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Amour Nocturne

Eau de Parfum

Amour Nocturne Sizes Available:
100ml $165
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Amour Nocturne...
This is amazing! The gunpowder is Smokey and cold and the white flowers and caramel are delicious and sweet. It takes me to a cool night lighting off fireworks and sharing something sweet with someone special. So good. It does not last very long on me, a few hours and then it’s barely on the skin.
By   - Cosmetologist  from Manchester on 3/10/2019
Amour Nocturne is what you get if you launch Bois Farine out of a cannon. I got an initial blast of warm milk and grains, almost like Cream of Wheat bubbling on the stove. The milky/grainy notes quickly evaporated and dried down to something much darker and woodsy. The gun powder, at least on my skin, is particularly pronounced. The orchid is wispy; you have to really make an effort to sniff it out. I was a bit disappointed that the gourmand notes didn't stick around longer, but all in all, Amour Nocturne a respectable L'Artisan scent. I probably wouldn't wear it to work, as it does seem like something more appropriate for a cocktail party or formal event. If you're a Bois Farine fan, you'll probably like this scent too.
By   - Fundraiser from Austin, TX on 12/23/2016
On my skin, this is very sweet. The caramel is there and the hint of orchid, but the overall effect is more like candied pineapple. A very pleasant scent, though not the one for me.
By   - Calculated Risk Taker from Chicago on 11/30/2015
Amour Nocturne is quite possibly my favorite fragrance ever. It's beautiful, original, long lasting, warm, milky caramel and a soft, dry cedar that makes me think of meadow grasses drying in the heavy heat of summer. Conjures up images of fairgrounds and hot summer nights. I love this all year round. It's just beautiful.
By   - Writer from Toronto on 10/11/2015
I keep wearing this and smelling my wrists because it's so appealing and well made. It is an idea about what beautiful skin might smell like and it's out of left field and I love it. The drydown is my favorite part, when the orchid emerges and the slightly gourmand mix of cedar, smoke and caramel subdues.
By   - Designer from New York on 7/19/2015
This is one lovely scent. It opens with a cedar chest filled with caramel candies in a smoke filled room, with a window cracked open just far enough to smell the orchids in the breeze. I assume the smokey smell is from the gunpowder. There is a slight masculine feel to an otherwise soft powdery feminine scent. There is a calmness about it which makes it seductive. Amour Nocturne is unlike any other scent I own. Definitely FB worthy.
By   - from Louisville on 1/17/2015
The more I use it the more I love it! It's pleasantly sweet but not cloying or overpowering at all. The scent stays on me all day and I'm not tired of it. It fades a bit but the chemistry is not changing. Absolutely beautiful fragrance!
By  on 1/7/2015
Oh wow! I have been sampling perfumes for several months now, 10 or so a week, and this is the first one I have instantly loved. It is simple and linear in a very elegant, warm way. It is amazingly "you but better" which I find very interesting in a perfume with no musk. If I think hard about the listed notes I can pick them out but when I am just sniffing my wrist or catch a shift from my neck it is very seamless and well blended. There is just enough of a tiny degree of the sweetness/floral accord to make this just a bit more feminine than masculine, but I think a man could pull this off as well as a women. I am almost kicking myself now for even trying this because I really can't justify the cost of a full bottle, but I won't be happy until I get one.
By   - full time mom from the boonies on 8/21/2014
Oh my!!! I just love this. It is truly a masterpiece. This is such a finely calibrated scent. Warm without the heat. Very mysterious and alluring. I only have a sample...truly wish it were not so expensive. I can't get enough of it.
By   - Occupational Therapist from Hudson on 8/18/2014
This is one of the most fabulous fragrances I have ever smelled! It's in a league all by itself. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I never thought I would be a fan of some of the notes (especially gun powder), but you should never knock it before you try it. Superb!
By   - School Counselor from Houston on 7/12/2014
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