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Premier Figuier Extreme

Eau de Parfum

Premier Figuier Extreme Sizes Available:
50ml $130
100ml $180
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Premier Figuier Extreme...
This is my "go to" fragrance for fall. A true "fig" scent -- green and deep, with a bit of creaminess. It is one of the most long-lasting of the Le Artisan collection, easily retaining its integrity for an 8-hour day. Also, an easy fragrance to blend. I sometimes top it with Le Artisan Mimosa or a rose scent. Lovely.
By   - Higher Ed Exec from Chicago on 10/24/2013
This was my first niche perfume purchase, several years ago. It is both green and creamy; the fig and coconut blend together in a lovely way. This scent will always hold fond memories for me, but I took off 1 star because it doesn't last as long as I would like.
By   - Scent Slut from Way back on 2/15/2013
I really love this fig scent. My favorite fig perfume. Very sophisticated and elegant with incredible staying power. I don't think it is for everyone.
By   - MD from Santa Barbara on 5/27/2011
In my opinion this is a masculine scent, too woodsy for me, but would be to die for on a guy. I don't know why I imagined fig would smell very delicate and sort of plummy, but this is not a delicate fragrance. Cedary dry down.
By  on 2/10/2011
this fragrance is true to it's listed notes, i can easily smell the coconut, fig and something floral. i'm not getting the almond however, which was what i was most excited about. i purchased this because i wanted to try something outside of my comfort zone (gourmand). it is too floral and has too much coconut (which is a note i don't like). not unpleasant but not for me.
By   - from Canada on 11/5/2009
This perfume smells EXACTLY like Pacifica brand Mediterranean Fig perfume. The difference is that the latter costs about $22 dollars. The soap version is even yummier.
By   - fit-model from New York on 6/10/2009
Sugar + Coconut + Alcohol = Insipid. Definitely NOT = $155.00. Most overrated fragrance line everrrrrr.
By  on 5/25/2009
I'd heard that this was a little sweeter and more floral than Premier Figuier, which I found a bit too harsh and green, so I had high hopes for this one. It was great at first but then seemed to get sweeter and almost cloying on me... disappointing after a wonderful beginning.
By   - from Santa Barbara on 5/4/2009
Ugh. I had hopes but this was too old smelling for me. Depending on what part of the country you live you might not get this, but I think it smells like a split open Monkey Ball with a soft baby powder like aftermath. I'd love to smell this when I hug my Grandma, but on someone my age (24), gross.
By   - from Pittsburgh on 3/5/2009
I agree that this is much better balanced than the original. It is breathy and green but, unlike the original, is also warm and milky. A lovely "organic" scent. Also, it lasts forever! This is my favorite springtime and autumn fragrance, but I also love to ear it occasionally in the midst of winter to remind me of green things to come!
By   - professor from Syracuse on 2/3/2009
I absolutely love this fragrance and have been wearing it for a few years. It's soft, sexy and lasts all day. If you love fig this is THE ONE to wear. The Fig & coconut blend beautifully.
By   - Physical Therapist from Toms River, NJ on 12/9/2008
I found my new favorite! Premier Figuier Extreme is an absolute gorgeous perfume. I always feel sexy wearing it! On my skin, I get an intoxicating blend of fig and milky coconut. The staying power is impressive. It really lasts all day and I get compliments galore. I can't stop smelling my wrists. It truly is love at first whiff. Ahh!
By   - Print Production from New York, NY on 12/4/2008
you are right about menliking this i had someone at work sniffing around the elevator wondering if i was the one who left the scent behind!a full bottle is mine !
By  on 11/13/2008
this stuff is a sure hidden gem not heavy fig and a little cocnut that blends beautifully lush
By  on 11/1/2008
agood balance of fragrances there is almost purity and naughty at the same time very gorgeous scent very full bottle worthy to me
By  on 10/25/2008
This is sexy, earthy, edible, naughty, full bottle worthy and sure to make men follow you anywhere. You should absolutely try this.
By   - Mom/Wife/Reader/Dancer/Nerd from East Bay on 10/13/2008
lovely, round, soft, moist. what could be more tempting or comfy?
By  on 9/4/2008
It's almost cloying; sex in a bottle.
By   - Banker from Vancouver on 6/15/2008
This is one of the most beautiful, feminine scents I have ever worn. The Extreme version is much more balanced than the plain, and to me, what this is all about. I don't know what "fig" is supposed to smell like, I just know that this is rich and deep and very very womanly.
By   - from formerly NYC, now in the country on 12/4/2007
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