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My first response to this was "spendy snobby headshop", and I have no regrets. The most voluptuous resin oriental I have yet found, drying down to a horny, snoozy patchouli. Makes Calling All Angels (which I also love) smell like grade school, by comparison. I want to gnaw my arm off when it's wearing this ;) Perfect bedtime perfume. Love love love
By   - artist from california on 4/26/2021
I absolutely LOVE this scent. Nothing I have ever worn before smells as good as this perfume. 5 stars for the scent. However, the packaging absolutely sucks. so minus two stars for the crappy container. Luckyscent had to send me a replacement bottle twice due to leakage, when I first placed my order, and over the past couple of years as much as 1/3 of the bottle has been lost to evaporation. This is the most expensive perfume I have ever bought and, if it wasn’t for the issues with the container, I would buy it again. But I can’t afford to spend the guts of $200 for 2/3 of an ounce of perfume.
By   - Sales assistant from Atlanta on 4/10/2021
When I first tried Bohemian Spice I fell in love with it. Then my air conditioner broke and I was stuck in the horrible humidity that descended upon Cincinnati. This fragrance might be okay for the colder months but is not one I want to have on when I am outside, sweating and active. It suddenly turned from pleasantly spicy to dirty 60's hippie with an overpowering patchouli stink. I gave it another try after a fresh shower and clothing change - same thing...eew. I tried Calling All Angels under the same circumstances and it came through with flying colors. Now to save up for a full bottle of Calling All Angels.
By   - Artist from Cincinnati on 7/5/2019
It's been a year since I last wore this. I actually love combining with Calling All Angels. It's just so beautiful and calming. I wear them both and feel so serene. Amber, incense, labdumum, wood. Just calming and peaceful.
By   - Student from Nashville on 9/3/2018
I am such a big fan of her line.. organic is my thing .. there is something in each of her fragrances that grounds me.. i had to order the samples again because i cannot decide which to order .. this one gave me a soft hippy vibe that i was searching for.. a subtle bohemian vibe. i can even wear this during a warm Florida summer so that says a lot!
By   - talent agent from st pete on 5/20/2018
Quick update…. On the spicier, deeper, more resinous side of April Aromatics are some of the most intoxicating, addictive, and soothing scents I have ever experienced. The more I wear bohemian spice, calling all angels, and erdenstern, the more I love them and see them as my guides through the ins and outs of every day. I don’t know how to explain it, I just feel better, calmer, stronger, and more peaceful when I smell them throughout the day. A LOT of expensive perfumes have been boxed up and pushed to the back of my closet because none of them can do justice to Tanja’s collection. These are far more beautiful and healthy. Thank you, Tanja
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/7/2018
The first time I tried this, I over-spayed. It was too much. I came back to it about a month later, and just barely sprayed both wrists. I was in love. Warm and spicy with good patch. It has serious longevity. After a couple of hours, it's a dark amber. The best thing is that it makes me feel calm and grounded. It makes the day feel better. So for me, it's an investment.
By   - Student from Nashville on 3/1/2018
A robust Patch scent, I feel grounded and calm from the intensity and the darker shades of brown depth. but at the same time uplifted by the orange and cardamon....I would have to say Bohemian Spice is my favorite go to never fail me Patchouli. My scent of the day plus it's FABULOUS on my Man.
By   - Herbalist, Beekeeper from Oak Bluffs on 2/13/2017
When I tried a sample first time I didn't like it at all because of its very sweet top notes. However, after two months I decided to give it a try again and I LOVED it! When it drys down it smells like very chic, woody feminine perfume. The most important thing is that I didn't have any allergic reaction to it , since I can't use any conventional perfumes due to all the chemicals in them. Definitely worth a full bottle!
By   - Student from Atlanta,GA on 4/11/2016
Updating the previous review. The patch gets bigger and bigger. It develops a sillage. Huge patch. It works, however. I am going to try another sample before I buy. But it's hard not to love it.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 11/28/2015
Beautifully blended. I get a rich mix of carefully chosen spices with a hit of patch to keep it from being too cloying. The orange top doesn't show up for me, and while I'd love it, I know it could in future wearings. For me, this is a wonderful, close-wearing, luxe winter blend. I'm not a fan of sillage-monsters, so this is wonderful. It's made it through two hours, it it makes it to three, it will be full-bottle worthy.
By   - Writer from Phoenix on 10/18/2014
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