Terre Noire

Eau de Parfum

by Mad et Len

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The Scoop

All of Europe's great mysteries lie in her forests, ancient as the continent itself, unknowable and full of magick both light and dark. Terre Noire pays tribute to this great continental legacy with a rich and evocative elemental bouquet of bark, earth and wood, striking a cold and compelling atmosphere both haunting and naturalistically comforting. A pulsing vein of spice laces through the fragrance, harnessing the natural energy of the scent and preventing things from becoming too dark or relaxed. The total effect is magical- a perfect scent for dreamers, adventurers, and all travelers along the outskirts of the world we know.

Terre Noire  Notes

Soil tincture, spicy notes, woody notes

Terre Noire Sizes Available
50ml $165
0.7ml Sample $4
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Here's what other people are saying about Terre Noire...
Sorry...to me smells like a very typical department store mens fragrance...Drakar?
By   - Collecter of fine /unique scents from Midwest on 12/18/2016
Sultry and addictive!! At first it smells a lot like a rosemary/minty men's shampoo I love (I'm a woman), but it dries down to something smoky and lovely. I can't stop smelling my arm. So unique and beautiful. TBH I can't discern the soil in the fragrance... but it's ok. Whatever it is, I want more.
By   - professor from saint paul on 12/11/2016
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