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Couleur Vanille

Eau de Parfum

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I get more sailboat than vanilla so was mildly disappointed but it would make a killer unisex fragrant for someone who is just a little bit tougher than I am. ;)
By   - Analyst from Sacramento on 4/26/2021
Full bottle for me! Fortunately, unlike other reviewers, I get no sunscreen from this. The word that repeatedly comes to my mind when wearing this is: sunshine. It's bright, salty, and just the right amount of sweet in that order as I sniff this on my skin. This fragrance just helps uplift me a little while wearing it.
By   - Health care from TN on 3/8/2021
I just received this fragrance I love vanilla but I do not like this one, It could be the salt?! Idk, but I will give it one more try and I'll come back to re-write my review. This was a free sample provide by them thank goodness.
By   - Medical assistant from York on 10/8/2020
A very tropical scent just this side of suntan lotion, but much more expensive and refined smelling. I prefer my vanilla without the Coppertone, but those looking for a summer scent will probably like it
By   - writer from everywhere on 6/27/2020
oh i dislike this new l'artisan. the vanilla is sugar crystal sweet. while i appreciate the attempt at an interesting vanilla by adding the "ocean breeze", the overall smell is flat and sucrose sweet. in fact, the perfume is just too reminiscent of a generic sweet sephora type fragrance. it isnt unpleasant and it is banal . i expect something like this from estee lauder or lancome
By   - pizzaboy from chicago on 6/17/2020
I so wanted to love this! And I would, except the salt note is a deal-breaker for me.
By   - Teacher from Scotch Plains on 5/7/2020
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