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L'Eau de L'Artisan

Eau de Toilette

100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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Really like this in the beginning. becomes too faint too quickly. Not really memorable either. Nothing wrong with it, just expect more.
By   - writer from Chicago on 7/30/2019
It took me a while to realize I loved this one, because it's so gentle and unassuming, it didn't bowl me over right away. But the love for it snuck up on me with more wearings as I discovered what a beautiful piece of work it is. For one thing, it features a lemon that doesn't disappear within minutes or turn candy-ish, but stays fresh and real, which is unusual on me. In fact, apparently it's more of a lemon verbena, because a living herb garden is indeed one of the main impressions I get overall--basil and mint are in there too, both light and perfectly balanced. And there's a hint of sea-salt breeze in the background. It's kind of like the nicest, prettiest, natural-herb soap you've ever used. It doesn't change much from start to finish, but on me it has surprisingly good staying power without ever being overpowering. Perfect for summer, and probably quite uplifting in winter too.
By   - from Seattle on 7/8/2012
This smells fresh and lovely when I apply it, but unfortunately fades to nothing quite quickly on me. I enjoy the scent, but wouldn't spend that much on something that doesn't last.
By   - Marketing from Toronto on 9/18/2009
I need to add this to my previous review...while still a very light fragrance, this lasts much better when sprayed liberally rather than dabbed from the sample. It is light a light and lovely summer scent.
By   - Female from upstate, NY on 5/27/2009
Mmm! Clean, fresh, and decidedly green. I get peppery lemon zest with the mint and something... something crisply biting which smells overtly masculine... fern buds, maybe? I detect ever so slightly an acrid hint of nail parlor/acetone, which is strangely inoffensive. This sweetens out a bit with time, but I'd love to sniff it on a man's neck rather than my own wrist.
By   - student from Chicago on 3/2/2009
I have been searching for a basil fragrance, and this is love at first whiff. It's herbal & citrusy with a hint of warmth and the faintest touch of sweetness... very well rounded. I'll bet this would layer wonderfully with a light floral of some kind.
By   - from mke on 11/23/2008
Refreshing, light, clean and lovely. The only drawback is that the scent is gone from my skin in minutes-literally! It seemed so perfect...too bad. I so wanted to love this. Thank goodness for samples.
By   - artist from upstate NY on 8/3/2008
This is my absolute favorite basil prominent fragrance and a summer staple. Virgilio by Diptyque comes a close second. The basil is equally featured with the citrus. It has surprising tenacity for something in the "fresh" category. I wouldn't necessarily consider it "light" though. Try before you buy. It can be noticeably different from person to person.
By   - from Minneapolis on 4/16/2008
I LOVE this. It's so green, which I normally don't like, but this is so over-the-top green that it's somehow fabulous. I don't feel like I have perfume on so much as I feel like I've bathed in herbal waters. It's very bright and refreshing while still being unique.
By   - singing mamographer from Washington, DC on 1/5/2008
There's something sweet and peppery in the background that I don't like that spoils the fresh citrus... pity, it sounded fabulous...
By   - from Australia on 11/29/2007
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