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Mechant Loup

Eau de Toilette

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This smells so different on me than it does on other reviewers. Instead of the heavy, dark, wintry, Brothers-Grimm-forest scent I expected, I get a light, springlike, herbal vibe. I can't pick out the separate elements: many ingredients woven into a sheer voile of fresh, green herbal scent. The opening contains a celery note, but a light one, like the blanched end of a fresh-picked bunch of organic celery, surprisingly pleasant. Very fresh and, on me, not strong at all, but pleasant, fresh, and light.
By   - Fragrance newbie from Frankfort, KY on 6/2/2020
This is a gorgeous, warm scent. It's sweet but unisex. Smells nutty and rich. Also has pretty good lasting power and is very cozy, snuggly comforting fragrance.
By   - Homemaker from Middleville on 11/19/2019
Such a clean crisp scent- unlike all the other reviews, all I get is linear crisp anise and no other notes on my skin. Also longevity on me if I am lucky is 30 mins, but I do have very acidic skin so this may be the cause.
By   - retired from MELBOURNE on 1/30/2018
this was one of my first loves. it lasts forever. eventually i find the honey or tonka note gets too sweet- almost rancid. a shame.
By   - therapist from chicago on 4/2/2016
I like it, it's very musky, stable, light, thin and masculine.
By   - Russia from Moscow on 6/17/2012
So, so sexy. Certianly tends towards the masculine, but any woman with a love of a wonderful, powerful blend and a healthy dose of confidence will certainly enjoy this fragrance. It reminds me of being in the woods as the rich golden sun is setting and the excitment and promise of the evening to come emerges. Truly beautiful.
By   - sales from Bay Area, CA on 4/27/2011
Evokes for me freshly cut red cedar with a boozy quality and a hint of anise. If you like CdeG Sequioa, you might give this a try. It's now in my bottle-worthy list.
By   - Documentation Guru from Naperville, IL, USA on 12/7/2010
Sampled this, and was impressed enough to actually order the 100ml bottle. A scent of sweet, but not over powering woods, with a hint of tonka beans, licorice, a bit of myrrh, and best of all-- the ever-present honey & hazelnut note that lingers through out the whole scent.
By   - Bon Vivant from CA on 1/23/2009
I tried this fragrance thinking it might be relatively unisex, but I found it relatively masculine. While the ingredient list sounds fairly gourmand, the sandalwood element is very pronounced and gives this scent a dry, bracing quality that is then softened by the spices, tonka and hazelnut. As with all L'Artisan scents, this is very well blended and no one element overwhelms the others. I think it would be a great close-to-the-skin scent for a man.
By   - from midwest, usa on 3/4/2008
Absolutely light and sophisticated. A very sexy yet mature and independent scent. I found it to be a unique signature scent for a romantic evening.
By   - from Seattle, WA on 12/12/2007
L’Artisan Parfumer has some kind of genius when it comes to compelling woody scents (also see Fou d’Absinthe). Méchant Loup is one of the best cedar scents that I have smelled. It leaves Rocabar and Tuscany in the dust! I think it even exceeds the very worthy Opus 1870 of Penhaligion (no small feat). Here we have spicy wood that is only a bit sweet and thus is not cloying. There is a hint – and only a hint – of the gourmand style in the opening. I found the hazelnut to be a very minor element, and the licorice and honey are also restrained. I can’t believe that I’m endorsing something with licorice and honey, normally such things send me to the washbasin to scrub the scent off! But here, these elements add interesting supporting notes, they do not dominate or compete with the excellent cedar wood. The initial sweet blast very quickly settles into a superb, warm wood tone. This is an attractive and sensual evening scent. Bravo!
By   - from edmonton on 10/10/2007
Really intriguing and intimate, it stays close to the skin which is good for a 'woodsy scent' I think. The notes of hazelnut really help off set the edgy sharp woods that are the top notes. When it dries down it I smell traces of honey, cream and tobacco, so its like a earthy gourmand, but very classy, modest and sexy. I'm surprised i'm the first to review this one. Long lasting too!
By   - Medical Diagnostic Specialist from Boston on 7/26/2007
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