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L'Eau d'Ambre

Eau de Toilette

L'Eau d'Ambre Sizes Available:
50ml $115
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about L'Eau d'Ambre...
I love amber because it is a note that consistently works well on me, but I found this underwhelming. A bit too powdery and soft. No real lingering warmth. Not much sillage, and barely there after just two hours. I do think this would be "safe" for wearing on occasions that demand restraint.
By   - from Saint Paul on 12/18/2014
Smelled like saving cream.
By   - from Baltimore on 6/7/2013
i m sadly disappointed...on me,it only smell like baby powder.
By   - from montreal on 12/14/2010
Wow! This is werid, I get Zest soap from this!
By  on 10/20/2010
I'm beginning to think amber scents are really just not my thing. This one's pretty easy to wear, but still reminds me of hospitals. It's going back into the "not so hot" box where it spends quality time with Verte Violette. Is there something out there that will change my mind about amber?
By   - from Montreal on 11/15/2009
This smelt like slightly spiced baby powder to me, like alot of ambers do. Nice but totally forgettable.
By   - admin from melb on 11/12/2009
my sis gave me this sample in my christmas gift of epices by frapin and i thought another amber? i love amber but lately... i was seeking a new avenue. LOVE it. reminds me of the gantier a bit. it is a pretty amber . soft. very feminine. this line is a fave of mine. it brings back memories of seaside ...florida a small beach town where i was first introduced to most of the scents. and isn't that what perfume does? it is now on my wish list.
By   - agent from st. pete on 12/28/2007
Yes, it's amber. Nice and warm. Not complex though, and I prefer amber mixed in with other notes (my favourite winter fragrance is Prada). Won't buy this but if you want an amber scent this is an option.
By  on 6/16/2007
So far, I've not been disappointed by any of L'artisan's perfumes. L'Eau d'Ambre is probably the very best amber scent I have ever smelled -- and I don't actually even like amber scent much (it tends to have a whiff of halitosis about it). This is the first amber without such a stain. It's beautiful -- surprisingly light and clean for an amber (is there really patchouli in this?), but warm enough to make one want to curl into it. It's lasted 15 hours on me today, finally drying down to a warm, faintly floral powder. I'd give it five stars, but I'm afraid it doesn't smell very original -- just a good cleaned-up amber scent.
By   - Intern from D.C. on 12/6/2006
"Manly, yes, but I like it, too!" Ehhh. Okay... Lots of aftershave-smell potential with the top notes, then dries down to baby powder. Mellow. But manly, AND baby-ly!
By  on 9/2/2006
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