Gold Leaves

Eau de Parfum

by Regime des Fleurs

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The Scoop

"This crown to crown the laughing man, this rose-wreath crown: I myself have set this crown upon my head, I myself have pronounced my laughter holy." - Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher

A dizzying, intoxicating rush of spices, woods and florals with an effervescent lightness, Gold Leaves is bound to leave you breathless and giggling. Heady bursts of laurel and cardamom bounce atop smooth, nimble flowers, while clean, sexy woods deliver compelling depth and sensuality. At once opulent and agile, Gold Leaves will have you under its spell.

Gold Leaves  Notes

Laurel leaves, cedrat, cardamom essential oil, fleurs de lys, pittosporum flowers, iris, white cedarwood essential oil, oakmoss, cypriol, fossilized amber

Gold Leaves Sizes Available
100ml $200
.7 ml
.7 ml Sample $5
Here's what other people are saying about Gold Leaves...
I tend to avoid lily and iris in perfumes because my nose finds them harsh. However, Gold Leaves deftly sidesteps the strident aspect of those accords as the laurel and cardamom function as brilliant foils to balance the composition. This dries down subtly to a glorious resinous floral that has haunted me since I first tried it last week. I am delighted by this fragrance.
By   - Student from Iowa Park on 2/4/2017
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