Eau de Parfum

by Boris Bidjan Saberi

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The Scoop

Boris Bidjan Saberi has never been known for conservatism- his edgy, modern designs and provocative collections have raised eyebrows and thrilled fashion-lovers, all while maintaining an exceptional level of detail-oriented artisanal craftsmanship. So it's only fitting that for his debut fragrance 11, Saberi, in collaboration with Geza Schoen, has created a vibrant, stylish scent bursting with creativity. Inspired by Saberi's leatherwork studio, where he hand-constructs intricate horse leather jackets, this scent reflects the care, personality, and style that Boris imprints into every item he produces.

While it might seem like this would result in a heavy, challengingly industrial fragrance, Geza Schoen has instead crafted a dynamically casual, everyday leather scent that we find surprisingly soft and fresh. An initial whiff of freshly cut grass slowly dissipates into something more craftsmanlike, a smooth, supple but substantial leather with hints of wax and glue to give it a playful and creative character. 11 wears with easygoing unisex modernity, masculine and refined on a man, chic and sexy on a woman. Whether you're a leather fanatic chasing the next innovation, or simply looking for that one scent that just goes with everything, we urge you not to miss this one.

11  Notes

11 select (but undisclosed!) notes that evoke vegetable tanned horse leather

11 Sizes Available
100ml $150
0.7ml Sample $4
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