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I have never written a review before Shihan but I must say that after ordering at least 5 samples of this I may as well order a full bottle. The perfect scent for me. Thanks Luckyscent for the amazing selection you offer.
By   - olfactory photographer  from Philadelphia on 10/27/2020
Out the gate is a lightly sweet chocolate leather. Warm. Slightly boozey. GF says it smells “smoked honey.” Seems to settle to a scent facsimile of power-cut wood; the smell of friction from a power saw burning the wood, the friction-burn that makes the edges shiny. That’s not a bad smell, but it does make it smell like a job site, which degrades its elegance and dignity—although it may balance out the dandy/bookish with strong/able-bodied. Smells a little like actual cigars. Humidor, oak room, tiffany lamp, a well-to-do man sitting back with his face in the shadows. Unoffensive. Low projection. Seems to fade quickly. Oud/tobacco base drydown (fairly common-smelling) after about 3 hours.
By   - Instructor from Akron on 4/11/2020
First time, ho-hum incense. Second try, "dry chocolate" was my initial thought. As I've been sniffing, the coffee has really come to the forefront, with traces of a cedar box that contains dry tobacco. I also think I'm getting a bit of hay and leather-bound parchmont paper, as well (old, not-quite-moldy parchmont paper). I like the way it develops and am planning on trying it a few more times. Not FBW for me (too many "gottahaves"), but great scent and definitely one to be used for those trying to learn to identify notes.
By   - Attorney from Los Angeles on 11/18/2019
Coffee, cocoa, tobacco, sherried Scotch whisky (Macallan Rare Cask), pumpkin spice, Christmas spice (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger), chocolate covered raisins and cherries, maple syrup, fireplace warmth and woodsmoke, dry autumn leaves, classic old leather, mahogany, amber, Christmas tree/wreath pine, midnight Christmas Catholic mass incense. It’s all there to be detected, in one meditative swirl. Pure class, high-end and complex. Perfect for a man who’s the strong silent type or a festive woman. This melts hearts! My favorite scent to wear from the second week in October to New Years.
By   - Night Owl from Manhattan on 7/20/2018
Great scent for those who like rich, deep, boozy, and complex classic fragrances for men. On my buy list for when it comes available again. Young guys looking for fresh modern scents probably won't like this one, except maybe "ironically".
By   - Counselor from Naperville, IL on 3/19/2018
This is an awesome perfume. Opens chocolatey, moves to a warm cinnamon/tobacco, and lingers as a sweet amber. Beautiful!
By   - writer from saratoga springs ny on 2/9/2018
Wow, one whiff and you will understand why this is so sought-after and so hard to keep in stock. It's a dark and spicy affair, with mild, but lush sweetness from the tobacco and amber. It just smells luxurious to me.
By   - Layabout from Atlanta on 7/24/2017
I'm not surprised they keep running out of this. It's great. The smokiness is dark but not too far. The sweetness, the same--just enough--not overboard. Love it.
By   - writer from chicago on 4/13/2017
One of the best if not the best
By   - Engineer from Abu Dhabi, UAE on 2/21/2017
I am very surprised that this has taken the top spot on my wish list as I never thought any fragrance to be above my beloved Arso or my number two fave Pour Le Soir. I love Sensei. It's dark, heavy, thick, rich, mysterious and super masculine. I've only recently learned that I love tobacco scents and Sensei just happens to be one. Coffee, tobacco, cinnamon and cocoa. I love it. Sorry Arso but you've been replaced. I still love you though.
By   - Pastry Chef from NYC on 2/20/2016
Great and warm. I clearly smell the cinnamon and coffee. Glad I was able to get a bottle!
By   - Contract Specialist from Oakland on 12/28/2015
Glad I got this before the sell out. I detect primarily labdanum in the forefront, with a multi spice blend dancing in the background with an hint of aged alcohol (rum?). Delightful scent so far, but as I have only had it a day, it will require more time for a full assessment.
By   - Barista from Newport Beach on 7/14/2014
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