Eau de Parfum

by Boris Bidjan Saberi

11 Sizes Available:
100ml $150
0.7ml sample $4
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Handsome. Does smell leatheryhorsey and I keep enjoying it throughout the day. Seems very well thought out to me: not a dominating scent or an in-your-face scent but unique and warm and perfectly refined. Handsome and classy. How a fragrance like this fits into the Boris Bidjan Saberi world makes it very exciting to me--power of the image with a complex naturalness when you get closer.
By   - Something with a briefcase from Los Angeles on 7/20/2017
I was really hoping for more with this scent. When I think of Boris Bidjan Saberi''s work I think of industrial, brutalist, dark, and aggressive tones. This is strictly not that. Expect more reedy notes, less leather. Smells strangely similar to burning sage which is not a scent I associate with industrial and futuristic aesthetics presented by BBS. A bit too soft and weak even by general perfume standards, really disappointed by how it developed on my skin and how poor it lasted. Overall I would wear this perfume but not as leather scent but if I''m looking for something a little softer and natural.
By   - Dev from Seattle on 5/2/2017
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