Liquid Hand Soap
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I changed my mind on this soap. Now I love it. I was expecting the candle at first and was disappointed that the hand soap smelled different. I got used to using it and tried to replace it with something cheap that I got at Target. No Bueno. I have to have this stuff now. The Bottle is great looking and the smell of the soap has grown on me, it's a real treat to wash my hands.
By   - contractor from paradise on 4/27/2021
I am in love, well maybe it's lust with the costes candle and room spray scent. I'm going to go broke with those candles. I'd have 10 burning at all times if I could afford it. Who knows maybe that scent is a fad that will fade much like lust? I bought this hand soap thinking who wouldn't want the costes scent on their hands? To my sense this is nothing like the candle or room spray. It has a very heavy cinnamon vibe that I can't get past..The bottle is beautiful and looks great on my concrete counter so there is at least that. I'll keep using and maybe it will be a slow build to love unlike the instant lust I had for the room spray and candle.
By   - contractor from paradise on 10/13/2019
I tried this scent in the exotic luckyscent sample pack+ gift certificate and i really liked it! Instead of splurging on a bottle, i got the hand soap. It is a clear gel that doesnt get overly foamy, but still makes my hands feel clean and not dry. Worth the price for a hand soap? maybe not- i dont think i will rebuy, but my next purchase might be a FB. If you love this fragrance and can afford the soap, i would suggest it, as the scent lingers each time you wash them.
By  on 12/4/2010
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