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I simply do not understand how this oudh can be compared to body odor. perhaps those who wrote that it reminded them of such should try to shower more often. next to oud-EXTRAIT this one is my 1b. I can't wait for it to be re-stocked.
By   - Retired from Staten Island on 6/22/2018
Its a perfect balance of animalic and smooth gentleman scent. Takes a bit to adjust on the skin, but just wait it out for about 15mins. Very nice fragrance.
By   - Why? from USA on 7/25/2016
Don't take a shower and wear the same clothes every day for two weeks and then sniff your armpits. That is what you get with Al Oudh
By  on 3/29/2015
An interesting mash-up of Lubin Idole, Serge Lutens Arabie, and MFK Absolue Pour Le Soir. It smells like plum pudding, beeswax, day-old sweat, dark rum, and toasted cumin. I love it, but it might not be my choice for a first date. Recommended for: lovers of any of the above listed scents, people who like boozy scents and animalic scents. Not recommended for: people who hate human body notes in their fragrances, or those sensitive to cumin ( there's a lot ).
By   - Dilettante from Vancouver on 8/10/2014
Smells like when you are intimate with someone and the scent of intimacy is still lingering on your face. Love it.
By   - from NYC on 11/3/2013
This is an interesting fragrance. It is on the verge of being downright awful but there is a note that tries to balance it out. It actually does smell like an armpit or body odor but with a sweet note to clean it up a little.
By   - Street Cop from Niagara Falls on 8/18/2013
I'm new to animalics, and upon spraying Al Oudh I was hit with funk like I had never experienced from the end of a nozzle. I pushed the blotter to the FAR corner of my desk and went about enjoying the other sample I had sprayed on my wrist. Or so I thought! It turns out what I was enjoying so much was Al Oudh. That portal to hell opened to a surprising vista of heaven, smelling of spicy rose, sweet fruit, sunny citrus, and soft leather atop warm skin. So I bought a bottle. At first it may take a few wearings (or a few feet of distance) to love and appreciate Al Oudh, but it's absolutely worth it.
By   - photographer from Brooklyn on 5/22/2013
Interesting, it definitely smells as an old cork from a good wine bottle. For those who said it smells like their armpit is probably because they spay it on their armpit. In any case it's a distinctive masculine perfume. It doesn't convey the idea of a gentleman but rather of an explorer.
By   - engineer from San Clemente on 5/18/2013
The cumin gives it an unpleasant sweaty armpit character which fades (unfortunately only slightly) to unpleasant animal, insense and leather notes. Interesting .... reminds me of a monastery I once visited .....but I'm going to need a very long shower to wash it off now.
By   - Computer consultant from Sydney, Australia on 3/13/2013
I love l'Artisan but this one is OMG! I mean it! Unfortunately I could only stand it for an hour. My boss sitting in the back seat had to roll down the window! I pulled over at the first service area, ran to the mens room and washed my neck. Very cumin, very woody, unbelievably animalic/sweat, smokey and hazy. Might smell good on some people, but on me it just made me want to go take a shower!
By   - Chauffeur from New York City on 3/5/2013
Does not play nice with my skin. Ends up with a strong BO smell. Completely UNpleasant. It may work for you but sample first!
By   - A/V tech from Los Angeles on 12/6/2011
Addicting and soooo sexy! Smells like those cedar wood blocks you put in drawers and ... well ... I don't think I can post the word here... but when you put your nose to the skin on this scent you will smell the same smell as a woman's ... you know. It's very sexy and turns me on! Definetelty buying this for my husband. (Hmmm...what's that say about me?) Lol
By  on 8/27/2011
Intoxicating, spicy, rich and warm. Makes me miss winter. I wish I could be wrapped in a blanket made of this scent at all times. I don't quite get the animalic/sweat notes people have mentioned. For me it's all smokey, hazy, delicious, vanilla, wintery darkness. The perfect scent.
By   - Graphic Designer from New York on 7/27/2011
Bertrands take on Al Oud is true to his incense roots with a full compliment of spice and woods to create a royal incense cloud with the dark dry oud leather in the dead center. Further darkening the mix is castoreum and civet. The result is a rich but definitely masculine animalic dry oud perfume. Some Oud based perfumes blend with roses, saffron, amber etc. but this is a much drier and more masculine scent. This takes its place among Le Labo Oud 27, Killian Pure Oud and the two Byredo Ouds as the quintessential mens oud. There are always those that confuse these perfumes that use mostly synthetics with actual oud oils - they are totally different things. Most perfumes use mostly synthetic derivations of fragrances, oud included, and this is a fine example of a perfume that blends many scents to create the smell of an oud based culture. It is not an oud in itself.
By  on 3/19/2011
Wearing Al Oudh for me is definitely a mood thing. Because of its rich, smokey and delightful animalic twang, I only feel right wearing it if I'm feeling confident (and a little like making some trouble!). A bit mannish on me, but exotic and intriquing.
By   - from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 3/11/2011
i feel sad for people who have no idea of what is the OUD WOOD smells like or the AGARWOOD in other places, and montal is no near the smell of OUD many industry had blur this image of oud. if you want OUD then get the OUD OIL based which is sold in middle east or EBAY. make sure to get the best oud oil there are many kinds. :) enjoy
By   - from Dubai on 2/28/2010
It's interesting to see such a wide range of opinions as to how animalic this is or isn't. The LS description probably plays up this quality to much. The animalic quality is most obvious in the first 15 minutes. Normally, I'm not a big civet fan, but I like it in Al Oudh because it is a supporting player rather than a star - the castoreum has the dominant role between the animal elements. The result is something that smells like a body, but not necessarily of anything unmentionable. For those looking for skank, this blends its animalic notes into a complex whole rather than attempting to be all about the animal. Foremost, I think of Al Oudh rich and sensuous. In this sense, it reminds me of a Jubilation XXV (with oud instead of silver frankincense). It is not quite as floral or tenacious as JXXV, but it is rounded and warm with a nice oriental complexity. It's JXXV's darker more brooding cousin with a smaller vocabulary. Anyone looking for an oud-focused powerhouse, this may be disappointing in that you can smell oud as a backbone to the fragrance, but it does not grab you by the collar that way a Montale might. As for the oud...it's very present and dark and woody. It wouldn't replace a sublime oud oil, but it's not trying to. I love it.
By   - smellophile from Chicago on 2/26/2010
This is awful smells just like a man's stinky arm pit!! Very disappointing!
By  on 2/19/2010
Heaven... The best I ever had. The effect reminds Homage Attar (Amuage), but much more comfortable to wear. Deeply sensual without sweet.
By   - from Sweden on 1/23/2010
I didn't find this animalic enough...I love Oud scents and this one wasn't strong enough! It was more soft and powdery. It was nice enough to wear; Al Oudh is good for the office, a dinner out, a meeting but nothing to really attract or get attention.
By   - from Gaithersburg on 1/15/2010
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