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Tea for Two

Eau de Toilette

100ml $170
0.7ml sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Tea for Two...
Soap. Slightly clove-y, very faint vanilla, little bit powdery. Doesn't project, doesn't last - those are the good qualities. For the most part I have not been impressed by l'Artisan. Dzing! is probably the best one, Chasse aux Papillons is not bad. For a not-high-end perfume line, they do try some adventurous stuff, and kudos for that, but I'd rather pay more for better quality.
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 4/4/2017
Love the smell but no staying power. I sprayed four times throughout the day and still gone in ten minutes sadly.
By   - Subrogation  from Chenoa on 1/16/2017
I loved this scent going on. It has great staying power but I think it's a bit to masculine to be considered unisex. I would love it on a man but it's just not doing it for me. I've tried it three separate occasions trying to convince myself it's a keeper but the truth is - it should be a male fragrance.
By   - Customer Service from Bakersfield, CA on 11/22/2016
I can totally understand why their are strong feelings for and against this perfume. It depends on your personality. It depends on your chemistry. I adore this scent from the first spray to the dry down. It is unique and you won't smell like anyone else. I like the tobacco smell as it evokes warm memories from my childhood. I bought a sample and will be buying a full size. Love it.
By   - social worker from Dayton, Ohio on 10/1/2016
The opening is interesting but very quickly fades to spicy artificial cinnamon and that's what it stays. It reminded me of redhot candies. I really did not get any tea smells which I was really hoping for. Not bad but not what I was expecting.
By   - From from New Braunfels on 4/10/2016
Having tried Lapsang Souchong, I can rule it out as a regular drink for me. I don't like my tea tasting like smoked gouda, thanks. But this fragrance--yum! Not a single moment of unpleasantness for me. I get leather and tobacco on top of a sweet, creamy chai tea, with some spice biscotti on the side. The smokiness never gets sharp, thanks to that honey and vanilla wrapped around it. The first day I sampled it, I kept inhaling deeply through my shirt where I dabbed the scent, seeking any hint of anything wrong, but nope--it kept telling me, "Yes, I'm dark and smoky and leathery, and you can't help loving me because I'm so darn sweet." I want to curl up with this scent and snog it. Super yummy. Super hot.
By   - from Seattle on 7/6/2015
When I wear this I am on a Mongolian yurt on the steepe. Tea is boiling and there is a lump of salted yak butter melting in my cup. It's smokey inside the yurt and the smell of horse sweat is on the breeze. The smoke is ancient and slightly barbaric smelling. This is a scent that comes in through the hind brain. It communicates with your ancient homo sapien DNA and urges you on to the nomadic.
By   - from Philadelphia on 12/29/2011
I get chai at first but the drydown is totally cloves...like djarum cloves in the red box when I was 18. In like but not love.
By   - from Austin on 10/30/2011
this smells like my brothers small apartment, 17 years ago! Used to hang out there with friends after school, drinking Lapsang Oolong from huge ceramic cups,(made by his artistic ex-girlfriend of course), listening to the Cure, techno and punk, thinking we were alternative and cool. Great memories, love it! (Actually, one of my friends likes Tea for two so much, that we`re going to by a bottle for her birthday.)
By   - from Bergen,Norway on 10/9/2011
Yea, this is certainly an acquired taste. I was looking for a tea scent and this is far from what I was looking for. I am so glad I bought a sample. It smells like leather, ashes, cookies and maybe some tea in there somewhere. Also, its kind of powdery? At first, the scent is completely unbearable to my nostrils, but then it calms down a little and its still terrible, but not as awful as in the beginning. Its not a terrible perfume, its just absolutely, 100% not my taste. Stinky.
By   - from champaign, IL on 9/9/2011
Face powder, cigarettes, a scented hanky and a bit of leather add up to a very interesting aura. An acquired taste, perhaps, but for those who dare... yes ma'am!
By   - from Hamden CT on 6/29/2011
I sprayed this on myself and thought... Wow - I smell EXACTLY like an ashtray. My grandmother's ashtray. and I loved it. I dont get smokey tea and I love a good smokey tea - I certainly do NOT get chai tea... but I do get ashtray of extremely well-groomed much loved grandmother. I truly crave this scent.
By   - from NJ on 6/28/2011
Gorgeous, complex, warm perfume - different and rather refined....I bought the sampler but will now get the bottle.
By   - Town Planner from Australia on 5/24/2011
Like SL Feminite du Bois, I keep coming back to this scent year after year. Not girly or floral or sweet or green, it's sexy and mysterious. This is not a sweet chai but rather a deep and smoky black tea. I get a hint of cinnamon and vanilla, but it's not Christmas-y. I've been combining it with Havana Vanille and it's divinely unique. This is also surprisingly long-lasting for L'Artisan.
By   - from San Jose on 5/1/2011
pour l'intrigue initiale et sa complexité je donne un 4 sur 5 mais ce parfum du même parfumier que "saffran troublant" laisse dans "tea for two" la même signature olfactive...étrange vu qu'ils n'ont pas les même composantes.... la vanille sur moi gache l'odeur de fond et laisse une touche poudreuse et lourde au lieu d'ancrer le parfum en longévité sur ma peau. il s agit, à mon avis, plus d'une odeur d'ambiance de piece que d'un parfum comme tel. frais-léger et capiteux à la fois, pas banal malgré tout. mais je cherche un parfum avec plus de personnnalité (Mission impossible qui sait ?!).
By   - from montréal on 12/14/2010
Mmmm! I love this! Spicey tea! I want a cup of Chai tea now! lol
By  on 10/20/2010
I fell in love with this when I first smelled it at Henri Bendel years ago, and I still adore it every time I break my promise not to spend so much on perfume and go ahead and buy another bottle. Spicy, sweet, smoky, sexy - I never feel like the girl next door when I wear this. More like Mata Hari. I smoked cigarettes for years before quitting a year ago, and can't detect any cigarette note in this on me at all, just the spicy smokiness of good incense. (Regarding the cost note below - I believe those used to be the usual prices for this scent, but I did a quick search before I bought my newest bottle from Luckyscent and their prices seem to match the current going rate from reputable vendors.)
By   - Designer from Boston on 6/18/2010
Someone below mentioned that Tea For Two is supposed to be $65 for the smaller bottle and $95 for the larger one? Where is this? I may be naive to think that it would actually cost that little but I really love this perfume.
By   - from NY on 2/16/2010
For some reason, I LOVE the smell (and to smell of) tobacco. I know this is supposed to smell of chai, and it does, but what I love about it is that it smells of tobacco - not the burnt smell, but that delicious smell of tobacco you get when you open a fresh pack of cigarettes - nothing but a memory now in this fascistic ago of non-smoking. I use this in alteration with Serge Lutens' Borneo 1834, another wonderful tobacco smell. I think Tea for Two is wonderful, but certainly not for everyone (thank goodness).
By   - attorney from Los Angeles on 5/20/2009
Very good scent... it's reminds me of Nina Ricci's Mémoire d'homme, but T42 is more wearable. Try it.
By   - from Tehran on 4/3/2009
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