Eau de Toilette

by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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100ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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On me the dominant note is hay (or that aspect of hay that tonka invokes) -- muddy in spots, fresh and untrampled in others -- punctuated by a shiny but well-worn leather. There’s nice contention between a sweetish toffee-caramel note and a sparkly, gingery presence it all eventually resolves into a soft woody hum that’s friendly without causing claustrophobia. It faded out a little quickly, but sometimes the circus leaves town like that I suppose. Gently weird.
By   - editor from Seattle on 9/29/2018
Well, they weren''t "lion"! The circus is in town and this smells pretty much exactly like walking past the animal cages--horse and elephant soil, maybe a bit of big cat urine....and then that dies off a bit and all that is left is a bit of sweetness, like a bit of caramel corn or cotton candy got left in your pocket. It isn''t terribly long-lasting (thank goodness)....and it is very "interesting"...but I don''t see this as a frequent choice of something I want to smell like. Oh well.
By   - from Austin, TX on 8/18/2015
warm and maybe a smidge sweaty. a little hay. leather. unsalted butter. band-aids (really). horse dung. vanilla without sweetness. just soft. moderate projection and longevity (maybe 4-5 hours unless i spray it onto my clothes). i only wish it wore longer on me, but beyond that, i love dzing!
By   - from los angeles on 6/30/2015
This is the scent of zooming through the countryside at dusk right after the hay has been cut, in a classic car with a leather interior, whilst nibbling on some sea salt caramels and blasting Led Zepplin. Love it.
By   - Architect from Portland on 8/19/2014
Wow. This one is tough to describe. It''s so interesting. It''s not at all what I imagine when I think of putting on perfume, but it''s not an unpleasant scent by any means. There''s something pungent, yet metallic. Yeah, that''s it. It smells like the lovechild of a pony and an inanimate object in some way. Like a carousel. Like horses and gears. It''s very interesting.. I''m going to keep sniffing and see what reveals itself to me. I might actually try wearing it and see what happens. I''ll report back (though it may be a while - I have many other samples that I''m eager to wear).
By   - teacher on 3/7/2014
LOVE love love! Not a sophisticated, professional sort of fragrance. But very comforting and wearable. When I cant decide what to wear, I just grab Dzing! and its always perfect. By the way - the marketing copy for this one is absurd. Its a very balanced woody, leather fragrance with some gentle animalaic notes. Its not sweet, nor is it wild and crazy. Definitely not a circus.
By   - from NYC on 11/3/2013
I bought Dzing a couple weeks ago and have been wearing it every other day. I really, really, really like it. I think it lives up to its poetic Marketing descriptions for this most part. But I think its softer, warmer and much easier to wear than the copywriters might want you to think. Maybe that''s a good thing. Dzing is warm and cozy, but still somehow wearable year round. The musky side is fairly clean - not a dirty musk. The wood and sweet and tame. All around a great scent. Makes me feel cozy. I do wish it was a bit more wild. The musk could be dirtier and more animalaic. The wood could be sharper and drier. That would make it more exciting. But I still really, really, really like it. Some fragrances make you wild and obsessed. Other just make you feel feel warm and cozy. Dzing is the latter. BTW - completely unisex. But in a good way. Sometimes unisex means neither here, nor there. But this is just very unique in a way that you can''t call it feminine or masculine. I love that about it. But its still wearable - not esoteric.
By   - from NYC on 5/7/2013
Blech! Admittedly I don''t have a super sophisticated nose, but all I got from this was smoky leather and pepper, then stale sweat on the drydown. I can see how some people might like this, but it''s not for me.
By   - from Sydney, Australia on 3/19/2013
I have a FB of Dzing! but hadn''t worn it in a while. Today I decided to remedy that, and I''ve been sniffing my wrist all day, wondering why I don''t wear this more often! On me, Dzing! is soft, creamy leather with caramel corn and a little sawdust to keep things from getting too sweet. Today one of my co-workers followed me through the lunch room, saying, "What is that scent you''re wearing? I love it! I can''t stop sniffing you!" Dzing! is that good!
By   - Scent Slut from Way back on 12/5/2012
I had very high hopes for this one. The leather and sawdust is very prominent and the description really matches the content, but i cannot detect a single note from the four components. I was hoping for something more exiting, but this is just plain wierd, like something''s missing. Very salty and animalic, almost sweaty.
By   - Psychologystudent from Gothenburg, Sweden on 8/6/2012
I loved the concept and liked the frag...initially... then it started to get annoying and made me feel sick.There is leather and caramel and sawdust but there is also polish, sweat and hair lacquer. Make sure you sample first.
By   - from Melbourne, Australia on 6/26/2012
Amazing how buttered popcorn, cotton candy, hay and riding boots combine to be as addictive as this perfume. If you see someone compulsively sniffing their own wrist, chances are they''re wearing this.
By   - cardiologist  from Toronto on 3/3/2012
I forgot to mention in my review below that, although I did not pick up on any animalic notes, my dog seemed to. He was sniffing my wrist with an interest usually reserved for socks and underwear. Also, in the dry down I got the strong suggestion of a recently blown out candle. This isn''t a scent I would wear, at least not now, but I highly recommend sampling it.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/2/2012
Reading all the reviews below really affirms how individual chemistry affects what a fragrance will ultimately smell like to you. I get none of the animalic notes reviewers refer to. In fact, it smells quite clean on me. Like a less flamboyant Le Male. It certainly has its intrigue.
By   - from Los Angeles on 3/1/2012
For those that like a barnyard accord but are too shy to "rock it" this is a nice choice. Very realistic in that regard and done very tastefully under (not over) a very pretty floral bouquet. Personally I would prefer a more daring take on this, but most reviews I read lead me to believe there isn''t much of a market anymore for old style fragrances. This is very pretty, very well done. Wears close and has decent lasting power at about 5 to 6 hours.
By  on 1/23/2012
I have to say I have always been obsessed with "leather" scented perfumes. I tried DZING over 7 years ago and wasnt sure this was the "leather" scent... I search high and low for it went so far as to actually go to paris on sort of a parfume tour... THIS is definitively THE one. There is nothing else out there as far as I''m concerned. There is Tom Ford "Tuscan Leather" BUT the saying power of his collection falls flat for the price. L''Artisan is a fantastic parfumeur and DZING is one of their best!
By   - from San Francisco on 9/24/2011
A far better name for this would be Purrrrr. Think climbing into the bucket leather seats of a purring muscle car, wrapped in fur. Or lying on a tiger skin rug in front of a fire, wearing nothing but a gold necklace and sucking a butterscotch candy.Very sex kitten. Seems tailor-made for rockabilly boys and burlesque girls. First impression is brash and pungent, but it quickly mellows out. Quiet enough for me to wear to work in a non-sexy job. It was long gone by the time the work day was through. Radiance was gone after about 2 hours, but I could still smell it very close-in after 6 hours.Good for an intimate embrace. At first I thought it was great, just not me, but now I''m craving it again. This may be The One.
By   - Designer from Northampton, MA on 9/23/2011
It''s amazing how scent and memory are linked. Dzing reminds me of summers spent on my grandfather''s steamboat on the lakes of ontario and NY: I get my grandfather''s lavender yardley soap and of course the oil and grease he smells like from tinkering with machines...then I get fresh chopped firewood and even the turpentine-ish smell of fat wood we use to start the fire, then there''s the smell of the brackish lake water mixing in with the grease of the machinery. It''s not for everyone but I love it!
By  on 9/17/2011
DZING! is a modern, thrilling fragrance for adventurous lovers of perfume. Many mention the circus, but it reminds me of the rodeos held in Texas during the freezing winter months. I get hay, rosined rope, caramel, leather, face powder, and a subtle animalic, slightly urinaceous note... (on the flacon is a nude lady riding a tiger) If you''ve spent time with big animals you''ll recognize this warmly animal note. Soothing, slightly gourmandy, outdoorsy, warm and charming, whilst somewhat transparent (in the traditions of both the nose, Olivia Giacobetti and the house, l''ARTISAN). One-of-a-kind and thrilling.
By   - graphic artist from central texas, USA on 6/10/2011
This is one I should have sprayed on paper before placing it on my skin. The civet note didn''t wear off quickly enough, so I used an alcohol swab to try to wipe it off after ten minutes. "Circus" is a polite way of describing it. To me, it smelled like a toilet in a public bathroom.
By   - from Puget Sound on 6/7/2011
On my skin, this smelled a bit like a quieter version of Bulgari Black with a more powdery drydown. Also, a pleasant savoriness here and there. Not quite like the description or the notes but intriguing, sexy and close to the skin with out a lot of sillage. Something men and women would like smelling on you, very wearable day or night.
By   - from Portland on 5/22/2011
Worth the high praise. Dzing! is a highly addictive scent that deserves its cult status, there is nothing linear or artificial about the way it smells, it is rich and organic, potent, without being heavy. Reminds me more of an old movie theater (popcorn, caramel, crushed velvet, old leather armchairs) than the circus.
By   - artist from Portland on 4/7/2011
This and Angell are my signature scents although I have been wearing this exclusively for a little over a year now. Of course i love it and nothing i can articualte will do this perfume justice. "soft and fierce" is right. The men in my life have tried to articualte their affection for it numerous times. An ex-boyfriend recently stopped me on the street to tell me that he still smells me in his dreams, former suitors have confessed that my smell drives them wild, and my current object of desire recently said that my scent is "distinctive" and that he gets giddy when he smells it on the breeze. This one slays them. I think at least half of my je ne sais quoi is composed of Dzing.
By   - student from Smalltown on 3/23/2011
About a drydown of this one, it reminds me of Male by Gaultier. Male - but can be worn by a very self confident woman.
By  on 3/22/2011
for me, smells like smocked tea, very unusual and not suitable for wearing to work - can annoy people. But nice leather sent. I think more masculine than feminine. For reading book by the fireplace.
By   - from Toronto on 3/22/2011
This is my favorite perfume, period. On me it smells of leather and carmelized vanilla - not sugary but soft with that gorgeous leather twist. It wears pretty close to the skin and my boyfriend loves it.
By   - Project Manager from Portland on 2/19/2011
I''d call this a summer fragrance for those who like leathers. Does smell like books, but it fades quickly and doesn''t even last on fabric.
By  on 12/22/2010
This fragrance takes you on a journey... At first sniff I was like "Ewwwww heck no!" It smelled really harsh, like gasoline or something you''d find in a garage. But you really can''t know the true essence of a scent until it''s on your skin, and WOW it is gorgeous. It doesn''t last long, but it smells like an antique book shop, or hugging someone who wears a leather coat maybe? It''s not an "old" scent, either. It''s very sexy and unusual which is bad for my wallet since I now must buy the full size. I''m also smelling a sweet muted tobacco scent and something creamy. I''d like to see how this smells layered with a vanilla lotion.
By   - Momma from Boston, MA on 12/11/2010
An amazing scent - sweet, sensual, can be animalic at times. One of my favorite L''Artisans (a brand I do love) and one of the best leathers out there, period.
By   - from NYC on 11/11/2010
Burmese cats have been my beloved pets for years. Dzing! puts in my mind the image of one of them donning a soft suede jacket and cuddling my face. This is quite the chameleon scent. Got the elephant at first (didn''t mind it at all), then carmel, leather, floral. Finally, the kitty cuddler. Love it. Next purchase for sure.
By   - from Mt. Lebanon, PA on 11/3/2010
I love it. it''s one of those very strange non perfume perfumes. I don''t get any circus, animals or leather. I just smell old books, but not damp ones. Books that have been in a dry old attic for years. I have to agree it certainly doesn''t last very long but I am up for buying a bigger bag to just haul it around with me all day. I find it truely lovely.
By   - Operations Manager from Portland OR on 5/22/2010
This is my own opinion. Dzing is a nasty sexy kinky leather for bad girls. In non-sexual terms, it''s for a ranch ridin ho down circus carnival of a time. Yes, it''s dirty. Yes it drys down to barnyard fun with fecal matter included. But I don''t know who would reach for this if they weren''t in a rebellious, crazy, extreme, or porno-rific mood. So that''s D''zing. Wear it when you want a wild ride. And if D''zing wasn''t extreme or butch enough for you, try Lonestar Memories and get ready to raise serious hell.
By   - from San Francisco on 3/29/2010
There was no immediate sense of strangeness when I put on this perfume this morning - in fact, quite the opposite. I''d been torturing my boyfriend with some stranger scents lately (namely Patchouli 24 [love, but he said it made me smell of books] and the horrendously metallic Secretions Magnifique [it made him retch]) so when I left him sniff this he was a) shocked at its relative normalcy and b) said it actually smelled good. That being said, however, he has conventional taste in perfume, and, for women, has been sucked in by the current pink candyfloss and fruits trend (he thinks Wang''s Rock Princess is "the bomb"). In short, I take what is olfactory opinions with a grain of salt. While Dzing is pretty and relateable, there is not, for my taste, enough inherent strangeness or mastery to make me keep sniffing my arm all day. It would be difficult to sniff all day anyway, since this scent, on my skin lasted about two hours from initial blast to the end of the drydown - by lunch time there was no trace left, but a bit of something sweet and hay-like. It''s a shame for this, because, if it had more staying power I would consider buying it, using it as my "I feel pretty" scent - in no way is it offensive, and the spiciness lent by the ginger goes well with a cleaned-up barnyard and hay smell. I suppose this is where bits of the circus idea come to play, but, if anything, this smells of the animal stalls prior to occupancy. There is a slight smokiness, too, in the composition, which seems like an addition that was meant to cut through the warmth and feminity of its creaminess, making this scent more unisex and less edible. Overall, this Dzing! is well made, and worth a try, though I am not sure that it is worth an entire bottle at $135.
By   - Legal Assistant from Louisville, KY on 2/26/2010
I really wanted to like this. Really, I did. But it''s pretty horrendous, though. The comparison I got from my roommate was ''cat pee''. Sigh.
By   - from Washington, DC on 2/6/2010
I love this perfume -Ii am on my second bottle. I only wish it had more staying power. If it is not discontinued how come I can''t find it on L''artisan Parfumeur website?? Any answers?
By  on 1/30/2010
Yes, this scent is different at first. Jarring, but only because it is not composed of mass-market approves "perfume" notes. If you are a person who likes smells like cold night air, animal fur, gasoline, wet pavement, you will appreciate this. Don''t worry, Dzing doesn''t smell like any of the aforementioned things I only mean to suggest that this is an intellectual scent that will appeal to people who understand that wonderful smells that are not typically thought of as perfume-y can be interpreted to be worn. Dzing opens with a distinct leather note and the dry-down is soft and dry and sweet. Try a sample and your patience with the evolution of the scent will be rewarded!
By   - girl friday from Austin on 9/20/2009
This scent is like nothing I have ever smelled before -- everytime I put it on I smell something new. The drydown is leathery, yes, but it also has a sweetness to it that makes it very comforting. (PS -- it is not being discontinued)
By   - Marketing from Toronto on 9/10/2009
horrendous and pointlesspass
By  on 9/2/2009
Received my sample as an extra when I purchased something else. It really reminds me of "Hollywood" (an oldie by Giorgio, I think). The fragrance was a pleasant surprise. Many times I''m dissapointed when I select fragrances based on others'' reviews. I had nothing to go on with this but to try it. Really like it. Not sure if it''s fbw, but I will definitely use the sample up (unlike many other samples that I have bought). Will agree with others that this is definitely a comfort scent.
By   - Legal Assistant from Washington, DC on 8/31/2009
This fragrance is gorgeous! It''s my signature scent. It''s a sweet leathery scent with a hint of green thrown in there. I have never smelled "elephant doo" as some posters mentioned. Honestly, have they ever smelled an elephants doo?Don''t listen to the haters, this stuff is the best!
By   - none of your business on 7/22/2009
please give this a chance as it warms up on you. it becomes sweet andcomforting. i protest the cruelty of thecircus... so i am not going near any comparison to the circus at all!i am so glad i tried the sample!
By   - agent from saint petersburg on 7/3/2009
Initially, this smells EXACTLY like Wright''s Coal Tar soap, but not in a bad way. On the drydown it becomes a more intriguing blend of warm spiciness. Pretty good, and unusual too.
By   - TV Producer from Sydney on 4/19/2009
No thanks- here''s why: Right after I dabbed it on I looked in my vanity mirror and thought "elephant do do!". That disappeared and along came some other smells throughout the hour... in that hour some animal weird sweat smell amongst the ceder shavings. The dry down is kind of nice, bearable anyway. This stuff won''t wear off (that''s what I get for wearing it on a cotton shirt. It lasts extra long) Then I read the story tonight on Drudge about the chimp named Travis who attacked a woman... I''m waiting for this stuff to wear off!
By   - grade school teacher from Pacific Northwest on 2/17/2009
This one smells similar to Muscs Khoublai Khan. It''s got that same funky smell at the beginning, which I love. Then it softens and gets kind of musky smelling and soft. I get no rubber or sawdust. It softens way too quickly to be obnoxious as some people have called it. It''s very wearable and ''normal'' after a very short time. Don''t be scared, try it! It just needs to last longer - that''s one thing L''Artisan should really look into. :)
By   - from Canada on 2/14/2009
LIQUID CRACK. I wear this almost every day as it''s a skin scent with intrigue. It layers well with other scents too... Slightly sweet and leathery.
By   - from Portland on 2/6/2009
From some alternate anthropomorphic universe where a troupe of dancers are preparing for their debut on an oil-lamp-lit stage, adjusting the leather straps holding up their silk bloomers and powdering their muzzles. Muzzles, because the dancers are a group of well-groomed, well-behaved horses. Some of the perfumed powder sifts its way down onto the fresh hay lining the dressing-room floor, and the last mad dash to assemble on stage churns it up, along with some dust, to hang sweetly in the air. I normally hate hate hate fragrances that are sweet and powdery (Love''s Baby Soft makes me retch) but this one makes me understand the appeal. Only rated this one a 4 because it stayed a little too close to my skin I like my perfume to be a tad less subtle.
By   - programmer from Chicago on 2/1/2009
I am getting tired of these idiots who claim that the perfume smells like tire, cardboard or s hit. These are likely the shallow people who sniff it right off the bottle and don''t spray it on a skin and wait until the real essence appears... The perfume is truly unique and it has a very soft dominant smell. It offers this melancholic feel of something familiar and arousing. It''s not very strong just as intended to tease your senses and always keep you interested and guessing. Just like an addiction from which you can never really get enough. Just like a memory that you can''t quite remember but you are constantly trying... It certainly doest smell like all the unplesant things that half of the people here claim. If you want something that smells different (in a good way, superior) from the 99.99% of the generic garbage out there get Dzing!
By   - from Toronto on 1/13/2009
Suggestion is a powerful thing. Maybe if I had read the thing about this being inspired by a circus, i would smell horses. (A smell I like, by the way. Smell like horses and you''ll have me following your around all day.) instead, I read a different review that suggested it smells of old books. Guess what? I smelled old books. But I am enough of a free-thinker to catch some other, indescribable, notions in here, as well. I can only boil this down to: yep, old books, then some strange (thankfully fleeting) Volkswagen Bug circa 1969 smell (this could be the gasoline smell others were getting), followed by a dry down of Really Cool Old Guy One of Your Parents Was Friends With in the 70''s. My partner (who was not totally enamored with it) sniffed it, and said, "It smells like some rich, older man." I don''t care. I love it. I like the contrast of being a girly girl who smells like old dude. (But am only giving it four stars because I suspect that smelling like old booksold dudeVW Bug is not for everyone. And not everyone may want to smell it on me. Still don''t care. And still not smelling horses.)
By   - social worker from Portland on 12/2/2008
Yes. There are initially overtones of motor oil and burnt rubber (which I have an inexplicable affinity for). But the most powerful association I make is one of saddle leather and linament used on horses after a workout. Living in the "Horse Capital of the World" and growing up on a horse farm, I have the same affinity for these scents as well. SO I was willing to be patient with this scent and I recommend that anyone else brave enough to try a sample do the same. The drydown is sexy and soft-almost floral. An erotic study in contrasts! A must if you find "dirty" smells at all appealing. One must be bold to wear this. Adventurous equestriennes need to try it! I would almost give it 5 stars, but I imagine it is very difficult to wear.
By   - student from Lexington, KY on 11/23/2008
I thought this one was really foul. It reminded me of a mechanic''s overalls at the end of a long, hot summer day-gasoline, leather and dirt
By   - Florist from Golden on 11/17/2008
Now this, I love! It has a quirky, not-too-sweet, not-too-spicy overtone, with a solid and warm undertone, and it lasts for a good long while. Daring and darling!
By   - Acting Teacher from Yakima on 10/31/2008
i love it. it''s subtle and warm without being coy or girly. the men i work with were kind enough to sniff my arm and they love it.Unfortunately, the smell was completely gone in three hours. I can''t be schlepping around bottles of scent. I need this to last longer.
By   - usability specialist from brooklyn on 8/26/2008
My favorite leather scent. Unique, nothing else like it.
By   - Queen of England from London on 5/2/2008
This is my new go-to fragrance, it is seasonless. Soft and mellow but with a slight edge. Big love.
By   - from Portland on 4/24/2008
Strong leather and sweet caramel. I love it, but alas, it is another disappearing L''Artisan. I applied very generously, and it still vanished within 2 hours.
By   - Nurse from St. Louis on 3/23/2008
This is such a divine comfort scent. It reminds me of the smell of my hands after I ride a horse-the leather from the reigns mixed with horse smell (which if you are not familiar with that smell-its good-not stinky animal smell) There are lots of leather scents out there but this one is the best and the sexiest!
By  on 2/21/2008
Yes, Yes, Yes i love this scent, beautifully done and the circus description is perfect. At one point during the dry down i actually smell smooth leather, but it softens quickly. This is probably my Favorite L''Artisan right next to Bois Farine. My love is for the more unisex fragrances and these are definitely very beautiful and sexy.
By  on 2/9/2008
I am horrified that this scent is being discontinued-- it is one of my favorites and always solicits compliments. It is a warm close to the skin scent truly sexy. Just looking at the bottle makes me smile. L''Artisan, how could you!?
By   - artist on 1/1/2008
So it seems like tonka beans+ balsam+ saffran+ginger= Wet Band Aid.
By  on 11/19/2007
Oh, this is one of the very best scents that Luckyscent offers. Dzing is a soft leather perfume with some candy sweetness and animalic touches added to it. It never loses its light-as-air touch, making it one of the most wearable leather scents I own. Sure, this is unusual, but I find it to be one of the most interesting scents in my enormous fragrance collection, and it''s a fragrance that I never ever forget about.
By   - from NYC on 11/4/2007
I sampled this and was horrified. However, upon giving it another chance discovered how gorgeous it is. This is a classic leather scent. If you can get past the rough opening, the drydown is creamy and slightly cologne-ish...I love it...
By   - Office Manager from San Diego on 9/2/2007
By   - model from LA on 7/24/2007
There are fragrances that I don''t care for personally and yet can appreciate that someone else may love it, but this is not one of those fragrances. I have no idea why someone would want to smell like a tire fire.Even Tar by CdG has some redeeming qualities but this is just wrong..
By  on 7/24/2007
this is androgynous deja vu...i smell my 9th grade boyfriend''s cologne on the sexy mcdreamy that just passed me in the bookstore...i smell that i am now the woman i envisioned my mother to be when she kissed me goodnite on her way out salsa dancing...gorgeous, memorable, and makes you stop in your tracks every time
By   - from erie, pa on 7/21/2007
Dzumb. I smell horses, dirt, and kettle corn. But there''s a lady sitting next to me with too much perfume on. It''s cheap, it''s harsh, and it''s giving me a headache.
By   - from Roanoke, Va. on 12/18/2006
I really wanted to fall in love with this fragrance, based on its description it seems to contain everything I love. But on me it takes on an unpleasant medicinal quality...a sort of combo between Noxema and home for the elderly. So disappointed.
By   - photographer from New York on 12/16/2006
Ok, I must say that this is one of the stangest smelling perfumes that I have ever encountered. It smells like a cross between insense and furniture polish but after about a 12 an hour, it really smells quite exotic and good. I would definitely buy this, I just wouldn''t wear it everyday.
By   - Professional from Ft. Myers Florida on 12/13/2006
OK, L''Artisan doesn''t appeal to me, but this scent has grown on me since the first time I sampled it. The burnt plastic smell is actually transforming into a little bit of candy, just very subtlely. Still wouldn''t recommend it though.
By   - Student from Manhattan, KS on 10/16/2006
Barnyard? Elephant pen? Ah the power of marketing(circus connotation) and the effect it often has on weak minded individuals. There is absolutely no "barnyard" or "elephant pen"smell to this fragrance. Leather? Absolutely. There is a sensual, animalic quality to it. But this reviewers comments are ABSURD.
By  on 9/28/2006
I love this scent! I bought years ago and didn''t appreciate the beauty of it. It''s leather, sawdustrubber and lots of other wonderful things. It just lasts on me and it actually makes me feel happy. This one and Timbuktu are L''Artisan''s best scents in their line, IMO.
By   - from Henderson, NV on 8/26/2006
Personally, my all-time L''Artisan favorite. I''ve gotten more noticable comments from women regarding this scent than any other. Without question, it is unique.Different scents behave differently on different bodies. This wonderful scents melts onto my skin and last the entire day. I smile whenever a woman asks to come closer to smell my neck.Thanks, L''Artisan.
By   - from NYC on 7/7/2006
Not for me. It reminds me of the elephant pen. Or my friend''s barn - and not in a good way.
By   - from LA on 6/6/2006
A comforting and different aroma...I adore this special creation. It is never offensive. Starts out with strong leather notes (like a saddle), then becomes warm and caramel like, but not sweet. Most unusual like the circus in an antique store.
By   - Student from Malabar on 3/9/2006
This perfume is truly an event in a bottle. The first whiff brings leather, dirt, animals… costumes under hot lights. As time passes, the tonka beans come through… now you’re sitting high in the stands, away from the earthy wet sawdust and you smell cotton candy… roasting peanuts. It’s amazing. Haunting. The leather note persists throughout and is soft, compelling bridge. If you’re interested at all in the art of perfumery, this is a must smell.
By   - from from Los Angeles on 1/31/2006
This is one of the best leather scents ever! I love the creamy drydown
By   - student from Los Angeles on 11/21/2005
I could work with this because of the Tonka beans!
By   - from Baltimore on 9/14/2005
Whoaaaa! Dirty, but is reminiscent of a college smell that I just can''t place, so something makes me want to smell it.
By  on 9/3/2005
Great leather fragrance with some sweet and dry notes (I smell sawdust, tonka, even vanilla). Completely unique and sexy. Too bad it doesn''t last so long.
By   - from NY on 8/29/2005
I love this scent...but it last only an hour on me tops.
By   - Designer from San Antonio on 2/28/2005
I love this scent and wear it nearly every day. It''s dreamy, and lasts for a decent amount of time.
By   - artist from Pasadena on 1/31/2005
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