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Drole de Rose

Eau de Toilette

Drole de Rose Sizes Available:
100ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Drole de Rose...
This is perfume I wear when I want to feel innocent, cheerful, and pretty. I love the fact of the violet enhancing the rose notes, and most of all I love the fact that it is completely and blessedly free of the indolic notes which tend to ruin so many floral fragrances on me.
By   - from Palo Alto on 3/11/2012
The overall effect is baby powder plus Nivea cream.
By  on 5/14/2011
This perfume is the equivalent of a very good girl who was raised in a convent and wears sensible shoes and tucks a napkin ever just so on her lap at dinner. Very boring, very safe, respectable and very modest. Too boring for me. The rose smell is so tentative it faded within three hours of putting it on. Yawn.
By   - Unionista from Toronto on 4/14/2011
I love this one! It is a feminine retro scent that is quite wearable. I think that to like this one you need to enjoy the scent of roses and powder. This makes me think of rouge, red lipstick, and the innocent girls from the WWII era.
By   - from Chicago on 9/21/2008
It starts off as a strong violet with a sting from the aniseed, and with time turns into the most exquisite, powdery violet-rose scent wrapped in silky honey, grinded almonds and just a little bit of that sweet liquorice from the aniseed that makes you think of that sweet English candy from Bassetts. I love this, it makes me visualize decadent, glamorous movie stars of past times. Definitely not a scent for the plain ones, since you need a bit of an edge in your personality to turn this into the beautiful fragrance it really is and not into something from your grandmother's old bathroom cabinet.
By   - student from Stockholm on 5/15/2008
This one hasn't gotten a whole lot of love so far, but I have just ordered a bottle after having received a sample of this. It took a while to grow on me, but it is love now. The Luckyscent description is correct, a very feminine scent reminiscent of expensive lipstick and old Hollywood glamour. It makes me feel sexy and puts me in a good mood.
By   - Speech therapist from US on 1/17/2008
oh the nostalgia!!!! smells JUST like those little bottles of poison that we had in the 60's in our "little miss thing" beauty kits!!!when i stop laughing ill go take some tylenol...then call my mom!!
By   - know it all from o.c on 7/24/2007
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