Safran Troublant

Eau de Toilette

by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Safran Troublant Sizes Available:
100ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Safran Troublant...
Easy and gentle. The rose mingles nicely with the saffron and smells almost muggy in a way. Slightly spicy here and there and I get notes of holiday incense floating here and there, more like a whiffs of a specialty bakery. Very straightforward vanilla accents flit in and out.
By   - Admin from Williamsburg on 12/31/2018
Sooo beautiful, but the longevity really cannot be understated. If this is ever reformulated to include, well, any drydown to speak of, then I will absolutely buy. As it stands, I get low projection for 20-30 minutes, nose-to-wrist skin scent for MAYBE 2 hours, then it's gone without a trace.
By   - Intern from Portland on 1/17/2017
A beautiful fragrance that stands out from the crowd. The Saffron gives it a subtle, spicy edge that is rounded off softly by the Rose, Vanilla and Sandalwood. Warm and feminine. I sometimes layer it with a quick spray of Dahlia Divin to enhance the slight sweetness. Gorgeous combo. I also spray it on my clothing to extend the lower sillage. Lovely warm and subtle scent.
By   - Trainer from Ogden on 10/31/2016
I really love this fragrance. The saffron top note is a light, lovely spice that mingles nicely with the vanilla note to tame it and feminize it. Great scent for early autumn and daytime in the winter.
By   - Hygienist from Rye, NY on 9/26/2014
Smelled hot, spicy, and sweet at first, then faded very quickly into a spicy baby powder.
By   - from Amarillo, TX on 12/1/2012
This is one of my favourite scents ever - and I have loved many! It's genius lies in the transformation of saffron from a culinary experience into a fine fragrance experience. The marriage of rose and sandalwood to the saffron is inspired and divine. And is that a spark of pepper at the outset, which vivifies the earthy gravity of saffron? I can't get enough of it, it is womanly, elegant warm and entirley wonderful.
By   - chanteuse from Melbourne on 9/14/2012
This is an incredibly sweet scent. The sweetness was unbearable for me. It doesn't smell terrible, its just not for me. If you like sweet scents (that aren't too girly), you'll probably love this.
By   - from Champaign, IL on 9/9/2011
Not for me. I was curious about this but alas, it didn't work on me. I ended up giving the sample to a friend. I didn't smell any vanilla, just saffron and maybe some strong rose too. The overall impression is intense and in your face. It might work for someone else though. That's the magic of perfume and body chemistry and personal taste.
By   - from Montreal on 5/25/2011
At first the smell is intense, sandalwood and saffron takes all the olfactory attention. After, your skin do the job, briging rose and vanilla back to ease the scent. It's love at first sight but ...i've try it 3 days, and slowly i've lost the first glimpse of captivation ...even been irritated by the scent. Unfortunatly i can't accept this perfume everyday. a perfume for special occasion i guess... i hope you'll like it... it won't be mine.
By   - from montreal on 11/29/2010
So absolutely lovely. I'm having a hard time typing this because I want to just sit and smell my arm all day. I was a little concerned about the rose note, not being a big fan of rose scents personally, but there's just a hint of rose and it's sweet and natural, not cloying room freshener rose. I would classify this as a comfort frangrance and would wear it day and night. My husband likes this one very much. A very warm and inviting scent.
By   - from Minnesota on 7/16/2010
This is such a yummy, warm scent. I've tried about 10 other L'Artisan samples and this was "the one" for me. I can't stop smelling my arm and I keep pulling on my shirt to get a wiff since I also dab it on my neck area. One word to describe this scent: Sexy.
By   - Private Jet Industry from Greenwich on 5/12/2010
I smell saffron, vanilla, sandalwood and just a hint of rose. Beautiful. Kind of sweet, kind of spicy. Absolutely gorgeous!!
By   - Accupuncturist from Miami on 2/14/2010
An extremley LIGHT scent, this one hugs the skin...not a lot of throw. I smell a spicy vanilla (maybe a squish of ginger and cinnamon). Safran Troublant is pretty, but I think this would make a better room scent. Smells more like potpourri than perfume.
By   - Photographer from Massachusetts on 1/23/2010
OH, SAFRAN TROUBLANT!!!!!!! My favourite of all time!!!!!!!!When I wear this I could eat my arm.......fortunately my man does eat instead...... :)))
By   - from paris on 1/16/2010
This perfume is a little marvel. Most of perfumelovers don't see it while testing "l'artisan parfumeur" perfumes, because it is lovely and seems demure, and after having tested too much perfumes you don't see the point with it. The fact is that, beyond the seemingly simple et lovely construction of this perfume (saffron, rose, sandalwood, vanilla), is hidden one of the most cheerful, suave and delectable perfumes ever. It is the effect of saffron, wich give an hypnotical sweetness warmness and milkiness to the blend. I think that the saffron also produces an empyreumatical smell -a trick famous in Shalimar-, that give it incredible sweetness. I truly believe it to be aphrodisiac, it smells great, seemingly simple but extremely deep, and is very clever. It is EDT, so if you like it, and the saffron don't bother look, spray it a lot (say 5 times) on your arms, then you'll feel the rose, and the full strengh of this smell, its "love effect", its sedution. It's love in a bottle (I did not say "sex", I said LOVE, romantic and self-assured, that's rare today)
By   - student from Dijon on 7/11/2009
I wrote the comment about how this stuff smells like armpit below. But I've been informed by other folks that, somehow, it mixes with my particular body chemistry and smells like a spiced brownie on me. Definitely dessert-y. With, I think, a little writhing undercurrent of sex-funk too. I changed my mind. I do wanna smell like this every day this summer. Definitely.
By   - from Washington DC on 6/26/2009
This is like a light fresh spice scent. The opening smells like saffron with hint of lemon zest to it. That dies down and the other notes are all there in pretty equal measure, and the one thing i really like is that the rose here is not powdery and old fashioned smelling, like a lot of roses seem to be, to my nose anyway. The whole thing is very light and subtle, I had to put my nose right to my wrist to be able to smell this. I think I can see what others are referring to as a sweet creamy-milky smell, its the vanilla and rose that gently lift the saffron to make this smell like a subtle indian rice pudding, but for me at least, all the notes are so subtle that I could only just make them out. I don't know if this fits my definition of sexy, but its definitely unique and pretty in it's own way.
By   - admin from melbourne on 6/3/2009
This smells like straight-up armpit on me. But in a good way. How can armpit smell good, you ask? It's that spicy smell a body gets when it's been rolling around with another body all day, with the windows open, in August. It langourous and foody and reminds me, very unexpectedly, of the boy who, um, deflowered me all those years ago. Oh, scent are a mysterious force. It's only getting 4 stars because I'm not sure I could handle smelling like sex-sweat every day.
By   - from Washington, DC on 5/12/2009
One of the greatest scents I have ever owned .. Spicy and naughty but grown up girl too .. A woman who has lived and traveled a lot ... This is New Orleans AND St.Barth's - Managing to be both earthy and ethereal at the same tiime, its stunning leaves of spicy rose and vanilla entertain like a magical flower that grows ever lovelier hour to hour, until .. as the clock strikes midnight, it fades into the ether. Not a lasting fragrance, but then, nothing good lasts forever .. Sublime.
By   - Singer from Toronto on 1/11/2009
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