
a soft,sweet,delicate blanket of cream and sugar! yummy!
By   - artist from laguna beach on 9/25/2006
i initially bought this from sephora and loved it, then decided it just wasn''t worth the fifty bucks and returned it. a year later, though, i find myself actually craving it. maybe it''s a fall thing? regardless, i agree with most of the posters--sweet, comforting, but definitely not long lasting.
By   - college english teach from pittsburgh on 9/6/2006
I love this scent. This was the first CSP scent to capture my attention. I found I could not walk past my bottle without spraying more on - I was THAT addicted to it. Because of this scent I investigated other CSP scents and found even more to love. Most recently Amour de Cacao. Matin Calin is a sugary, warm, milk, creamy treat. You can never apply too much - I don''t think it is possible. Though, this is a light scent - it is there. At one time I wore heavier scents like Allure from Chanel - over the years I have moved towards lighter scents. I think when I was into heavier scents I may have thought that I could not smell this. I am wondering if that might be why some say it doesn''t last. I do get less lasting power out of this scent when compared to Vanille Abricot or Amour de Cacao but, it lasts at least a few hours on me which is fine. A lovely comforting scent. Give it a try.
By  on 9/2/2006
I love the scent itcould be or is trying to be, but I cannot smell it at all on my skin. Too bad, as I''d love it as a parfum or eau de parfum.
By  on 8/10/2006
Too syrupy ooey-gooey! I cannot say I would even want to drink this! I could see the appeal if you''re willing to spritz yourself with liquified Heath bar. Doubtful.
By   - medical professional from Alameda, CA on 8/1/2006
this does not last long, which has been said, so if you end up liking it be prepared to bring it along with you, like i do. when i spray it on my skin, i smell nothing but warm comforting, sugary goodness.
By   - mommy from Puyallup on 7/27/2006
Lovely in principle, but unless it was made into an eau de parfum or parfum, forget about smelling it. It disappears as soon as it hits the skin. Otherwise, I''d love it.
By  on 7/17/2006
I smell absolutely nothing when applied to my skin - very strange!
By   - from Midwest on 7/6/2006
I love this scent! It smells like pecan pie, so yummy! If you like warm vanilla and caramel scents you will love Matin Calin. I''m only giving it 4 stars because it does not last on me--I have to keep reapplying! But delicious nonetheless!
By   - from Jackson, MS on 4/19/2006
Buttered popcorn? I don''t think so! It''s super sweet does not have any salty scent to it, it''s just like somebosy else described it, it smells like condensed milk, I wish it would last longer though! I love it, I''ve been waiting for that scent for a long time!!!
By  on 4/3/2006
All of these notes sound wonderful together in theory, but when I actually tried this scent on, I ended up smelling like burnt toast.
By   - Student from California on 4/2/2006
a bottle of sugar, milk and vanilla.i like foody scents but this is way too much for everyone
By   - from athens greece on 3/20/2006
LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent!!! Smells exactly like the name!!! And for those of you who have allergies, CSP is the ONLY line of fragrance I can wear that does not put me in a sneezing fit!
By   - from New York on 3/13/2006
this made me smell like breakfast cereal
By   - designer from ny on 1/19/2006
I can relate to what people are saying on here. Some say it smells creamy and comforting, others that it''s buttery, like popcorn, with a salty undertone. But, for me, I relate the scent to sugarmilk candy my relatives used to bring from abroad. In fact, I think the original name of this scent was (translated) something like milk or sugar candy... Sometimes I wear it alone but a lot of times I mix it with a peachyrose scent I have, and without fail, someone comments on it. This is truly a personal smell, either you''ll really like or dislike it. But give it a try.
By   - from San Diego, CA on 1/5/2006
First of all, this is heavenly. I was sort of afraid to try this one because of some of the things that were said, but I am so glad I did. Don''t be afraid to at least try a sample of this because I have a lot of trouble with perfumes changing on my skin, but this was perfect. It did not come out as creamy, as with some of the others (more like sandlewood, toffee, and just a splash of milk), but it was worth the sample. I will buy a bottle of this soon.
By   - self employed on 12/28/2005
To me this smells like a bowl of cereal that has been sitting out for awhile. Butter does not smell pleasant on skin. I''m happy it faded quickly.
By   - from San Diego on 9/26/2005
I love this scent. It smells like Condensed Milk. Very sweet! Unfortunately, it only lasts about 3-4 hours tops. I try mixing it up with other perfumes to have a scent that lasts all day
By   - Pharmacist from Houston on 7/12/2005
This scent completely disappeared on me. It was literally like putting water on my skin, there was no scent whatsoever! It''s strange how different person''s chemicals effect a scent. I wish I could smell it, it sounds like it''s lovely!
By  on 6/11/2005
I was really affraid to buy a whole bottle of this scent after reading some of the comments posted here, so I settled on a sample. First, let me tell you that I normally have extreme difficulty finding a fragrance that isn''t overpowering and won''t turn on my skin. I have tried many fragrances that have smelled good in the bottle, but turn bitter or sour on me. That is not the case with this one. It smelled so good when I put it on and the dry down, even better. Another plus, my Mom, the severe asthmatic, was also impressed (she only wears Vanilla Lace from Victoria''s Secret). I can''t say enough about this scent, if you are a foody, you will love it. However, I think that you should try a sample before buying a whole bottle, just in case.
By   - Student from Ca on 6/7/2005
Sooo good, so creamy. It''s like smelling condensed milk (similar to Demeter''s Condensed Milk, but more complex on drydown). Not usually a foodie when it comes to my scents, I do love this one
By   - from NYC on 4/14/2005
smells like a sugar cookie - too much butter, though. Pleasant, but sometimes too sweet - my least favorite of CSP.
By  on 3/18/2005
Wearing this is like being wrapped up in a cozy cashmere sweater and curling up on the sofa. It''s warm and comforting and smells like a hug. I''m trying to decide whether I should buy this one or CSP''s Vanille Mokha, which is also wonderful.
By   - from DC on 3/15/2005
My least favorite of the wonderful Comptoir line. This is a too-sweet vanilla scent that has an odd salty undertone. Try their Vanille Abricot instead- it''s divine and worth all of the hype surrounding it.
By   - management from Alpharetta,GA on 1/23/2005
I found this a little too like buttered popcorn and not sweet enough. So I mixed it with Demeter''s Sticky Toffee Pudding and, voila!, it smelled sweet, creamy and wonderful.
By  on 12/14/2004
I went to the store hoping to like this one, but as Karen said below, it smelled like buttered popcorn on me too. The store clerk said it smelled that way on her also.This is one you really have to try on first. Not a bad smell, but nonetheless, not like the description on many people.
By  on 12/6/2004
sometimes i don''t want to wear it because it really is strong in the beginning.. it makes me nauseous if im not ready for it. but other than that, im told it smells really good on my skin because of the warmth in the fragrance.
By   - from paris on 11/13/2004
Sadly, this is buttered popcorn on me. But I have a friend who wears this and it is a soft,dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth buttercream frosting on her. So I think all vanilla lovers should try it, just in case it works on them, because when it works, it''s fabulous.
By   - from LA on 10/27/2004
Luckyscent descried this one perfectly..There is something very comforting about this fragrance.Very soft and a little more subtle than the others , but just as yummy.CSP is the way to go if u are looking for any kind of vanilla fragrance. many varieties and they all smell exactly as they are described.
By  on 10/22/2004
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